The four countries refused to stand up with Russia, Cadrov lingered up, Russia lost its status of the leader of Ji'an to become a bureau.

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The four countries refused to stand up with Russia, Cadrov lingered up, Russia lost its status of the leader of Ji'an to become a bureau.

2022-06-23 18:28:41 9 ℃

Recently, the leader of the Chechen Republic, Cadrov, posted a article on social media to rebuke the Ji'an organization members. Cadrov said that Russia provided a lot of support to the members of the Ji'an organization. At present, it is the critical moment of the Russian and Ukraine conflict. The other member states of the organization "lack a position" on the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, Cadrov also accused the relevant countries of leaders too "weak", and Cadrov, who has always been careless, did not forget Touching his behavior during Russia and Ukraine.

It is understood that since the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Putin has met with the leaders of the members of the Ji'an Organization. Last month, Ji'an Organization also held a conference in Moscow. Such as Zakayev, Lukashenko and others participated in the meeting and delivered speeches. Although Russia has recently interacted with the Ji'an organization, the members of the organization have never supported Russia. The country of military operations did not openly platform Russia, and Kazakhstan President Zakayev said in front of Putin not long ago, and said at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum meeting that Kazakhstan did not recognize the independence of Ludon states.

The "cowardly" of Ji'an Organization State is still for self -protection

The reason why it was so "cowardly" during the Russian and Ukraine conflict was obviously more ways to seek self -protection for the member states of Ji'an organization. And all countries that dare to support Russia to initiate sanctions, Belarus is just a "accomplice" of Russia because of providing military rights for the Russian army, and sanctioned Belarus's agriculture and officials when initiating sanctions against Russia. At the same time, Poland also provoked military provocation on the Belarusian border in March.

Compared with Russia, the Ji'an organizations have obviously did not resist the strength of Western sanctions. At the beginning of this year, Kazakhstan had encountered large -scale riots due to oil prices. For a while, the Zakayev government had a ruling crisis. Later, the member states led by the Ji'an organization headed by Russia sent troops to Ha, and finally calmed the riots. At present, Russia is deeply trapped in the Ukrainian battlefield. If the West has another riots, then other member states of Ana An Organization will suffer a heavy blow. It is precisely because of this. To this day, there is still no member states of the organization of An An organization. More results need to be obtained at the front line of Ukraine to obtain support from these countries.

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