China's mining of its own oil and gas, the Japanese protest, and also asked the two countries to negotiate. Wang Wenbin won in a word.

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China's mining of its own oil and gas, the Japanese protest, and also asked the two countries to negotiate. Wang Wenbin won in a word.

2022-06-23 18:29:14 18 ℃

According to a report by Kyodo News Agency on June 21, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan said on the 20th that the Japanese side has repeatedly protested by China's construction of gas field mining facilities, but China still unilaterally conducts action, and the Japanese side expressed extremely regrettable this. The Japanese side also demanded that the China -Japan negotiations that were restarted in 2010 were interrupted. However, from the remarks published by the Japanese side, it can be known that the construction of Chinese gas field mining facilities is on the side of the East China Sea and China, and there is no behavior of over -to -end Japanese waters. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded to this that this is a matter within the scope of the Chinese sovereign rights and jurisdiction. The Japanese should not say three.

China is mining gas field in its own, Japan said it is opposed

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on the 20th, the Japanese Maritime Self -Defense Force found that the gas field mining facilities were built in the Chinese waters on one side of the middle and middle lines on the middle of the East China Sea. It also requested to restart negotiations of the East China Sea Gas Field that was interrupted in 2010. On the 21st, the captain of the Japanese official house stated on the incident that it strongly condemned China's unilateral development behavior.

In this regard, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a press conference that China ’s oil and gas mining activities in the Chinese waters belong to China’ s sovereignty and jurisdiction. The Japanese should not say three and four. According to the Kyodo News Agency, China and Japan will hold the director -level video conference on the 23rd, saying that Japan will show its position in the conference.

However, the Japanese side also stated in his speech that China has carried out facilities in the middle of the East China Sea. Why would Japan protest? What is the "East China Sea Mid -Japanese Middle Line" in Japan?

In the dispute over oil and gas mining, the Japanese side clamored for China to build an aircraft carrier quickly

The East China Sea area has always been a sensitive area between China and Japan. According to the International Convention on the International Marine Law, China ’s exclusive economic zone in the East China Sea should go to the Okinawa Sea. But the Japanese side believed that they had the right to develop together in this sea area. In addition, the Japanese side also proposed a mid -line without authorization attempting to use it as the boundary line, and the Chinese side did not admit it.

Earlier, after China discovered the "Chunxiao Gas Field" in the East my country Sea exclusive economic zone, the Japanese side opposed China for mining activities on this oil field. "Chunxiao Oilfield" is located in China and Japan, which is not controversial. However, Japan said that because the oilfield is too close to the "middle line" in the mouth of Japan, it is worried that Japanese resources will flow to China. In fact, the real purpose of the Japanese side is to save financial resources and material resources in this mature oil field that China has developed.

Since 2004, China and Japan have negotiated on the East China Sea issue, and the number of negotiations has not been negotiated ten times. In addition, the Japanese Maritime Self -Defense Force and the Aviation Self -Defense Force appeared from time to time in the field of the East my country Sea in China to monitor the construction of my country's oilfields. Chinese petroleum workers experienced the most about this. An employee who had participated in the construction of "Chunxiao" recalled: "Since the drilling, Japanese planes have appeared every day. The sea area. "The Japanese media even clamored in China, saying that China asked China to build an aircraft carrier quickly.

Oil and gas mining is controversial, but this time the Japanese Self -Defense Force does not come

China has always adhered to the concept of goodness with neighbors. However, the Japanese side not only abandoned the opportunity to rebuild with China again and again, but also insisted on following the United States and "engaged in small circles" in the Asia -Pacific region to check and balance China. This time, Japan's oil and gas development protested China, just to want to deduct "black hats" for China.

At the "Xianghui" some time ago, the Prime Minister of Japan made unjustly accusations on China, saying that China attempts to "unilaterally change the status quo of the South China Sea and the East China Sea." Obviously, the Japanese side is currently to incite international public opinion, point the finger at China, and then take the opportunity to fish a lot in oil and gas development.

After many years, Japan took the same reason to "provoke" China. However, the changes in China's maritime power in the past ten years have made the Japanese Self -Defense Force, which frequently monitor China's territorial sea that year, and the Japanese media did not dare to clamorize China to build aircraft carriers.