Western aid Wulong Wu Near the end?Johnson's "two brushes" Kyiv!US media: Britain may become a bitch

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Western aid Wulong Wu Near the end?Johnson's "two brushes" Kyiv!US media: Britain may become a bitch

2022-06-23 12:43:35 16 ℃

After the leaders of the four countries of Germany gathered Kiev, the busy Zendiski ushered in the British Prime Minister Johnson again.

Zelei is still an iconic military green T -shirt, which is out of place with the leaders of any country around him. When the leaders of the four countries of the German -French and French and Royal Four in the suit and the leather shoes were taken side by side, the leaders of the four countries showed very happily, and Zeelianzki was very serious; when they hugged the French President Macron and shook hands, Zelenezki showed " Embarrassment and uncomfortable ".

Obviously, looking at Zeelianzki's expression and post -event statement, the four countries of Germany and Ronaldies sent Ukraine are all painful support, and the only thing that attracts the outside world is only agreed to give the Ukrainian EU candidate country. Essence Putin said that he did not oppose Ukraine to join the European Union. Russia's statement is calm because it knows that this is a short check given by the European Union. You know, the most urgent to join the EU Turkey has become the EU candidate as early as 1999.

Johnson followed Kyiv. As the first western head of the West after the Russian army evacuated Kyiv, Johnson still strolled with Zelei Sky this time. Zeelianzki's expression relaxed a lot, and it looked a lot naturally.

Johnson had just passed the danger in the non -confident voting in the Conservative Party. It is reported that because he visited the Urma's absence of the Conservative Party meeting, it caused dissatisfaction with members of the members. Some people think that Johnson is running away from the country to go to Kiefu through the air. However, Johnson not only faces a headache in the country, but this visit is also in a hurry.

Johnson is worried that the world has begun to "feel tired" about Ukraine. At a critical moment, Britain must firmly support Ukraine and convey to the world. Is it so simple to convey support?

Obviously not, the orderly advancement of the Russian army, the more and more strenuous of the Ukraine, how could Johnson do not know, so anxious, after all, since the Russian -Ukraine conflict, Britain has sanraged the hardliners in Russian hardliners.

In addition, before Donedsk armed for armed for armed Mercenarians who fought in Ukraine, he said that he would be sentenced to death. The British Foreign Minister strongly condemned. Inthick's response: The two do not enjoy the treatment of prisoners of war and will not change the verdict.

It was tantamount to giving Britain a slap, and a trial was preceded by the U.S. foreign mercenary mercenaries.

The recent changes in the Western situation have also made Johnson nervous. The leaders of the four countries of Germany and Rona visited Wu, clearly showing support, but secretly persuaded. The United States and NATO have also exposed their fatigue, and NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg can change their faces three times a day. The United States has questioned Biden's more and more voices. Some sources revealed that Biden recently demanded that Secretary of State Brosky and Austin Austin faded the "supporting Ukraine victory" and tried to cool down the situation.

The Russian -Ukraine conflict has entered the fourth month. A large number of major domestic "mess" in the country's major powers in the West, supporting Ukraine has significantly insufficient stamina. Ukrainian foreign ministers said in the US media that the voice of making Ukraine reaching a hazardous agreement is getting louder, "more and more people propose to sell Ukraine." At this time, Johnson urged Western countries to prepare for Ukraine's "long -lasting war."

Johnson proposed that Britain plans to train about 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every four months. In addition to providing weapons and equipment, training, and funding assistance, Johnson also said that it is necessary to develop land transportation routes for Ukraine's grain exports, and lift the blockade of Wuhai Port to help export 25 million tons of wheat and corn accumulated in Ukraine.

Worried about Ukraine, no wonder Kyiv's bakery launched a pastry with Johnson's appearance characteristics -Johnson's "Horn Bag". It is reported that Johnson "sucks fans" in Ukrainian society, and the residents of Kyiv are scrambling to buy this bread.

Sanders, chief of staff of the new British Army, also "high -profile" to support Ukraine. Sanders claims that as the Russian conflict continues, the British army must be prepared for "fighting in Europe again". "Now it is urgent to create a army that can fight against our allies and defeat Russia's troops in the battle." Essence

The British actively anti -Russia has caused Russian -British relations to fall into the bottom. Previously, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov once stated hard: "I think there is no room for rotation, because (British Prime Minister) Johnson and (Minister of Foreign Affairs) have been publicly made public. Said, 'We should defeat Russia, we should force Russia to kneel down'. Then, please continue and do it! "

Today, Western military aid has not arrived in Ukraine quickly, and foreign military aid in Ukraine has been efficiently hit by the Russian army. The West has not been able to meet the list of weapons wishes in Ukraine. President's President's Office Director Podoliak previously listed a long list with a total of nearly 5,000 weapons and equipment. Some analysts said that the West has provided heavy weapons for unpaid weapons. What's more, there is no maritime passage at present, and the Russian army is determined to attack Ukraine's railway facilities, so it cannot provide Wu to provide a large number of arms to Wu.

For the closest ally in the UK, the US media has rarely made different voices recently. U.S. CNN (CNN) headlines: "Johnson may make Britain (Europe's) 's‘ chef ’”. Bei Ai and Scotland have been independent, and the people have stepped on the street to protest under high inflation. They are unbearable at home and abroad. Britain seems to be the most abandoned country in Europe.