Halkov had a big news. As soon as the Russian army wanted to counterattack, a military command office was blown up!

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Halkov had a big news. As soon as the Russian army wanted to counterattack, a military command office was blown up!

2022-06-21 18:03:55 16 ℃

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Ming Zhou Yunyi learned

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Norton has no progress. Russia wants to have a result in Halkov. As soon as he wanted to launch a war, the military command post of the Russian Twenty Army was ended!

The morale of the Russian army was really a problem.


Donbass battlefield

According to media reports, Norton, which should have been won by the Russian army in early June, is still being fighting today (No. 20).

Although the Russian army has controlled most parts of the city, after all, the city has not been occupied. The Ukrainian defenders guarding the Norton Azka can continue to obtain supplies, which has caused dissatisfaction with the Kremlin.

Why is there such a situation? Montess is a big problem.

During this time, Russia's morale suffered a heavy blow.

First, the Wagner mercenary base was covered by the Ukrainian army, causing Russia's mercenaries to be almost overwhelmed, and it is said that there is only one person left.

If you want to know how these people were killed, please click on the link to read: "Donbas Battlefield Frequent Books, Ukraine's feeling comes! "

This part of the mercenary combat power is the main force. But this is the main force that was bombarded by the fire of Ukraine.

Who are the rest? The rest are some Russian soldiers, plus some net red forces, as well as Donbas militia.

And Baz’s militia was almost disabled, Russia's soldiers were seriously reduced, and many soldiers supplemented in the future had no experience.

The Internet celebrity troops have no combat effectiveness, so the battlefield has a tug of saw, and no one can win anyone.

This also makes some people in Russia feel puzzled. Isn't it that the battlefield has made progress? Why is the front of the front?


Halkov battlefield

Perhaps it was to give a statement in China that after the Russian army could not find a breakthrough in the Nortston, he wanted to get a big vote on the north line.

But as soon as he moved, he suffered a violent counterattack from the Ukrainian army, and this time the Ukraine directly hit the military command post of the Russian 20th Army.

The reporter of the Ukrainian battlefield Roman Zim Buliuk wrote on his Facebook:

On June 17, the Ukrainian armed forces shot in the Halkov region of the 20th Army of the Western Military Region (Volne Japanese 89425 Army) in the Western Military Region.

Russian officers and the 533rd Command Center of the Russian General Staff reported that more than 40 personnel on duty were reported.

The reporter pointed out that because the corpse was completely burned and the building collapsed, he could not determine the identity of the dead Russian officer and soldiers.

On June 19, the UKR website of Ukraine also disclosed the news. The Ukrainian armed forces destroyed the Russian 20th Army command post, and more than 40 Russian soldiers were killed.

According to the data, the 20th Synthetic Group Army can direct 6 combat regiments, which is very close to Ukraine and can quickly move to Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Luhansk.

The 20th Army Command was blown up. It is estimated that the 20th Army had no head of dragons at once.


Commander -in -chief of the Airborne Army was fired

On the day when the Russian 20th Army Command was bombarded, the commander of the Russian Airborne (VDV) commander and commander of the Russian Army (VDV) Andrei Schokkov was lifted by General Mikhail Teplinsky.

Shekkovo led Crimea in 2014 and became famous in one fell swoop. He personally led the army to Syria to fight. In January 2022, before the Russian and Ukraine War began, he just commanded the special forces to suppress anti -government activities.

But who could have thought that after eight years, he was dismissed because of the disadvantages of war.

Russia's statement is: "Shelkukov is accused of low efficiency and heavy losses for the Russian airborne troops, especially the first few weeks after the large -scale invasion near Kyiv."

I am afraid that it will not be easy after 4 months of committing the officer in February.

Analysts believe that Sidjukov's fired is probably not only a problem of poor performance, but also that Putin seems to be "large cleaning" within the Russian army.

However, such an exacerbation of the Russian army's weak command and the image of the officer.

More importantly, the morale of the Russian army heavily, the more morale is hit, the more unfavorable combat.

At present, once the general of Russia embarked on the Donbath battlefield, it was either beheaded or being fired.

The Russian army seemed to be trapped in the large quagmire of the Ukrainian battlefield.

There are media reports:

In the past 72 hours, 7 military arsenal in the Russian army was destroyed.

The most representative of this is the Arsenal of the Ukraine that hit the arsenal of KRASNYI Luch near Donetsk.

It is reported that this is the main arsenal of "Lugusk's Second Army", and the violent explosion lasted for several hours.