[Russian and Ukraine Conflict Day 120] The Russian army destroyed more than 50 Ukraine rocket launchers day and night

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[Russian and Ukraine Conflict Day 120] The Russian army destroyed more than 50 Ukraine rocket launchers day and night

2022-06-24 06:04:33 6 ℃

The Russian Ministry of Defense updated the war report and reported to destroy the Ukraine rocket launcher over 50 days and night

On June 23, Russian Federal Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konacopov will release the latest briefing of the Russian armed forces in Wu Special Military Operations. Konarkov announced that the Russian army destroyed 3,750 tanks and armored vehicles, 2088 artillery, 647 rockets, 349 air defense systems, 3818 military vehicles, and 211 aircraft, 132 helicopters, and 1329 drones.

According to the war report released by the Russian Ministry of Defense yesterday (22nd), as of the day, Russia's CPC was destroyed by 594 multi -tube rocket launchers.

Commander of the Russian Central Military Region to participate in special military mobile tanks, artillery, investigators, and awarded military medicine (video screenshot released by the Russian Ministry of Defense on the 23rd)

The Russian Air Defense Forces shot down 21 UAA drones in one day and night, including Snake Island, Halkov, Hermuson, Donetsk, and Donbas; in Halko Fuzhou intercepts a "dot -U" ballistic missile, and up to 22 rocket artillery shells, including Donetsk, Halkov, "Donetsk People's Republic" and Snake Island Wait.

On the 22nd, the Russian and Air Force used high -precision weapons to destroy 49 storage tanks for the preservation of oil for the Ukraine in the Nicholaev area, and about 50 rocket launchers parked in the warehouse, including foreign aid models At the same time, 3 local tank armored vehicle maintenance bases, 4 command points, and 18 Urban personnel and equipment assembly points were attacked. Tactic Air Force and Army Aviation soldiers also destroyed the Ukraine's one -sets of air detection equipment in Halkov, as well as 96 Ukraine personnel and equipment assembly points in Harkov.

The Russian Department of Defense announced on the 23rd Donbass Armed and Russian Rocket Artillery Force's mobile video screenshots.

The Russian artillery and missile forces combined 364 Ukraine personnel and equipment assembly points, 26 command points and 58 artillery firepower points, including 1 155 mm M777 artillery ponds on Cutonuski Island, and a "tornado wind. "Rockets, destroyed three UAV mobile command points in Nicholaev. In the anti -artillery operation, aviation, artillery, and missile forces hit a total of 8 "Hurricane" rockets in Donbass, and 11 artillery arrangements at the firepower point. These troops participated in the city and other. Regional artillery; eliminating more than 650 militants, 17 tanks and armored vehicles, 3 "tornado" rocket launcher, and 17 special vehicles.

On the yandex map, Kuorenski is marked in the blue frame. The island is located in Haikou in the Danube River, within 50 kilometers from Snake Island (in the red circle). Destroy the American M777 artillery on the island

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's previously announced Ukraine forces used the US -made 155 mm M777 artillery action photo

Konarkov mentioned the loss of the Ukraine that the 34th Battalion of the 57th Morning Brigade of the Ukrandous People's Republic of the "Lugusk People's Republic" was defeated. The number of soldiers of each company in the camp was less than 20, and their grass -roots commanders fled the theater after abandoning their subordinates; and the 30th Mechanization Brigade of the Ukraine was severely warned after the "Donetsk People's Republic" was severely damaged by the Russian army. There were only less than 50%of the strength, and more than 170 seriously injured officers and men were evacuated by their commanders.

The Ukrainian army said that the Russian army tried to surround the Lixica Sikh and block the logistics route

The Ukraine General Spokesman Shi Tu Peng released the war report on the morning of June 23, claiming that the Belarusian forces will continue to the Gomeli region on the border between the two borders of the White and Ukraine. With the help of the instructor, the main training is destroyed and reconnaissance and other subjects, and plans to solve the training -related issues; the five ships of the Russian and Black Sea Fleet are equipped with up to 40 "caliber" cruise missiles to be deployed in the Black Sea and are always preparing to attack the targets of Ukraine. And artillery crack down on the Russian army and cause considerable losses to it.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released a screenshot of the video of the 28th Independent Mechanization Brigade of the Ukraine's 28th independent mechanization. The length of the video released by the Ukraine is generally short, and most of the videos lack the original sound of the scene.

Step Peng mentioned that in the direction of Slavisk, the Russian army worked hard to improve the tactical situation and find out the weakness of the Ukraine's defense, and sent two tank forces to strengthen the strength of the Ijum region; Control the city of Nighton, and launch an offensive to surround the Ukraine in the city of Sikhn, Lixica to block the main logistics routes; in the direction of Bachurut, the Russian army tries to control the highway to Bach Murte to Lixica Sikh; In the direction, the Russian army made every effort to prevent the Urpical counterattack in Helson and Nicholaev; in the direction of Nicholaev, the Russian army deployed artillery forces may start from multiple directions to reach Hermuson State administrative boundary.

The Russian army released by the Ukrainian Air Force on the morning of June 23 was intercepted by the "caliber" cruise missiles to help the picture. According to the picture displayed, the bomb was still stored in about one month after the interception and crashing.

On the morning of the 23rd, the Ukrainian Air Force stated that the Ukrainian army dispatched the Su-25 attack aircraft and the Su-24M bomber cluster on June 22 to launch several rounds of air strikes on the Russian positions and tactical clusters in Donetzk to destroy its defense Working. The Wu Kongjun mentioned that forestry personnel found a "caliber" cruise missile in Vennica, which weighs 400 kilograms of this missile warhead. The Wu Kong army said that the bomb was intercepted by the Ukraine Air defense system on May 21. The warhead was still intact, indicating that the "caliber" cruise missile was still flying to the target. After the weapon was delivered, the Ukrainian ambassador to the German "inadequate help" immediately "changed his face" to regret

In the meeting of the humanitarian situation on the evening of June 22 on the Russian Ministry of Defense, the head of the Russian National Defense Command Center Michael Mizetov said that the Russian side was in Donbas and Zapolo. In other places, we will organize 4 humanitarian activities and put them for 183.1 tons of various materials such as food and essential foods to civilians; Russia has organized humanitarian activities in the Ukraine to organize humanitarian activities 1201 times.

The German media "Spiegel Weekly" reported a screenshot on June 22. It is also mentioned in the report that Germany will also continue to provide M113 armored troops and aid weapons

On June 22, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andre Melinik said in an interview with Germany "Ming Mirror Weekly" that he regretted that he was related to the "angry pork liver and intestine" about attacking Germany. The improper remarks were offended many people, and he hoped to apologize to Diaolz. It is reported that Melinick has repeatedly issued remarks on attacking the German government since May, accusing the latter of "helping to help Ukraine"; but after the self -proposed self -propelled artillery of Germany arrived in Ukraine, the Ukrainian ambassador immediately "changed his face." The report mentioned that German Defense Minister Langbrecht has confirmed that seven German PZH2000 self -propelled artillery has been shipped to Ukraine on the 21st.