The Russian army accurately positioned the artillery array, 12 positions were hit, Pentagon: secret weapon

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The Russian army accurately positioned the artillery array, 12 positions were hit, Pentagon: secret weapon

2022-06-20 06:07:27 18 ℃

The US aid M777 grenades and hail multi -tube rocket artillery in the U.S. Armed Forces in Donzkland were covered by the Russian firepower. The Pentagon believed that the Russians were using secret weapons in Afdica, accurately positioning the artillery formation, and instantly instantaneous destroy.

Lieutenant General of the Russian Ministry of Defense's official representative of the Ministry of Defense Igor Konacopov announced that the Russian army used high -precision long -range missiles to destroy four Ukraine rows, including the American M777 grenades and four -row hail multi -tube rocket systems, a total of 12 The shooting position was hit.

The Federal Department of Defense of Russia said that the M777 grenades made in the United States are located near Tongbas, Lastickino, Ocheredino and other towns, and hail multi -tube rockets are located near Afdeca.

It was from here that the Ukrainian armed forces set up a defense zone from the Afdeca 6 kilometers north of Donetsk. Divided into blue and red soap. According to the plan of the Ukrainian General Staff, the terrible shells of the Donetsk capital should cause the Russian army to hit a fierce blow. The British media call it the largest military engineering project in Europe, with bunkers, trenches, strongholds, and theater networks.

The American M777 howitzer was brought to Af Diffca a few weeks ago. The New York Times describes these cannons as "the most fatal weapon provided by the West so far." Americans claim that Ukraine will achieve the advantages of artillery for Russians with the help of these magic artillery.

The Ukrainian M777 artillery team usually insists on the tactics of "running" and reaches the pre -prepared place along a strict route. In addition, according to insiders from the University of Birmingham (British), the goal is designed to be taken over by Americans and British. In other words, Mei Ying sends a strike coordinate behind the back. After the first shooting, it will evacuate the position of the position immediately without more than two minutes. It stands to reason that this is the standard operation of artillery, and it is difficult for the Russian forces to accurately position counterattacks.

In order to cover the four Ukraine M777 grenades and four -row rocket launchers at the same time, not only the precise coordinates, but also the weapons that are accurate. Former American field artillery officer Dan Rice believes that Russia has a secret weapon. He gave a special example: a Ukrainian blogger lived a video of the artillery of the Ukrainian armed forces at his house, and the Ukraine placed a grenade in his yard. The Russians who were watching the live broadcast conducted a reverse triangle measurement, found Ukraine cannons, and launched a hypersonic missile, destroying most cannons.

Americans have no time to warn that they have evacuated because it happens almost immediately. As soon as the soul was sent, there was nothing left in the Ukraine. The blogger later was arrested by the Security Force of the Ukrainian armed forces according to the prompt of the National Security Agency of the US Intelligence Agency, and later sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

The mercenaries of Donaz are now: 400 Polish bodies, 240 from the United States, 160 from Canada, 100 from Romania, and hundreds of people captured.

How to calculate the exact coordinates of the M777 grenades and rocket launchers near the Af Diffca this time, it is likely that it is still a mystery for a long time. Perhaps the target positioning is performed using a drone.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army handed over three other star chain Starlink communication terminals to prevent the Russian army from surrounding the Af Diffca defense zone. Putin ordered to cut off the supply and destroy heavy weapons with accurate blows.

The Russian M777 howitzer and four -row hail rocket launchers were immediately eliminated through missile strikes. For the United States and Pentagon, it was a major blow.

Earlier, Russia eliminated the M777 grenades gun warehouse provided by the United States near Laviff.

The Ukrainian army lost nearly 30 M777 "super guns" within a week?

The Ukrainian army lost about 30 M777 artillery made of about 30 U.S.; Turkey suspended to provide TB2 drones to Ukraine.

The US M777 light howitzer was transferred to Ukraine, which was not suitable for a long-lasting and fierce war like the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

According to the Russian Army's information, only about 40 M777 artillery delivered to the Ukrainian army can serve in service.

Just last week, about 30 M777 was completely damaged and was sent to neighbors for maintenance; another 30 were destroyed by Russian air strikes.

The United States recognizes the loss of these weapons and confirms a fact that in the near future, the Ukrainian armed forces may not have any M777 light artillery available.

According to the Washington Post: "In order to provide reliable artillery to Ukraine, the Pentagon has transferred the most modern M777 artillery made from the United States two months ago.

The United States alone provides more than 100 doors, from many Western countries and Australia to provide about 100 M777; these artillery is equivalent to the preparation of 10 artillery battalions.

However, before Russia's counterattack and air strikes, the number of M777 artillery in Ukraine fell rapidly; dozens of M777 was destroyed or transported abroad for repair.