Crossing the red line, China’s patience will disappear. Biden did not expect that it was his own person who issued a warning.

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Crossing the red line, China’s patience will disappear. Biden did not expect that it was his own person who issued a warning.

2022-06-24 00:32:43 3 ℃

According to Global Network reports, political commentator Bradley Bravagan Hippi published in an article that Wei Feng and Taiwan said that Taiwan was "Taiwan's Taiwan", which surprised Western media. The article believes that although these remarks are really strict, they are not provocative at all.

No one is allowed to intervene in the Taiwan issue

The issue of Taiwan belongs to my country's internal affairs issues. Any country itself does not have the right to judge this and interfere. my country has already expressed its attitude and warned. Stop this kind of interference in other domestic affairs as soon as possible, which will only cause contradictions between the two parties to intensify, which is not conducive to the development of each other. In particular, the United States also made provocations with Japan in the Taiwan Strait, and it also touched my country's bottom line. Frequent provocations would only consume China's patience. If China feels threat, it will also take what we think is reasonable. Method to counterattack.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already stated that my country does not allow any country to try to split Taiwan. Anyone who dares to do such behaviors will become the target of our country. The country knows how strong China's determination is, not just talking. At the Shangri -La dialogue, China issued a warning to various countries. Do not continue to support the "Taiwan independence", but in the face of Chinese friendly reminders, Western media over -interpreted this, thinking that China's warning is provocative to Western countries.

Wei Feng and Foreign Minister said in Shangri -La that Taiwan is Taiwan's Taiwan and belongs to my country's internal affairs. my country is bound to realize the unity of the country. Try to engage in "attitude" and block the country's unity. China and my country will never let go. China has already prepared, and our army is always waiting. The strong attitude and determination of China to the outside world have long stated that my country will never give back on the Taiwan issue. Western media know that China's determination will also release such remarks that are likely to cause contradictions between the two countries, saying that China is provocative, and the conspiracy and intentions can be imagined.

Beauty commentators warned the government

Of course, the United States is not a person who cannot see the situation. In response to this American political commentator Bradley Bravagan Heip, it was not a provocative in his opinion. He reminded the United States not to cross the red line, otherwise China's patience will disappear. What I didn't expect Biden was that it was my own person who issued a warning this time. There are many people who see the situation like Branken Hepu in the United States. They know that the United States interference in Taiwan is not wise. This will only further worsen Sino -US relations, which is not conducive to cooperative relations between major fields between the two parties.

Especially in the United States, there are various problems in the United States. The problem of inflation is serious. The Russian -Ukraine conflict continues, and the United States has devoted a lot of energy to it. Because of economic problems in the United States, people's dissatisfaction sound is becoming stronger, and even retaliated attacks have occurred in various places. In this case, the United States should focus more on their own internal issues, instead of not being instead. Put on targeted measures to other countries, but the United States has not done so.

The author of the article believes that it is not others who really disrupt the situation, but the Western government, especially before the United States dialogue, and before the re -dialogue, it also agreed with Taiwan's arms sales. The relationship between the two parties has continued to deteriorate and the international situation is chaotic. It is not wise to choose to provoke China.