Modi stalls!There are two bad news from India, 8 states Indians rush to the streets to smash

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Modi stalls!There are two bad news from India, 8 states Indians rush to the streets to smash

2022-06-23 18:28:52 12 ℃

In the issue of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, India did not choose to sanction Russia with the United States. Instead, it continued to increase cooperation with Russia. Under the circumstances of global energy shortage and soaring prices, India was able to import oil at low prices in Russia. It was sold to European countries so that they also earned a lot of differences from them. When countries think that the United States wants to sanction India, the United States has not done so, but just conducts verbal warnings, but the actual action does not have. It can be seen that the United States dare not completely offend India at all, and it is worried that it will affect the subsequent strategy of subsequent itself in India. Layout and plan.

2 bad news from India

In fact, Western countries are so jealous of India, not only because India has played a key identity in the follow -up plan, but has something to do with India's increasing comprehensive national strength in recent years. A large number of advanced weapons enhanced their military strength, which also made the United States jealous. However, Modi has recently spread major events. India has two bad news one after another. First of all, the first new recruitment plan launched by Modi caused a large number of people to protest, which led many people to spontaneously organize a demonstration protest together to protest protests together. Activities, the spread of this demonstration is very fast. In a very short time, 8 states such as North and Bigharbon are in a very short time. A large number of Indians rushed to the streets to smash on the streets. As well as incineration, 350 trains were suspended, which seriously affected India's economic and trade.

When demonstrators protested and burned the train, the railway station encountered some local police officers, and a fierce conflict broke out between the two sides. Some demonstrators ignited the bus. In order to allow protesters to stop such excessive tranquility, the police used tear bombs to drive these people. Due to some behaviors of the protesters, the police arrested 250 people on the grounds of violence. Some of the protesters spontaneously led others to destroy some public roads.

In this recruitment reform in India, by allowing India young people to participate in the army with 4 years of service, thereby reducing the average age of Indian soldiers. The life can only be forced to leave. The benefits of soldiers in India are very good, with fixed salary and pensions and other benefits. Therefore, they opposed new reforms, which led to a scene of protests in the country.

The second bad news, a spokesman for the ruling party in India, talked about the topic of marriage in the previous television debate. It was considered an insult to the prophets of the Islamic world. It has formed a provocation to them. In this case, India should stand up to explain the cooling, but I did not expect that the head of the Indian People's Party Delhi branch media in charge of the media in charge of the media also defended, thinking that there was no problem in Charma's words, and he said that Shilma was so like this. It is mainly because some people have insulted Hinduism.

Nowadays, many countries are dissatisfied with India's insulting prophets, and requires India to make public apologies. Colleagues urge these people in India not to continue to take a walk. Even in India, there is also a prophet who believes in the Islamic world. They step on the street to protest and touch the police. In order to calm down as soon as possible, Modi has to stop the post of Shilma and put the party membership of Ginadar Fleement.