In contrast, Putin has been supporting China on many occasions. What is the meaning behind it?

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In contrast, Putin has been supporting China on many occasions. What is the meaning behind it?

2022-06-20 06:06:46 13 ℃

After the Taiwan Strait Liangming's position, Putin stated that it would continue to strengthen cooperation with China, and bluntly stated that the era of the single world has ended, and China is the new world center.

Right now, Russia is holding a very important international event. Leaders of more than 90 countries have participated in various ways. This is the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This year is the 25th session.

This forum has been available as early as 1997. It is called "Russian version of Davos" and is particularly noticeable this year. We all know, can the Russian economy be supported in the West's strong crosses and sanctions against Russia? How far can I go? So from a global perspective, what kind of role does Russia have to play? Therefore, everyone's attention is high.

Under this background, the outside world is very concerned about the words that Russian President Putin said. This time, Putin's core point is that the monocular world has ended. What country is this, everyone must understand at the beginning.

Another important point is that Putin emphasized that Asia and China are the development centers of the world in the future. He also said that Russia must continue to develop with China. China and Russia's bilateral trade volume is now $ 140 billion, which is much higher than ever. In the past, the economic and trade relations between China and Russia had been worried about whether it was cold and hot, and now this situation has changed.

However, this is not the best, because it is only better and not the best. It does not rule out that the bilateral trade volume of China and Russia in the future can exceed the US $ 200 billion mark. Because China and Russia tell the truth, the complementarity of economic and trade is very strong, especially in recent times, Russia has become more and more obvious for China for various considerations.

A few days ago, the China -Russia head of state had a call, and Russian President Putin specifically emphasized that he opposed any forces to interfere with the Chinese internal affairs by leveraging Xinjiang, Taiwan issues, and Hong Kong issues. Everyone knows which country is the same. Putin expressed its support for China so clearly. In fact, Russia could not do it.

Although China and Russia are not so the same, there is a certain degree of similarities. China and Russia's economic and trade relations may continue to be a $ 200 billion mark in the future. This is still quite confident. Because China and Russia are extremely complementary in many aspects.

Everyone also knows that Russia's energy is very rich. Although China is the world's second largest economy with very fast economic development, energy is our shortcomings. In addition, Russia is lacking in manpower, China is rich in manpower, and Russia actually lacks various funds. China has an advantage in this regard. It can be seen that whether in the economy, military, in technology, or in many other areas, the high dependence and complementarity of the two countries is very clear.

Moreover, good political relations between China and Russia are now an important cornerstone of the relationship between the two countries that can go far and steadily. If the political relationship is not good, in fact, when many companies are investing, they must think at that time that this signature pen may not fall well. Because once the political aspects have changed, all economic cooperation may be soaked in soup.

Therefore, in recent times, Russia supports China on various occasions, which is obviously because Sino -Russian relations are indeed very good now, and it also means that Russia's current international state is indeed not good enough. , Fight with it. In this way, everyone is backside to the shoulders, in fact, can they be able to resist foreign enemies, and to ensure their own national interests of the two countries.