When Xu Zengping saw Li forgotten, he misappropriated the purchase of the ship to buy a luxury mansion, and the credit for buying the Wariangge has nothing to do with him!

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When Xu Zengping saw Li forgotten, he misappropriated the purchase of the ship to buy a luxury mansion, and the credit for buying the Wariangge has nothing to do with him!

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Now when people talk about the experience of the aircraft carrier returning to China at that time, Xu Zengping, a "patriotic businessman", said that he did not hesitate to sell his mansion in order to buy the Valley. The huge sums of money finally led to the company's bankruptcy and so on. Such a story is full of the Internet, which makes many people respect Xu Zengping. It is regrettable that this is a complete pseudo -history.

[Take a group photo with the Whaliangg in the Black Sea Shipyard]

The earliest proposal to buy Warkeg aircraft carriers was He Pengfei, then deputy commander of the Navy. However, for some reason, the senior management did not want to buy the Wharge. In this case, He Pengfei proposed that a Hong Kong merchant could come to face and buy Warkeg's aircraft carrier to return to China. This plan was finally passed, so He Pengfei and others found Xu Zengping.

Xu Zengping went to the Black Sea Shipyard as a legal representative of Macau Chuangfu Tourism Co., Ltd. to negotiate with the purchase of the Warkeg aircraft carrier and reached a preliminary intention. Subsequently, with the support of the Navy, Xu Zengping quickly completed the first bidding for the purchase of the Warkeg, and successfully won the bid.

[He Pengfei is the real hero of the purchase of the Warkeg]

If things really develop in this direction, Xu Zengping can be regarded as a great hero of the development of our navy, but if things are contrary to their wishes, the nature of the businessman has later embarked on the opposite way.

When the Navy found Xu Zengping's appearance to buy the Warkeg, Xu Zengping was actually in a economic crisis. Originally after winning the bid, he should pay a $ 20 million bid for the bid, but Xu Zengping did not pay because of insufficient funds. In this case, Huaxia Securities came forward to apply for a commissioned loan for Chuang Law Company, allowing Xu Zengping to complete the bid process as soon as possible.

[No. 27, which is known as the Hong Kong version of Versailles Palace, you can be a neighbor with Li Ka -shing here]

However, Xu Zengping, who got the money, did not pay the winning funds. Instead, he misappropriated the purchase of the ship purchase and paid the end of his own house. Xu Zengping bought a luxury house at No. 37 in Shenshui Bay Road in 1998 with a total price of HK $ 220 million, but the end of the end had not yet been paid. At that time, the mansion was called the "Hong Kong version of the Versailles Palace". Xu Zengping paid all the house purchase funds in February 1999, and officially became the owner of the mansion, but he was lost aside.

Shao Chun, chairman of Huaxia Securities, soon discovered the matter, and he felt extremely angry. This money was purchased by the country, but it was taken to buy luxury homes by individuals. In addition to anger, he immediately reported the incident to his superiors and launched an emergency plan to recover the misappropriation of money.

[1999, Shao Chun and Xu Zengping]

In April 1999, Dai Yue, general manager of Shao Chun and Dongfanghui Investment Holding Co., Ltd., was appointed by the superiors to negotiate with Xu Zengping. In view of the process of not being able to complete the purchase of aircraft carriers and payment, he asked him to immediately transfer 80%of the founding law company. Equity to Oriental Huizhong Company. Xu Zengping's bid for the aircraft carrier's winning price was $ 60 million, which was equivalent to a empty -glove white wolf net profit of 40 million US dollars.

In August, Chuang Law Company carried out management reorganization. Xu Zengping no longer served as a legal representative and only served as ordinary managers. In October, the shareholders' meeting was exempted from all Xu Zengping's position in the company, and only retained the status of shareholders. Dai Yue served as the legal representative and general manager of the founding law company to continue to complete the purchase of Warkeg.

[Heihai Shipyard Factory Governor Harin Ke (the leader), in order to make up for the losses caused by Xu Zengping, the country has spent several times the human and material resources]

At this time, the Black Sea Shipyard has severely breached the contract because of Xu Zengping (the bond of the bid for almost a year), and decided to terminate the contract unilaterally and re -auction of the Varyg aircraft carrier. At this critical moment, Dai Yue led him to carefully selected the hard -won team. He went to Wuhe and the Black Sea Shipyard many times to start negotiation and dredge relationships. He consumed a lot of manpower and material resources, and finally obtained the understanding of Wufang and continued to complete the contract.

On October 24, 1999, with the efforts of Dai Yue, Shao Chun and others, through the huge amount of funds, the receiving procedure of the Varyag aircraft carrier was finally completed. All legal documents of the number, starting from this moment, the Varyag aircraft carrier really belongs to my country. Since then, the new era of aircraft carriers in my country has also been opened, and my country's coastline has also changed from shore defense to coastal defense.

[Verse of the Warspus Strait of the Botspruce Strait]

At this time, Xu Zengping had already withdrawn from the procurement carrier. It should be said that Xu Zengping made effective development in the early bidding and bidding of Warkeg, and opened a good start for the purchase of the Whargag aircraft carrier. But later he was full of private sacs and harmed public fat, revealing the faces of the merchants who had forgotten the righteousness.

Throughout the procurement process, Xu Zengping's empty glove white wolf earned $ 40 million in the country. He later used the money to engage in speculative business and eventually lost his blood. At the end of 1999, Xu Zengping sold the No. 37 luxury house of Shenshui Bay Road, Shenshui Bay Road, which had just received at a price of 260 million yuan, with a profit of 40 million yuan.

Eager to sell luxury homes is precisely due to his tension in speculative business capital chain. Today, the price of this mansion has risen to HK $ 2.2 billion, and the annual rent is as high as HK $ 7.2 million. I don't know what would I think if Xu Zengping saw it? Unjust money cannot be touched.

[Xu Zengping still contributed a certain contribution in the early days, but later damaged public fertilizer and private fertilizer, so that the shipping plan was almost soaked] In the process of buying the Varyag aircraft carrier, people who really planned their names and the names of the Qing history should be the deputy commander of the navy He Pengfei and Huaxia.Shao Chun, chairman of the Securities, Dai Yue, general manager of Dongfanghui Zhong, and Zhang Yong, deputy general manager, and others. They were worried that they could quickly achieve a breakthrough in the aircraft carrier.

In 2017, the Varyg aircraft carrier who had become Liaoning visited HK. Xu Zengping proposed to visit the ship and was rejected by the Navy.Because he has already on the blacklist of Liaoning.