President Che Chen criticized Kazakh and other countries such as "forgetfulness" and did not help Russia.

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President Che Chen criticized Kazakh and other countries such as "forgetfulness" and did not help Russia.

2022-06-20 06:07:06 18 ℃

Cadrov, President of the Russian Federal Republic, really said something, a man who has something to say, is a man who has something to say. On June 18, he delivered a video speech on social blogs. Booming Ji'an Organization lacked a unified position on the issue of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, and criticized the "forgetfulness" of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other countries.

"Members of Ji'an, why do you keep silent? Why don't you talk about neighboring countries? Why do you have no banner to oppose the Bandram, Nazi and fascists who kill our ancestors? Battle, but now, because you are afraid of the sanctions between the United States and Europe, you have remained silent. "

Lianzhu's questioning reflects Cadrov's inner anger. In his opinion, Russia's "special military operation" for Ukrai is the righteous cause of anti -Nazi and anti -fascism. As a member of the Ji'an organization that is deeply harmed by the Nazi and fascist forces in history, it should come forward and firmly with it. Russia stands together.

"Some countries and allies should show their positions and take steps. Who saved Belarus? Russia. Who saved Kazakhstan? Russia. Who terminated the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russia. When Russia needs help, all you all of you, all you People are silent because they are afraid of sanctions. "

Cadrov emphasized that the Russian army will have achieved established results in the Donbass region in the near future and will continue to move forward.

"We will protect our country, our people, and everyone who torture these Nazi devils."

Cadrov's above criticism is not groundless. After the war of Russia, the Russian -led Ji'an Organization held a summit in May. The Armenian Prime Minister Pashniyan, Belarus President Lukashenko, Kazakhstan President Takayev, Kyrgyzstan President Zaparov and the President Zaparov and President Tagikistan attended the summit. At the meeting, no member states took the initiative to propose a collective defense mechanism to send troops to support Russia to fight. The reason seemed to be sufficient: the war was conducted on the Ukrainian territory, and Russia's national security was not directly threatened.

Even if you don't send troops to support it. However, Belarus and Kazakhstan's deliberate "clearing boundaries" with Russia and Kazakhstan organized the two important member states organized by Ji'an still made Russia feel uncomfortable. Belarusian President Lukashenko told Russia with verbally, and repeatedly clarified that Belarusian personnel and weapons did not directly participate in the Russian army. Kazakhstan President Tocaev performed even more "ruthless". In an interview with Russian journalists on June 15, he bluntly criticized, "In Russia, some people have distorted the whole fact and said that Russia saved Kazakhstan January this year this year this year saved Kazakhstan Tamana Now that Kazakhstan should always serve Russia and surrender to Russia's feet. I think this is completely unreasonable, which is far from reality. "Tocaev emphasized that the real situation is: Ji'an, mainly Russia -based Junan, Organizing peacekeeping forces did not participate in military operations. They did not shot in Kazakhstan, and stayed in Harbin for less than 10 days.

On June 17, Tocaev, who was invited to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, even in front of Putin, bluntly explained the Kazakhstan's refusal to recognize the independent "Lugusk People's Republic" and "Donedsstz" The reason for the People's Republic of China (editor: Russia has recognized Ludon independence before implementing special military operations). Takayev said that the right to self -determination cannot be abused, and Kazakhstan did not recognize Kosovo, South Oussean and Abuhaz, and of course he would not recognize Luton.

In fact, the words and deeds of Toccyev represent the universal mentality of collective organizations other than Russia: on the one hand, these countries need to rely on Russia's security asylum, so they will maintain the same camp with Russia politically and diplomacy and refuse to refuse Participating in the Western sanctions against Russia, on the other hand, these countries are reluctant to tie themselves to Russia's chariots. As Cadrov said, they are afraid of Western joint sanctions. Moreover, they are also worried that after being integrated with Russia, they will lose their national independence.

However, Cadrov's above remarks also revealed that some people in Russia's deep -rooted countries in Russia. In the Ji'an organization, Russia is a well -deserved elder brother. The eldest brother should have more tolerance and understanding of the younger brothers and less. Only in this way can we enhance the internal cohesion and do not provoke outsiders' opportunities.