Zelei was relieved!Biden has made up his mind, and the situation in Ukraine is about to change.

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Zelei was relieved!Biden has made up his mind, and the situation in Ukraine is about to change.

2022-06-24 00:32:43 3 ℃

According to China Youth Network, the White House issued a statement that Biden informed President Owlski that the United States would provide Ukraine with additional security assistance, including more artillery, coastal defense weapons and Ukraine. The rocket system, "to support them in Donbas's defense."

Ukrainian situation is about to change

During this period of time, the ceasefire plan has been held many times during this time, so that countries once thought they intended to give up Ukraine and no longer continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine, especially the United States. More weapons than all European countries add up. Now Biden has given Ukraine an additional security assistance to Ukraine again, making Zellennki relieved. Biden was obviously determined to prepare for the shot, and it seems that the situation in Ukraine is about to change.

From these weapons that Biden's upcoming assistance, it is seen that they are heavy weapons. Once they are put into the war, the lethality is amazing, and the coverage and accuracy are wider and higher. It is understood that this time the weapon assisted by the United States also has the "fish fork" anti -ship missile system, mainly to cope with the missile launched on the Black Sea ship in Russia to ensure that Russia cannot start in this aspect to effectively crack down on Ukraine. Essence If there is no US and European countries in this conflict, Ukraine will not be able to choose to surrender. Today's Ukraine has been spent during the consumption of the Soviet Union. This shows that Ukraine's weapon ammunition is seriously short of shortage. It is no wonder that Ukraine said that Western aid weapons are not enough and cannot keep up with its consumption speed.

Although the United States has repeatedly expanded weapon assistance lists on Ukraine for several months, because weapons such as fighter jets have been severely prohibited to Ukraine, the number of weapons provided is limited. For more assistance to Ukraine, I want to make Ukraine have stronger resistance when facing Russia, and even counterattack. The upcoming weapons in the United States have also increased confidence in Ukraine. They think that these weapons will join, and the confrontation on Crimea and Donbas will be more likely.

Maybe the second "Afghanistan"

However, the upgrade of the United States' weapon for Ukraine's aid has made the outside world holding an unobtrusive view, which makes people think of Afghanistan. It is because of the intervention of the United States, which has caused the country to become poorer and completely falling into endless darkness. At that time, the United States actively acted in Afghanistan on the grounds of helping to eliminate terrorist organizations. As a result, the war continued to expand. In the end, the United States was deeply trapped in the quagmire of war and could not extricate themselves. The rotten stalls leave the problem to the Afghan government.

Nowadays, Ukraine's situation is also very bad. The outside world is concerned that the behavior of the United States may create the second "Afghanistan". Providing heavy weapons to Ukraine will only exacerbate contradictions. Once Russia is angry, the next battle will inevitably come again upgrade. Once the Russian side is beaten, it will be a life -long battle to wait for Ukraine. At that time, the country's economy will be completely dragged down. Russia also warned the United States, hoping that the other party would understand the risks and consequences of the weapons here for Ukraine. The West thought it would help Ukraine to defeat Russia. This idea was wrong. After all, the military gap between Russia and Ukraine is not necessarily the same, and it can change the aid of some weapons. I also hope that Ukraine can understand this problem.