As soon as I woke up, Belgium was messy, and over 70,000 people rushed to the street demonstration to dissolve NATO

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As soon as I woke up, Belgium was messy, and over 70,000 people rushed to the street demonstration to dissolve NATO

2022-06-24 06:04:50 19 ℃

Russia and Ukraine's conflict continues, and the secondary disaster caused by the conflict has made the entire Europe a mess. The EU countries have supported Ukraine on the surface, but serious differences have been generated inside. The European Union frequently sanctions on Russia, but the sanctions plan was to put the "double -edged sword". Without Russia's oil and gas, the energy prices of European countries soared all the way, and the increasing cost of living ignited the dissatisfaction of the people.

Parade on the streets of Brussels

Recently, the Belgian capital Brussels broke out on a large -scale parade protest, about 70,000 people took to the streets to protest the soaring prices caused by high inflation. According to today's Russian television reports, the angry masses were crowded with the streets of Brussels, causing the entire city to stop. Due to the large scale of protests, the city's traffic was blocked, and the airport flights were forced to cancel. Some protesters have accused NATO, led by the United States, because they are arming in Russia and Ukraine that they continue to impose sanctions on Russia, leading to economic difficulties in Europe.

The parade shouted the slogan "Stop NATO" and asked the European Union and the United States to stop sending arms to Ukraine, "spend money on wages, not weapons." The inflation rate in Belgium in June was as high as 9%, setting a new record in 40 years.

EU internal pace is inconsistent

Last month, the European Union passed the sixth round of sanctions against Russia, and the Chairman of the European Commission Feng Delin said that this shows the unity of EU member states. Some time ago, the leaders of the German -French and Royal Quartet visited Kyiv, and also expressed their support for Ukraine. But from the current performance of European countries, the European Union is by no means "unity" as Feng Delin said.

The European media is no longer keen to report the progress of the Russian and Ukraine conflict. How the consequences of the conflict they pay more attention have affected the lives of their people. The headlines of the Austrian News News have been filled with the topic of energy shortage such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. According to German polls, 75%of the Germans do not believe that Ukraine can win the war, and 66.6%of people think that only negotiations can resolve conflicts. Eastern Europe and Western Europe have a very different position on whether they support Ukraine. The proportion of Kyiv in the Polish people is large, which may be because there are many contradictions between Eastern European countries and Russia in history, so they choose to support Ukraine.

After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, under the influence of the European Union, the European Union implemented sanctions on Russia in multiple fields. However, a series of consequences of sanctions were borne by Europe, but the United States was out of the case. It can be seen that the United States is just using the EU to restrain Russia. There is still a long way to go on how to achieve the autonomy of political and economic autonomy.

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