The situation in Russia is big!The President of the Third Kingdom suddenly stated, or formally sent troops to enter Ukraine

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The situation in Russia is big!The President of the Third Kingdom suddenly stated, or formally sent troops to enter Ukraine

2022-06-24 00:33:29 5 ℃

Not long ago, Belarus President Lukashenko publicly stated that in order to prevent Belarus from being "cut off" by other Western countries, Belarus may participate in the Western Western War of Ukraine. Lukashenko's remarks are likely to indicate that the Russian and Ukraine War will be further expanded, but it does not rule out that Lukashenko is warning that it is warned that the of Belarus is not forced by Belarus.

The Russian and Ukraine War has been fighting for almost four months. From the current attitude of Russia and Ukraine, the Russian and Ukraine War will continue for a long time. Now Belarus's public statement may further expand the Russian and Ukraine War. This is definitely not good news for Ukraine. A Russia has made Ukraine unable to fight. If Belarus joins the battlefield again, it may accelerate the failure of Ukraine, or Let other countries participate in it, and then Ukraine will become a battlefield for battlefields, and Ukraine will be difficult to achieve peace and stability.

Not long ago, Belarus President Lukashenko publicly stated that the various aspects of Western countries made Belarus feel danger. For Belarus's security, Belarus is likely to directly participate in the western Ukrainian war. In fact, Belarus participated in the Russian and Ukraine War, which was not surprising, because Belarus and Russia have always had a very close relationship. Since the Russian and Ukraine War, Belarus has always conducted military assistance to Russia, providing a lot of weapons and equipment for Russia. The Russian army can successfully attack Kyiv because of the borrowing from Belarus.

However, the actions of Belarus have attracted strong dissatisfaction in the United States and other Western countries. While a highly sanctions against Russia, they also highly sanctions on Belarus, which caused a heavy loss of Belarus. Not only that, NATO has continuously expands its military deployment in the border area of ​​Poland and Belarus, and has repeatedly investigated Belarus. This move in NATO has seriously threatened Belarus's security. Although Belarus has previously stated that it will not intervene in the Russian and Ukraine War, but for the sake of National security, now Belarus's participation in the war may be very large.

In fact, Belarus has been preparing for participating in the Russia -Ukraine War. At the beginning of the Russian and Ukraine War, the Southern Combat Command was established, and military exercises were constantly conducting. However, Belarus has limited troops and Polish tigers, so Belarus will not easily participate in the war. Lukashenko is likely to warn NATO in this way. Don't force Belarus anymore, Belarus will not compromise.

The participation of the third country will undoubtedly further expand the Russian and Ukraine War, so if Belarus really participates in the Russian and Ukraine War, then Ukraine will erupt a larger -scale war, but although it is now nominally the Russian army and the Ukrainian army are fighting in combat , In fact, the Russian and Ukraine battlefields have not only been fighting the two countries. Georgians, British, and Americans are helping the Ukraine army to fight. Although they are behind the war, there are many national encouragement and support, but they are not Enter Ukraine in the name of the country.

Obviously, although many countries want to help Ukraine to defeat Russia, no country really dares to fight in Ukraine in the name of the army, because Russia is a fighting nation country and has always been very strong internationally. The country touches his bottom line, and Russia will not hesitate to shoot, and this is not the case in Ukraine. Moreover, as early as the Russian and Ukraine War began, Russia had declared its own position. If any country's army entered Ukraine, it was threatening the security of the Russian army. Russia would never be soft.

In this case, any country dares to truly provoke Russia. Even if the military strength is strong like the United States, there are only mercenaries in Ukraine. Previously There is no action. However, the public participation of Belarus is equivalent to opening a precedent. No matter which side of Belarus supports, as long as a country's army is involved in public, there is no reason not to let the army from other countries involved. The transformation into a multinational war may even cause the third world war, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Ukraine has become a battlefield for the game of various countries, but the Ukraine government still has unrealistic fantasies and still has a dream that can defeat Russia. However, in fact, Ukraine has long collapsed because of this war. The Russian army has occupied a large area of ​​Ukraine, Ukraine's military production base, heavy industrial base, and the main grain production areas have now been controlled by Russia. In addition, Russia has blocked Ukraine's port. It is said that the economy in Ukraine is paralyzed.

It ’s just economic pressure. Ukraine is now facing the division of the country. The people who are occupied by the Russian army in Ukraine not only do not want to return to Ukraine, but instead said to join Russia. The country is now in a state of division. If the Ukrainian government still cannot think of the people, it is likely to exacerbate Ukraine's split situation.

Moreover, from the perspective of the war situation, Ukraine has no possibility of victory. When the Russian and Ukraine War broke out, the United States and many Western countries have high hopes for Ukraine, giving many economic and military assistance in Ukraine. It is a collapse, but the military power is a military power. Even if there is a blessing of military assistance in many countries, Ukraine still fails to find any cheap on the battlefield. To this day, the United States and other Western countries have no hope of victory in Ukraine, but because of their always attitude, they have not completely abandoned Ukraine, but now the so -called support is quite perfunctory. The important factor of victory is that because the military production base is occupied, Ukraine can only rely on military assistance.

However, the United States and other countries are very clear. With the current strategic situation of Ukraine, Ukraine is almost impossible to win. These military support, Ukraine still can't afford it, and may not be able to afford it in the future, so the number of these countries can only help Ukrainian weapons assistance can only be able to help Ukrainian weapons. Reaching 10%of the previous commitments, the current lack of weapons of the Ukrainian army is very serious. It can be said that the Ukrainian army is about to be forced to desperate.

It is difficult to understand that the war has developed to this form. What the Ukrainian government is still insisting. Before the war, although Ukraine is not a wealthy country, because of inheriting the Soviet Union's complete industrial industrial base, there are large blockbusters. The development of the food production base is very good, but because of this war, Ukraine's originally proud capital no longer belongs to itself. Even if the war is over, Ukraine's future development will be very difficult.

But it is clear that Ukraine is still unwilling to give up war and talk to Russia. Even if it has been abandoned by the United States and other Western countries, Ukraine still has hope for them and always communicates with these countries. I hope they can increase them. Aid for yourself to help you win the victory.

The Ukrainian government has never had a clear understanding of its current situation. Do you really want to wait until Russia has completely occupied Ukraine, did you know regret? Previously, the Russian army only planned to establish a strategic buffer with the Dieber River as a boundary, but because Ukraine was because Ukraine With stubbornness, Russia's strategic goals may have been adjusted.

Because Russia has always wanted to make a quick decision, but now suddenly slows down the attack, there is a lot of preparations to fight against Ukraine. If Russia really plans to fight with Ukraine, it means that Russia wants not only what it wants to want it, but not only what Russia wants it is not only about it. It is a strategic buffer. From the current situation of the Russian army, Russia wants to completely occupy Ukraine. It is not possible to achieve it. So since the price has paid, why should it be followed by the results of the battle? The fate is difficult to judge.

Ukraine's future road is in Ukraine's own hands. If the Ukrainian government has a little reason, it should be aware of the hypocrisy of the so -called allies, stay away from them, stop this war that should not happen, and let the people stay away from warfire fire. Although some losses are doomed to be recovered, the earlier, the smaller the loss of Ukraine.