Do not meet the mountains, I do n’t know why I persist -the new life of the plateau resident training (1)

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Do not meet the mountains, I do n’t know why I persist -the new life of the plateau resident training (1)

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I don’t know why I persist

——The new life of "Peacock Blue" (1)

■ Ma Jialong Sun Guanglei Guo Zetian

Coordinates: Xi'an, newly included in the training. In career planning class, I saw the eye -catching "civilian staff is an important part of the army" on the PPT. Kunlun Plateau.

Before the training, Yang Chengxing just ended the altitude of the plateau for more than a hundred days. At the field medical treatment at 4500 meters above sea level, he first understood the weight of wearing "peacock blue".

Yang Chengxing worked in the general surgery of local hospitals for ten years. Later, when he felt his skills fell into a bottleneck, he wanted to try to go out and break through himself on a wider platform. Occasionally, he came to the 940th Hospital and took a year later as a cultural post.

From one hospital to another hospital, Yang Chengxing did not think there were too many differences at first. They were all the same treatment and saving people, but they were a larger platform that could come into contact with more types of patients. Improve your skills.

The year when he worked in a military hospital as an employment, the barracks and soldiers were still a vague and distant concept in Yang Chengxing's heart. It wasn't until he signed up for the plateau training as a cultural personnel and walked into a barracks in person. He really realized the difference between this new identity.

Yang Chengxing (third from left) is undergoing surgery. Photo by Hu Wanzhen

The first time I went to the border to visit, it was just the winter. From the frostbite and rough skin on the hands of officers and soldiers, Yang Chengxing felt the "chills of the plateau" that people often said. At 4500 meters above sea level, for ordinary people, daily life is not easy, and officers and soldiers need to organize training normally, so the pain caused by waist and legs is more common. As a pain doctor, the pain of lumbar disc herniation and knee injury is not difficult for Yang Chengxing. However, when he prescribed drugs as usual as usual, he did not expect that officers and soldiers would say that officers and soldiers expressed their output. "resist"……

"Can you only take medicine and not bed?" A little warrior made Yang Chengxing stunned without thinking. In the past, he had also been exposed to patients who were unwilling to get medicine and took medicine, but it was rare that he didn't want to rest in bed. "So hard, can't rest and rest?" The soldier replied: "But I don't want to bother your comrades, let alone delay the work of the team." The clear eyes and simple answers shocked Yang Chengxing. That day, he really understood the dedication of the soldier's special group from that soldier.

Yang Chengxing checked for the patient. Li Yan Photo

"Do officers and soldiers really do not care about their bodies?" Han Yanxia, ​​who is also the first civilian dentist on the plateau, has had similar confusion. Because the long -term use of some anti -inflammatory drugs will have side effects on the body, her dental department often needs officers and soldiers to return to the clinic. Although she will explain the impact of the officers and soldiers every time, some officers and men always "go back".

"Why don't you change the medicine yet?" When Han Yanxia finally called the warrior of a soldier who had been retraining for a long time, the sound came from the "anger" instantaneous release- "Recently Lianli training There are many tasks, and you forget your time when you are busy. "

"Forgot" and "I can't go" ... During the plateau training, Han Yanxia had heard the reason for the "uniform" not to come back to the clinic. She knew in her heart that many officers and soldiers only subconsciously made their own choices: secretly throwing the doctor's order behind, thinking about the work tasks in front of them.

With moved, Han Yanxia paid more attention to the line information on the registration form, and called in advance to remind the officers and soldiers who needed to be retracted. As long as the officers and soldiers who came to the clinic needed a name, she could always know the relevant condition. Perhaps it can only help officers and soldiers to save a little bit of time, but Han Yanxia has to make double efforts, but "as long as they can help them, it is always worth it."

During the tour, Han Yanxia diagnosed to dental diseases for officers and soldiers. Photo by Sun Guanglei

Entering the plateau and entering the barracks, the cutest people who are in a zero -distance contact with this "restricted area of ​​life" are deeply moved by many newly entered camps. With this respect for the high -level soldiers, they have doubled their sense of accomplishment and honor, and they also have greater power.

In Yang Chengxing's clinical career, there are many surgery, including some complicated surgery, but he still remembers a "simple" appendix surgery. An officer with gangrene appendicitis with incompetence of intestinal obstruction occurred, with chills, high fever, and infectious shock, and could only surgery in field medical treatment in the field with incomplete conditions. Due to the severe adhesion around the patient's appendix and obvious abdominal and intestinal edema, surgical operations are limited under the conventional appendic incision, and it may cause secondary damage to the surgical equipment. A appendix was performed for 4 hours. In the plateau environment, the physical consumption intensified, the surgery was performed for the third hour, and in the operating room with a low temperature, Yang Chengxing was already sweating.

"The only thing I thought at that time was to complete the operation smoothly. The interruption may not be conducive to his subsequent recovery." Afterwards, Yang Chengxing was proud of himself to persist in that condition. smoothly. When he came into contact with many officers and soldiers who had no regrets, he also found the motivation to fight alongside him.