The warning of the "Back of World War I" was effective, and the United States had a rare sound of rational voices.

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The warning of the "Back of World War I" was effective, and the United States had a rare sound of rational voices.

2022-06-20 12:46:37 16 ℃

The Chinese Defense Director Wei Feng and the recently said "do not hesitate to fight", which are really determined and angry. And as a warning party, what is the reaction of the United States?

China Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, recently, in the "Shangri -La dialogue", he said "at the expense of World War I" in response to the wrong words and deeds of the United States on the Taiwan Strait. This sentence quickly triggered a multi -party discussion, and there was a rare voice in the United States. Some people pointed out that the Chinese Defense Minister was actually very gentle.

This analysis is American journalist and political commentator Bradley Bravken Hipp. He recently published an article that despite the severe words of the Chinese defense ministers, it was not considered a "provocative" claimed by some people in the West. It was just stating a defensive position. Just the same is true for the United States. Instead, foreign forces interfere with Taiwan to increase the possibility of conflict between the Taiwan Strait.

Branken also said that considering the importance of Taiwan's issue to China's national security, Wei Fenghe's speech has become quite gentle. On the issue of Taiwan, China has always had extraordinary patience, but if you cross the red line, this patience will obviously obviously will be obviously. disappear.

Coincidentally, the mainstream American newspaper "Chicago Tribunile" has recently published an article to wake up the White House. The title is bluntly that Washington has played a cold war with Beijing, which is a disaster.

The author of this article is Grantgulb, a researcher at Harvard University. Gulu believes that initiating the Cold War against China is a mistake made by Biden's team.

The author proves his own point of view by the United States in Asia 25 years after the Korean War. It is believed that the Cold War that China and the United States had played as "permeating blood" is not only the trouble of "soaking blood", which not only makes China finally determined to develop its nuclear force. , Also let the United States lose two wars in North Korea and Vietnam.

In order to curb China, the United States has created a series of disasters in the Pacific region. All of this has not been promoted to the United States, and it is now repeating history. The author reminded that the Bayeng team must realize that the Cold War is not the secret of success, but the recipe of disaster.

It should be said that although the understanding of this article is still not in place, it is at least realized that the United States' approach to China now is actually hurting the United States.

Russia and Ukraine conflicts prove that crossing the red line of the country will inevitably cause conflicts. Although the Ukraine issue and Taiwan issue are fundamentally different, mainland China has no determination to maintain its own interests by military means, but it is no lower than that of Russia.

What's more, the Taiwan Strait issue is China's internal affairs, a problem of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and even the principle of concession even more in mainland China. How arrogant the external forces and the "Taiwan independence" forces are, how severe the countermeasures in mainland China will be. If it is really when the "do not hesitate", the price must be unbearable at the price.

From this perspective, the warning of "at the expense of the battle" has actually been regarded as the end. American commentators say that it is "mild" and has a certain reason.

Now Americans are most concerned about inflation, including increasingly serious firearms and racial discrimination. Considering these factors alone, the White House, which has a hurry, should also listen to those rational sounds.