Is the United Nations headquarters move to China?Why is this strong opposition from Chinese experts?

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Is the United Nations headquarters move to China?Why is this strong opposition from Chinese experts?

2022-06-23 18:28:54 8 ℃


Qin Shi Ming Moon and Han Dynasty, Wanli Long March did not repay. This poem describes the suffering of the war to the people of generations. The author uses ordinary verses to let people associate and associate the turntables of different eras. From history to reality, pulling war back to people's eyes, letting people realize the cruelty of war. This poem has been widely circulated. It is not only its high artistic value, but also the author's expectations for the people of the people to live and work in the early end of the war. What is even more infected is the author's infinite patriotic enthusiasm.

The war exists since ancient times, and it is also an indispensable part of the historical process. The same is true abroad, and war often occurs. In order to reduce war and avoid more people from being displaced, people around the world are constantly working hard for peace. For example, the United Nations, which was established in order to maintain world peace during World War II, became an important organization that checks and balanced countries. We know that the United Nations has been in the United States since its establishment, but recently reported that the United Nations Headquarters should be moved to China. And this move has been strongly opposed by experts in our country. What is going on?

Relocation of the United Nations intention

The United States is stronger in economic and military strength than countries around the world, but it does not mean that it can do it wanton. The United Nations headquarters in the United States may restrict it. However, the United States often launches wars against other countries. These cases are everywhere, and they did not apply to the United Nations when the United States launched a war in the United States. The sudden war caused a serious blow to the Iraqi people. In a moment, the people of Iraq's people lost their homes that they lived. Many problems have been left for a long time, and it has not been resolved until now.

The United States does not comply with the regulations of the United Nations and arbitrarily has a great impact on countries. At the same time, the United Nations has no right to speak. If this reappears, the existence of the United Nations will become a virtual existence. This will form a vicious circle for the management of countries around the world. Some people think that the reason why the United States has crossed the United Nations to implement power is because the United Nations cannot check the United States in the United States. Therefore, many people think that the United Nations should be relocated to the United States.

Looking at the world, there are very few countries that can compete with the United States. The United States is too wayward. The evaluation of our country in the world is very good. my country has always adhered to the friendly spirit of mutual assistance cooperation with the friendship between countries around the world. What is more important is that my country has been moving on the road of world peace, helping countries that need help from asking for rewards.

Chinese experts have raised objections

my country is currently in rapid development and has strong strength in economics and military. However, Chinese experts have raised objections about the relocation of the United Nations to China. We know that when the United Nations was founded, it was in the United States, while restricting countries around the world, but also to better restrict the United States. Because the United States does not comply with agreement, it often claims that it has caused losses to many countries. At the same time, the United States' behavior has also left a lot of difficult problems for the United Nations.

If we agree with this proposal, it means that our behavior we want to make for the United States will end. To deal with the complex problems left over the United States, this will also seriously affect my country's development. The establishment of the United Nations is mainly to maintain peace, if the war reaches an irresistible situation. In order to get rid of the restraint of the United Nations, some countries will launch an attack on the United Nations, so that the country where the United Nations is located will danger. Although my country's national strength is constantly improving, it will never put such a dangerous hazard around, bringing harm to the people of our country. From these considerations, they will never agree to relocate the United Nations to our country.

The United States also holds opposition

From the actual situation of our country, my country does not agree to be responsible for itself. The United States does not agree with the relocation of the United Nations to our country because of the consideration of its own interests. Because the United Nations in the United States, they can get information as soon as possible. Not only that, the United Nations will also bring a lot of benefits to them in the United States. How can such an advantage give them to others. Economically, the United States is a relatively developed country in the world, and the maintenance of the United Nations requires a lot of capital investment.

The United Nations was established in the United States themselves, and the United States has become the UN expenses after World War II. This is also mutually beneficial for the United Nations. Therefore, it is unreasonable for the relocation of the United States and the United Nations to China. Now that the world is in a relatively peaceful period, although there are war times, it is basically stable. Global peace is not a matter of a country, we need to work together.

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