Do not use nuclear bombs!At the moment of life and death in Ukraine, Putin officially stated that the West was rarely relieved

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Do not use nuclear bombs!At the moment of life and death in Ukraine, Putin officially stated that the West was rarely relieved

2022-06-23 18:29:03 15 ℃

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Putin said at the 25th San Petersburg International Economic Forum Plenary Session that Russia's special military operations were "necessary measures to be forced to take." of". At the same time, Russia does not use nuclear weapons to threaten other countries.

Since Russia launched special military operations on Ukraine, Western countries' blows against Russia have continued to bring unprecedented pressure on Russia, especially after Ukraine's demands on weapons are getting higher and higher The situation is increasingly controllable. Many people are worried that as the situation is getting worse, Russia may be forced to on a most dangerous road. As a country with the most nuclear weapons in the world, if Russia uses nuclear weapons, it is a bad news for the world. Now that Russia's advantages in Ukraine are continuously expanded. When the latter faces the moment of life and death, Putin's formal statement can also be regarded as a relief to everyone, and the West was relieved.

Do not use nuclear bombs

Putin said that it would not use nuclear weapons to threaten the security of other countries, which is equivalent to at least from the current situation, Russia will not use nuclear weapons to Ukraine, which also means that it will not do it to Western countries. Putin said that although there is no nuclear weapon threatened other countries, countries should know that Russia has nuclear weapons. If necessary, Russia may still use the weapon to protect sovereignty. Russia is a warning to Western countries. Do not blindly provoking Russia to use nuclear martial arts mainly depends on the attitude of Ukraine and the United States and Europe.

The US and European countries have continuously sponsored Ukraine and tried to put pressure on Russia and threatened Russia, which made Putin, which has always been unable to afford other countries, could not bear it. Recently, Putin also stated that if Western iron -hearted to provide remote missiles for Ukraine, Russia will also respond the same response, and the hypersonic warhead's missile system will be used. Related strategic forces will be on standby. The outbreak of Russia and Ukraine, if it wasn't for Western countries continuously inciting, it would not be possible to go to this step today, and may not even be able to play.

West wants to get out

Now that the West may also feel Russia's determination, and see that Ukraine has no possibility of victory in this battle with Russia, the idea of ​​withdrawing this battle has appeared. Matters, unwilling to continue investing more funds and energy to inside, so Russia now states that it will not use nuclear weapons. Next, as long as Western countries do not make extraordinary actions, Russia will not use it. Therefore, nuclear weapons will not use it. The possibility is almost zero, and once such weapons will really be used, it will not be a matter of individual countries. The world will be caught in this end -of -day nuclear weapon war, and then it will completely evolve into the third nuclear weapon war.

Now that the West is trying to draw, it is a good thing to the world, which means that Russia and Ukraine's negotiations are coming. If Zelei Sky loses Western support and is still obsessed, then waiting for them to end well. Ordinary people, they have no right to choose, they can only passively greet this result. Russia and Ukraine's continued conflict is not good for anyone. We still hope that the two sides will not continue to exacerbate the war, and go to the negotiating table as soon as possible to discuss the Russian and Ukraine issues, and finally resolve this contradiction.