Zelei is brewing a new war?The four states quietly started the combat reserve inspection, and the Russian allies noticed that they were wrong.

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Zelei is brewing a new war?The four states quietly started the combat reserve inspection, and the Russian allies noticed that they were wrong.

2022-06-24 06:05:23 10 ℃

The development of Russia and Ukraine has become an international incident so far. The United States and Europe have been providing assistance to Ukraine to support Ukraine. However, Russia has made special military operations on Ukraine with its own strength.

As a Russian ally, Belarus has been repeatedly hinted that it will be involved in the Russian -Ukraine conflict.

According to recent reports of the Global Times, Ukrainian President Zelei Sepi personally held an emergency meeting and demanded that four states near Belarus prepared for preparations.

You know, Ukraine has five states of Volon, Lovnov, Nitomir and Kyiv, and Chel Nigv's five states and Belarus, and Nigov is also bordering Russia at the same time. The four states that Zellezki had previously stated should be except the four states of Kyiv.

Belarusian Defense Director Zhu Ke once said that Belarus is preparing to defend his country. will not fight anyone or wants to attack anyone. But since the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, no one believes that Belarus can be neutral. Since the Kai -war of Russia, the Belarusian army has entered a state of preparations, and not long ago, the Southern Command has also been established. These behaviors cannot regard Belarus as a state of participating in the war.

Because the United States -led NATO's intervene in Russia and Ukraine's conflict, Belarus is very worried that Western countries will expand the front to the east. Therefore, Belarus is likely to be regarded as crackdown in the eyes.

Belarus President Kashenko said Belarus is likely to access the situation in western Ukraine in the last resort. This remark proves that Bexs do not rule out that they will send troops to western Ukraine.

Although Belarus did not directly send troops to Ukraine, because Belarusian military exercises and the cover of logistics have also provided support for Russia. Belarus also relieves Russia's pressure that must come in NATO. If Belarus is also involved in the Russian -Ukraine conflict, then Russia's firepower will increase to a certain extent, Ukraine's pressure will become more and more passive, and it will be more passive. Essence

Zelezzki's preparation for preparation for multiple states may have planned the worst result. But now because of the Russian conflict, many countries have been affected by a lot of influence, especially because of the US and European sanctions on Russia, which leads to a crisis of global energy explosion.

Ukraine should now try their best to go to peace with Russia and end the war as soon as possible. If Western countries continue to arch fire, then the Russian and Ukraine conflict may further expand, and the situation will not be controlled by that situation.

Part of the information reference source: Global Times

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