Russia hopes that the war will end on the 26th, and the iron salamander will also regain the territory

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Russia hopes that the war will end on the 26th, and the iron salamander will also regain the territory

2022-06-22 00:05:40 20 ℃

Written article | Yin Yugang

"In view of the fact that the Russian and Ukraine War is related to the future fate of humans in the next three decades, the" Consultation of Performance "has pushed related news to this day. The hot topic of the day will provide you with a concise information for you."

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Battlefield situation

Putin hopes to occupy Don Lu Liangzhou

In the hurry to announce the end of the action

The Governor of Lugusk stated that the Russian army was launching a large -scale offensive in the Lugansk area. The Russian army had accumulated sufficient number of ammunition for this round of operations. Today, all the settlements in the Urpot control area in the area were shot. In the Nighton Neg, the battle in the industrial zone in the industrial zone has begun, and the Ukrainian army currently only controls the Achuro chemical plant. The Russian army was moving along the Lixica Sik-Bacht Expressway, and nearby towns were constantly being attacked by artillery. Lesicus was suffering from Russia's large -scale shelling all day. Ukraine has temporarily lost control of the Village of Metolkino, near the Endonhak.

Haidai believes that military administrators, police, rescue workers and volunteers continue to evacuate from Liscansk and take away residents by armored vehicles. The Russian artillery firepower dominates the advantage. Although the Ukrainian army has an advantage in the urban lane war, the Russian army destroyed the entire city's buildings, including Lisicon Sikh.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Russia's goal is to arrive at the Lumansk boundary before June 26, so "decisive battles" near Nightstatsk. According to Hannah Marial, the deputy minister of the Ministry of National Defense, Russia has gathered almost all troops to launch a fierce attack on the settlement near Nightstonsk in Lugusk.

Institute of War: It is decisive in the Battle of the Nortston Intonzk next week. The think tank quoted Ukrainian officials in the evaluation of June 20 that the Russian army and equipment will be concentrated in the region to make the city's final attack. Except for the Aceson Chemical Factory, most parts of the Norton Azk are under Russia's control. The Russian army continues to work hard to consolidate the control of the occupied territory, and has to face the continuous pressure of the Ukrainian army

Comment: As in Putin's latest speech, as long as he won the two states of Landedsk and Donetsk, he will unilaterally announce the end of Ukrainian military operations. In terms of international politics, it can also weaken the continued support of other countries to Ukraine. This is one of the reasons why the Ukraine is standing.



International support

In response to Russia's blockade of Russia's export of oil, Kazakhstan blocked 1700 railway trucks equipped with Russian coal in its territory. The tension between Russia and Kazakhstan is rising.

Angelina Julie, a senior commissioner of the United Nations refugee agency, said that if the NATO and Western allies cannot unite and launch a maritime operation to prevent Russia. What is the significance of NATO, the European Union, the United States, and the United States? Is it used to shoot? It's time to face "Moscow", don't avoid him.

In the African Union (UA) headquarters in Siyabibaba, the capital of Ethiopia, Ukraine President Volodymyr ZELENSKY, June 20, 2022, Conférence de L'UA, the top power agency of the African Union. Speak on video. This is the first time that President Ukraine has given a speech in Africa. Zelei said that Russia launched a war by hindering Ukraine's food and fertilizer exports and robbed Africa as "hostages."

The EU Council Chairman Michelle said, "It's time to admit it -the future of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia is within the European Union. I will invite you to awarded the status of Candidate for Ukraine and Moldova. We will continue to provide strong power to Ukraine Humanitarianism, military, economic and financial support ".

Berrely, the head of the EU foreign policy, said that it would be "war crimes" to prevent Ukraine from exporting food and other goods. If it continues, Russia will be held accountable. EU countries held the Ukraine and Food Safety Conference in Luxembourg on the 20th. Senior representatives of EU diplomacy and security affairs urged Russia to lift the blockade of Ukraine ports, allowing millions of tons to be trapped in these ports to transport all over the world. He said that while some people in the world are hungry, blocking food exports is a crime of war.

Hungarian Prime Minister Olban said at a video conference held in front of the European Council Summit today that Hungary believes that Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Bosnia-Hesegovina should obtain the status of EU candidates. He supports the status of the EU candidate for Ukraine and agrees to allow Ukraine to export through the Hungarian channel.

Estonia has undergone ban on sanctions imported from Russia from July 10.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Lithuania's interim in Russia on June 20 and expressed protests on Lithuania's prohibition of Russia from transit the transit of Calinen Granda by EU sanctions. Russia requested Lithuania to cancel the ban and reserves the right to take response measures. The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded on the same day that the Lithuania disseminated by Russia's dissemination of Lithuania was denied that the transit of Galinrad was denied. Lithuania said that passengers and goods who are not restricted by the EU sanctions can continue to enter and exit Galinrad, Galinrad in Lithuania. Lithuania has been performing EU sanctions, and these sanctions have different transition periods and final deadlines. Comment: Olban is still wise. Under the atmosphere of Western unity, Ukraine controls Russia to Hungarian oil and gas pipelines. It is actually difficult for the Olban to have capital to confront Ukraine. Sooner or later, Kazakhstan and Russia collapsed. At this St. Petersburg Economic Forum, President Tocaev did not give Russia's face. What needs to be concerned now is that the relationship between Lithuania and Russia has a sharp showdown. Many people think that it may lead to military conflict, and I don't think it will. After all, Lithuania is a member of NATO, and Russia is now anxious to end the Ukrainian war.


- Ukraine actively attacked Crimea for the first time against Russia

Western provision of long -range artillery is playing a role, and Ukraine's blows against the Russian army have recently increased significantly. The Ukraine artillery is destroying the key Russian military infrastructure in Russia's occupation of Russia: railways, headquarters, ammunition depot, and so on.

Russian officials claimed that the Ukrainian armed forces attacked Russia on the Black Sea oil drilling platform. Russian -controlled Crimean peninsula leader Aksenov today accused the Ukrainian army of the oil drilling platform of the Ukrainian CHORNOMOMORNAFTOGAZ company on June 20. The satellite photo shows a fire in a Russian maritime drilling platform "Boyko Towers" in the Black Sea region, which is in line with the news that the Ukraine claims to attack with missiles. This is the first time that Russia has launched military operations on Ukraine on February 24, the first report that the energy infrastructure of the sea and Russian -Russian -Russian -Russian -Russian -Russian -Russian -Russian energy infrastructure in Crimea was attacked.

04 -Other important information

The Ukrainian parliament approved the Istanbul Convention for 8 votes at 259 votes. The convention aims to crack down on domestic violence and violence against women. It was first signed by Ukraine in 2011. The convention cleared the road to the EU candidate's qualifications for Ukraine.

Kolbatt's commander Kuqin was killed in the Ijim area. In addition to being the commander of the special campaign, Kuqin was also the leader and founder of the Wuling militia "Liberty Legion". Since the beginning of the war, he The Karbar Camp has been defending Kyiv, the capital of Urp, and has also performed tasks in regions such as Il Ping, Romanova and Robley, which is now active in the Ijum area.

Ukraine Foreign Minister Culba said that even if more weapons and equipment cannot be obtained from the West, Ukraine will continue to fight. In an interview with Deguanglian on the Sunday, Kulba said, "We will fight with iron 锹, we will defend ourselves because this war is related to our survival."