The billions of dollars were drifting, and many officers were dismissed. The electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier was purely a scam?

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The billions of dollars were drifting, and many officers were dismissed. The electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier was purely a scam?

2022-06-22 00:05:53 18 ℃

In the field of aircraft carrier research and development, the United States has a high right to speak. After all, the United States has 11 nuclear aircraft carriers. If the carrier of 10,000 tons, if the aircraft carrier is officially served, the military development of the United States will make a lot of progress. By then, its military strength will also be greatly improved. However, the United States did not expect that it would "plant a big heel" in the research and development of aircraft carrier.

Several officers were dismissed by law, and billions of dollars were drifting

At present, the Ford -class aircraft carrier is still the most advanced aircraft carrier in the United States. The first Ford aircraft carrier has been in service a long time ago, but after a long time, it was due to its quality problem. In order to avoid this problem, the United States has made a lot of improvements when developing the Ford Class 2, but there are still major problems. It is a fatal flaw. The United States has to pay attention to it. Moreover, it is worth noting that the United States has lost billions of dollars, and many officers have been dismissed to investigate. This incident has attracted the attention of many people. Aircraft carrier "is just a scam?

Although the United States often uses aircraft carriers to carry out the so -called "free navigation", which causes trouble to many countries, it is undeniable that the United States does have strong strength, otherwise it will not have the world's most aircraft carriers. Internationally, it has a high evaluation of the US shipbuilding capabilities, especially the Ford -class aircraft carriers in the United States. It is also known as the world's first aircraft parent. The United States has invested a lot of energy in the development of this aircraft carrier. Among them, the electromagnetic ejection blocking system on the aircraft carrier is the most important in the United States.

There are defects in electromagnetic jets, and the U.S. military is overwhelming

As we all know, 10 Nimitz -class aircraft carriers in the United States use steam projectiles. This American technology is very mature and stable. However, the United States believes that this kind of projector is very old and has very obvious disadvantages.

The volume of steam projectiles is huge, occupying a lot of aircraft carriers, which has led to the decrease in the carrier capacity of the carrier. Moreover, during a exercise, the steam projectile also exposed a very serious problem, because the weather is the weather Turn to cold, steam projectiles are very easy to freeze. When the most severe time, the entire steam tank will be cooled. In order to improve performance, the United States needs to develop a new projectile.

In contrast, the electromagnetic population performance is very good. It makes up for many shortcomings of the steam projectile. The total weight is only one -tenth of the steam projectile, and the efficiency is not affected by the environment. catapult.