On the 120th day of the conflict, Wu was divided into three theater.

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On the 120th day of the conflict, Wu was divided into three theater.

2022-06-24 00:33:06 3 ℃

"Ukraine is experiencing the worst week."

This sentence is said in an article on June 23, the United States Cable TV News Network. The reason why Ukraine is in the worst situation is inseparable from the disadvantages on the battlefield.

At present, there is only one Ukrainian city left in the Lugusk area, which is Lixica Sikh. What's worse is that the Ukraine's defense line is still "retreating." According to the Global Network reported on June 23, the Russian army successfully entered several villages in southern Lesicus in the past few days and established a base.

The Norton Azk and Lixica Sik were only one of the fronts of the Russian army's attack on Ukraine's defense. In the entire Donbas area, the Russian army had 9 fronts. On the basis of multi -line and attack, the Russian army also actively adjusted tactics and changed to detachment to fight.

The team's combat has greatly reduced the number of people in each task, and the offense is more assault, making the entire combat motion more motion and greater autonomous. More importantly, the effect of feedback from the new tactical practice of the Russian army is also very good. The deputy director of the Battle Bureau of the General Staff of the Ukraine said that "the Ukraine was too late to fight."

In general, the Udon theater where Donbas is located has come to an end, and Russia and Ukraine have opened two major battlefields in southern Ukraine, namely Crimea -centered areas and Odeza -centered areas, respectively. area.

1. Ukraine attack: The war zone centered on Crimea.

After Russia's control of Crimea, the coastline in southern Ukraine was divided into two parts: centered on the Crimean Peninsula.

After the Russian army controlled Mali Ubol, Ukraine lost an important strategic advantage on the east coastline, the Asian Sea area. If the Russian army captured the Donbass region, it would add another point to the control of the East Coast of Ukraine, and the Russian army was doing it at this time.

In the Central Peninsula, according to the Russian army's plan, the third stage of the goal is Adessa and Nicholaev on the West Coast. Operate well. "

The first is "maximizing value use". According to a Russian satellite news agency reported on June 23, the Crimean people will continue to mine natural gas in the Black Sea, "Russia will not allow the life of Russia's Crimean residents."

Followed by "curbing the remaining interests of the enemy." According to a Russian satellite news agency reported on June 23, Moscow plans to restore the shipping transportation of Crimea and Buer Jiangsk and Marwol.

The important port of Ukraine on the eastern coast is the Port of Buer Jiangsk and the port of Marwol. The important port in Crimea is Caavacpo. Now it is controlled by the Russian army. Large economic and military utility.

I have to say that Ukraine's pressure is not small, and the hope of "turning" has been pressed on the western defense front.

2. Russian attack Wu Shou: The theater centered on Odessa.

On the west coast, the Black Sea has an important strategic position, while Odessa is a key city along the Black Sea coast.

But the important question is the problem of launching an offensive from where the offensive is related to the strategic victory of the Russian army, because according to the analysis of the Russian media analysis, it has great strategic risks.

On June 14, the Russian Life News Network published an article given an important strategic point of view. The article believes that although the offensive on the land is "not easy", after all, Ukraine's defense work has been built for a long time, but the sea offensive route that started at the Black Sea is "more difficult" because the Ukraine has deployed anti -ship missiles from the United States early.

However, the recent offensive route of the Russian army seemed to have shifted to the "sea".

According to a reference network reported on June 23, Russia's "Independence" published an article saying that the center of the Russian -Ukraine military confrontation is moving towards the western waters. Russian experts believe that the Russian army "knows that there are tigers in the mountains and bias towards Tiger Mountain", which is likely to be "upper".

This caused the Russian army to "get on the top". The "black sea drilling platform was bombed" and "snake island was attacked".

Although the Ukraine did not admit that it was a drilling platform that was attacked, it would definitely see this matter as the Ukraine from the Russian army. It's right.

The author believes that the concerns of Russian media and Russian experts are unreasonable. After all, according to the Russian intelligence department, the Urban coastal forces are already alert, and with the blessing of NATO and the United States, the combat effectiveness of the Ukraine in the sea may not be worse than that of the Russian army. Once the Russian army falls into naval battles, the battle may occur.

However, whether the Russian army has taken the sea route as the main battle route is not yet a foregone conclusion, Russia may only "retaliate", which causes the illusion that it is necessary to attack from the sea. In fact, it is not impossible to go around the enemy from behind the enemy.

As for what kind of situation, we still wait and see. As for both Russia, who can occupy an advantage in the Odessa area, it depends on who is more intelligent strategic layout!