The mainland successfully implemented the land -based mid -range anti -missile test. After a few hours, the Taiwan rocket launched a car and exploded.

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The mainland successfully implemented the land -based mid -range anti -missile test. After a few hours, the Taiwan rocket launched a car and exploded.

2022-06-21 00:17:46 15 ℃

Following the launch of the third aircraft carrier "Fujian Ship", China's defense industry has added another good news!

In the middle of the night on June 19th, the Ministry of National Defense released less than 100 words that China had successfully implemented a technical test in the land -based mid -segment anti -missile interception. nation.

The fewer words, the bigger the matter.

This is the sixth time in my country to publicly announced the test of land -based anti -missile technical tests. The earliest one was on January 11, 2010, and the last time on February 4, 2021. At present, only China, the United States, and Japan have conducted similar experiments in the world.

Anti -directional interception technology is used to intercept strategic ballistic missiles or technologies of its components on the flight track. According to the timing of anti -guidance interception, it can be divided into "booster segments" anti -direct intercepting The last stage "anti -director interception.

When the missile is launched, it will pass through three stages: ascending, middle, and last. The "anti -missile interception in the middle section is the most feasible interception solution, but only China and the United States in the world have mastered land -based mid -range anti -missile technology, and even Russia, which is difficult to play in the Wudong battlefield, failed to enter this ranks.

In 1993, the United States was concerned about the development of the interception technology of the land -based mid -range. On September 12, 2021, the United States conducted a test firing of the land -based anti -continental ballistic missile, which aims to enhance the flight ability of the land -based mid -range defense system, but the current current Looking at, the interception success rate of the US land -based mid -range anti -missile system is not satisfactory, and it does not even form an effective combat effectiveness.

The United States launch anti -missile interception bombs

自俄乌冲突开始后,美国在台湾问题上大做文章,韩国部署“萨德”也提上日程,虽然国防部明确表示这次测试不针对任何国家,但“福建舰”才刚下海,中国就Immediately after the announcement of "advanced technology", it seems that there is a meaning of "warning" other countries not to engage in things in China. The purpose of the Ministry of Defense's choice of announced the news late at night is really intriguing.

However, regardless of whether the Ministry of National Defense chooses to post in the middle of the night, officials in Taiwan have begun to "seize".

The situation in the Taiwan Strait has been extremely tight recently. The Taiwan military has engaged in exercise many times and showed his military strength in Yaowu Yang. From May 24th to 26th, he also conducted "sea and air combined real -real shot training" for three days. Proudly said that this training rate was close to 98%.

After the news of the successful test of the land -based interception technology in mainland China, the Taiwan military was "unwilling to show weakness" and immediately performed the annual thunderbolt real bombs at 9 am on June 20th, but I did not expect that I thought it was thought. "Demonstration" has become "shame".

During the exercise, a "Thunder 2000" rocket launcher launch vehicle failed to shoot, and the entire car was blown up in the launch box. The thick smoke rolled, almost covering the sky.

"Thunder 2000" launch rocket moment

The Taiwan military stated that this was the first time that the "Thunder 2000" had a launch accident. This case was transferred to the task force and relevant departments for investigation as a reference for future shooting training to enhance the combat power of the troops.

If there is no accident, the Taiwan side may have prepared the "manuscript" to accuse Mainland China of the announcement of last night in Taiwan. Taiwan's "pressure" is forced to engage in exercises. "Complaint" to the world.

For a few hours, such a coincidence appeared. It can only be said that everything is God's will. The Taiwan authorities "stealing chickens can not be eclipsed." (leaf)