Lithuania said that Russia did not dare to move martial arts. How important is the blocked Kaliningrad?It is NATO nightmare

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Lithuania said that Russia did not dare to move martial arts. How important is the blocked Kaliningrad?It is NATO nightmare

2022-06-24 00:33:18 13 ℃

According to the Global Network reported on June 22, in response to the "blockade" railway of Lithuania, Russia's goods were prohibited from being transferred to Kalinrad. "Hostile behavior" means that there is no room for discussing, Lithuania should know the consequences of doing so. Unfortunately, these consequences are coming.

Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Federal Security Conference, said that the Russian side would respond to Lithuania's blockade as soon as possible, and Lithuania people would feel the consequences. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the EU ambassador to Russia and Lithuania's interim in Russia and protested to the EU. The Russian media called for the use of military means to open Lithuania to the land corridor of Kalinenrad, and also discussed 5 ways to combat Lithuania.

Lithuania tried to quibble, saying that the blockade of Galinenrada was not the decision of Lithuania, but to fulfill the EU sanctions against Russia. In addition, Lithuania has expanded the scope of the "embargo" from the railway to the highway. President Natasa declared on the 22nd that he did not believe that Russia dared to military challenge Lithuania because they were NATO member states.

The State Department of the United States supports Lithuania, saying: "The United States firmly abides by the North Atlantic Convention, supports NATO allies, and supports Lithuania."

According to US media, Kaliningrad may become the fuse of Russia's conflict between Russia and the West.

As a flying land in Russia, Kalinerad has an area of ​​only 15,000 square kilometers. It is surrounded by NATO countries. Various energy needs to be transported in from Russia. The only land transport railway has passed Lithuania. How important is Russia attaching so much importance to Kalinrad?

From a geographical point of view, Kalinenrad eastward Lithuania and Poland in the south, guarding the European important ways of Europe to Russia. The Suvauki Corridor, which transports supplies to Kalinrad, can connect to Polish Lithuania, but also connect Belarus and Kalinrad. It is also the only land connection between the European Union and the Baltic Sea. Earlier, Finland and Sweden had to join NATO. Once successful, Galineram will be in a "isolated state."

Kaline -Geler's industry has developed well and has the port of Baltisk, which is one of the few non -frozen ports in Russia. The Russian army set the Baltic Fleet base there, and Calninrad to European countries was nearly 600 kilometers than Russia. Galinerad is only 500 kilometers from Berlin; 1080 kilometers from Brussels; 1340 kilometers from Paris and London.

The Russian Army has been in the S-400 air defense missile system and the Eskander missile system that can launch nuclear bombs. After Lithuania announced the "embargo order", the fleet began military exercises and 1,000 military personnel participated. Foreign media said that Kaliningrad, which is "armed to teeth", is a nightmare of NATO.

Can the road be blocked, can Russia take waterway? The maritime channel from St. Petersburg to Kalinrad is about 1,000 kilometers long. Although the ship is suitable for transportation, it is not suitable for passengers to travel, and the speed is not as good as highway. The sea freighters may still face inspections in other countries, and are even expelled and intercepted.

Kalinrad borders Lithuania to share the Kours Gulf. Russia does not go out in that waters. The ship must go out of the Kurz Gulf and must pass the Port of Klepeida in Lithuania. Klepeida is the largest port in Lithuania and the only outlet in Kurz Bay. If geographically, Lithuania does have the possibility of blocking the land and sea transportation of Galinenrade land with the geographical location, but if it really does it, Russia will not easily let it go.