Commander -in -chief of the Finnish Defense Forces said: For decades for Russia's offense

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Commander -in -chief of the Finnish Defense Forces said: For decades for Russia's offense

2022-06-24 00:32:55 3 ℃

【Text/Observer Network Liu Chenghui】

According to Reuters on June 22, Timo Kivinen, chief of the Finnish Defense Forces, said in an interview that Finland has prepared for decades for Russia's offense. Once Russia launched an attack, Finland will be Perform stubborn resistance. Russia's CPPCC pointed out that Kivinin did not provide any evidence of "attack" of the Russian plan to launch "attack" in Finland.

Reuters: Finland is ready to deal with Russian attacks

It is reported that Finland has established a huge arsenal, but from the perspective of Kivinin, another key factor in responding to potential military conflicts is that Finnish has the will to fight. He said: "Between One's Ears is the most important line of defense. The Russian -Ukraine conflict has proven this."

Kivinin added that Finland "has systematically developed the military defense system, in order to cope with the type of war of Russia and Ukraine, and uses a large number of armored forces and air forces."

He described, "Ukraine (for Russia) has always been a difficult bone, as is Finland."

Chief Commander of the Finnish Defense Force (Tuzi Finnish Broadcasting Corporation)

Kivinin believes that once NATO is joined, Finland will become part of NATO joint airspace control, thereby improving their early warning capabilities. In addition, Finland will benefit from NATO's "collective defense" mechanism. According to this mechanism, the attack on any NATO member country will be regarded as an attack on all member states.

However, Kivanin said, "Finland will still bear its main national defense responsibility."

Regarding Kivinin's remarks, Russia's New Year pointed out in a report on the 22nd that Kivanin did not provide any evidence of "attack" on Finland.

Russia New News Agency reported on the 22nd

The total population of Finland is about 5.5 million, the scale of the army is about 280,000, and the number of reserve people is about 870,000. Finland's defense expenditure accounts for 2%of GDP, which is higher than many NATO countries. At present, the Finnish Navy is ordering four warships, and the Air Force purchases 64 F-35 fighters from the United States. The Finnish military also plans to order up to 2000 drones and high -altitude defense equipment and build roadblocks on borders with Russia.

In May, the resident representatives of Sweden and Finland formally submitted an application for joining NATO to NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that Russia would have to take technical military means or other means to eliminate the threat caused by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Russia's deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Riabakov, emphasized on May 16 that NATO should not imagine that Russia will treat Sweden and Finland to join NATO in the May 16th. This move in Sweden and Finland's joining NATO is a mistake in NATO, which will lead to serious consequences in the future.

In addition to Russia, Finland and Sweden joined NATO were also opposed by member states in Turkey. Turkey has repeatedly emphasized that when they seeks to join NATO, they must stop the support of the Kurdish Workers' Party, Syrian Kurdish forces, and the "Cullen Movement", and lift the restrictions on Turkey's export defense equipment.

On Monday (20th), Finland and Sweden held talks with Turkish officials in Brussels, Belgium. The two sides failed to break the deadlock in Turkey's opposition to the joining of NATO, but both said they would continue to negotiate. NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg said he hoped that the two countries could join NATO as soon as possible, but he could not make a guarantee on the matter.

According to reports from the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (YLE), the Finnish government confirmed that President Ninito will led a delegation to the NATO Summit in Madrid at the end of June. Members of the delegation include Finnish Foreign Minister Harvesto and Minister of Defense Kaiko Ning.