It's not good!Russia has not finished it yet, and another bad news came, and the two neighbors of China broke out in conflict.

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It's not good!Russia has not finished it yet, and another bad news came, and the two neighbors of China broke out in conflict.

2022-06-23 18:28:16 14 ℃

According to the China Network, two consecutive border guards have been consecutive in the borders of Bartken, Kyrgyzstan, and Togetan, Togetan, and the two sides used mortars and grenade launchers.

There are continuous news of bad news in the world. The Russian -Ukraine conflict has not stopped, which has brought haze to the world. As the West has begun to assist heavy weapons against Ukraine, it has caused countries to worry about this conflict may be upgraded again. Economic losses will be further improved. Once a critical point is reached, this conflict may be completely evolved into war. It is not impossible for the war to continue to upgrade to the third world war.

China 2 neighbors broke out conflict

Russia's game has not allowed countries to stop the movements in their hands. For example, the news of the bombardment came again in the Syrian region. It is reported that the US military dispatched the B52H bombers to conduct strategic deterrence tasks in the Middle East. Bombing, Damascus's airport was once again devastated, and the airport runway was blown up and could not continue to take off and land, causing serious losses to Syria. The big things are not good. Now that Russia is not finished, the situation in the Middle East is becoming increasingly unstable. I did not expect another bad news that two neighbors in China broke out.

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are fighting again. Although the conflict between the two sides does not last long, they both use heavy weapons with strong power. It can be seen that the two parties are not small and small, but they have really moved their real fire. As for the specific casualties, they have not been reported. Two consecutive fires occurred. The officials of the two parties were worried that the situation was out of control and the scale was further expanded. Both officials sent officials to the place of the incident to understand the situation, communicate and adjust to prevent conflict upgrade.

Over the years, the two parties have been touched on the conflict border. Due to the staggered situation of the border between the two parties, contradictions often occur in this regard. In April last year, the conflict broke out in April, which also caused about 40 people to die. It was the leaders of the two countries to come forward to resolve the conflict storm. The reason why there is conflict is mainly to reach 970.8 kilometers of the two borders of each other, but it is really clear that only 504 kilometers are divided. That is to say, there are 466.8 kilometers. The controversy of each other has always touched this aspect.

Complex junction ground lines cause contradictions

There are still many people living in the border between the two sides, and they have different religious beliefs. In this case, they have caused contradictions between the two sides. In fact, the division of the ground boundary of the Fergana Basin involves three countries. In addition to the two countries with conflicts, there are also Uzbekistan. There are no contradictions in the other two countries, and under the area of ​​these two countries, there are naturally many vague areas. This has also created conditions for each other's contradictions. In recent years, both parties have been conflicting. A reasonable solution.

The problem of territorial conflicts has always been a major problem for the conflict between the country. So far many countries in the world have territorial disputes, including China and no exception. To occupy it, it has always been controversial, which is difficult to solve.