Naval battle is on!Zelei Sky came to Odessa, and Putin encountered two major problems

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Naval battle is on!Zelei Sky came to Odessa, and Putin encountered two major problems

2022-06-20 12:46:47 15 ℃

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still continuing. Russia and Ukraine have each new military trend, and greater conflicts are about to erupt.

1. Russia: Change Wudong's combat strategy.

Ukraine recently made a judgment that the Russian army would launch a strong attack from multiple directions and ordered the Ukraine to launch a shell. According to Global Network, Donedsk's armed forces said that the Donetsk region was repeatedly attacked by the Ukraine, and factories and residential buildings were lost to varying degrees.

A Putin's speech denied Ukraine's conjecture. According to a Russian satellite news agency reported on June 19, Putin said in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that the defense areas of Ukraine were unrealistic. In fact, the Russian army was doing "around".

In addition, the Russian army also actively crack down on the Urpotum's energy reserves and cut off the fuel supplies of the Ukraine weapons.

The Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Konashenkov acknowledged on June 18 that the Russian army used high -precision weapons to destroy the Ukraine's oil refining facilities and fuel storage facilities, trying to make the Ukraine weapon into a "waste copper without power" "waste copper Rotten iron.

The Wu Dong's Ukraine lacks weapons and troops, and now it is difficult to get the problem of fuel shortage. More importantly, once the Russian army was successful, the chance of turning over was almost zero.

2. Ukraine: Carefully prepare the Battle of Uanan.

It seems that it is not much expectations for the situation of Wudong. Ukraine's deployment of Ukraine can be described as "a good detail."

First of all, on the land, the defense work was arranged in the Russian army to reach Odessa early, and the state of the state was prohibited from using Russian schools in the state.

Followed by the maritime side, the Ukrainian army actively deployed Western Aid weapons near the Black Sea to try to break through the blockade of the Russian army in the Black Sea. The battlefield may expand from land to the sea.

Compared with the "disadvantages" of the Ukraine in Donbas, in Uuno, the blessing of Western weapons may help the Urpicious Army to resist the Russian army's attack from the sea, and even break through the advantages of blocking the Black Sea.

Finally, the president's visit. In addition to military deployment, President Ukraine also personally came to Odessa and Nicholaev to condolences to the front line and awarded the soldiers.

If the Uuno battle is not important, Zelei will not take the risk of the Russian artillery to the front line. The emergence of Zellezki has covered a layer of heavy colors for the Battle of Wusan.

The latest batch of weapons came from the United States. On June 15th, the White House announced that the United States will once again provide military equipment for Ukraine, including the "fish fork" anti -ship system.

Practice has proved that the "fish fork" anti -ship system is effective.

According to Global Network, the US "Power" website theater channel believes that the "fish fork" anti -ship system has been with the "Neptune" anti -ship system (the anti -ship missile that sinks the "Moscow"), which has played a restraint of the Russian army The role of freedom of action.

"Moscow" is a cruiser named after the capital, which is self -evident to Russia. But since it was sunk, the replacement of the "Moscow" has become frigates, which shows that the Russian army's "shipbuilding ability" has been greatly reduced compared to World War II.

On the basis of the "Neptune", the Ukrainian army also had the blessing of "fish fork". The pressure of naval battle facing the Russian army was not small at all.

2. Fund shortage: India should reduce its dependence on Russian military reserve.

According to the "Japan Economic News" reported on June 17, in order to get rid of the support of Russia's military backup, India will "seek out of Russia."

You know, in the past few years, half of the weapons purchased by India have accounted for half of Russia. Russia can not only "make money" to India, but also rely on the "card" of the weapon to attract the relationship with India. The neutral position in India in Russia and Ukraine is the best proof.

But this time India was determined to "get rid of" Russia, or when Russia needed funds to support the battlefield, Putin estimated that he was so angry that Modi friends were "unkind".

Still, there is no eternal friend, only eternal interests. In short, the winner on the battlefield is the king, and the wisdom of the West and Russia is even better. How can the Battle of Wunan start and see.