Self -rescue for 20 minutes!If there is a nuclear war in China, we must learn these "life -saving common sense"

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Self -rescue for 20 minutes!If there is a nuclear war in China, we must learn these "life -saving common sense"

2022-06-24 06:05:02 8 ℃

The earliest weapons used by humans were stone and wooden sticks. At that time, there was no obvious concept of industrial society. People could only use simple objects to make weapons to defend and protect their territory. After thousands of years of changes, the weapons used by humans have undergone major changes. Stones and wooden sticks have exited the battlefield.

The stronger the lethality of the weapon, the more nervous the human safety is. The most concerned about the nuclear war erupted in the world. According to statistics from the Stockholm Institute of International Peace, Sweden, as of 2020, the total number of nuclear bombs reserved in nine nine nuclear countries in the world was 13,400. Compared with Hiroshima atomic bombs, these nuclear bombs may have expanded hundreds of times thousands of times. If a nuclear war occurs in China, how should people save themselves?

Unsifying nuclear power

As the two largest nuclear military powers in the world, the United States and Russia have a large number of nuclear weapons and strong explosive power in their hands. The explosion of some nuclear weapons can exceed tens of millions of tons. It reached 50 million tons of TNT, while the explosion of Hiroshima atomic bomb was only about 15,000 tons of TNT. However, it is the atomic bomb with only 15,000 tons of explosive equivalent, which caused 88,000 dead on the day, and 22,000 buildings that were severely damaged.

It can be imagined that if the world has a nuclear war, the power of nuclear bomb will be a hundred and thousands of times higher than the Hiroshima atomic bomb, and it may be used to destroy the ecosystem of the entire city with only one nuclear bomb. Therefore, the famous physicist Einstein once said: "Although I don't know what kind of weapon will be used in the Third World War, I know that the Fourth World War will pick up stones and wooden sticks again."

If it seems unknown, it is actually implying that if the nuclear war erupted in the three wars, the world order may be broken and re -established. Maybe some people think that this is too exaggerated, but theoretically, this is not open to the river. The destruction of nuclear bombs is mainly concentrated on shock waves, various complex radiation, and radioactive settlements. Each harmful method can make the lively and bustling cities immediately silent.

Taking the Tsar Bomb as an example, the Russian Atomic Energy Company has released a documentary that records the Tsar bomb test explosion, which details its power after the explosion. It is reported that the fireball generated by the Tsar bomb after the explosion can be seen 1,000 kilometers away, and a huge mushroom cloud has formed after the fireball diameter reaches 30.5 kilometers. The mushroom cloud continues to spread, with a maximum diameter of about 90 kilometers.

After the experiment, people put on the protective clothing to investigate the nuclear bomb explosion, and found that the area of ​​dozens of kilometers around became scorched soil, and the thick snow disappeared at the high temperature generated by the nuclear bomb. The United States also made a data simulation on the explosion of the Tsar bomb in the city. The data shows that within the 10 -kilometer radius of the explosion center, the human survival rate is zero. Essence

Even if it is 64 kilometers, people will be burned by a shock wave formed by nuclear bombs. After the nuclear bomb explodes, the emission dust will also spread around with the air flow, so the scope of affected will be expanded to more than 1,600 kilometers, and the human and ecological environment will be transmitted. In the end, the United States also made a simulation of casualties. It was believed that only one Tsar bomb could cause more than 8 million people to die and more than 4 million people injured.

If the nuclear war is launched in this model, several nuclear bombs can make most people gather in a severe damage, and the ground building collapses, and human civilization may no longer exist. If the outbreak is a small -scale nuclear war, even if it will not be severely damaged to the continuation of human civilization, it will bring a lot of casualties. If China encounters nuclear war, what kind of "life -saving common sense" should we learn?

20 minutes of life and death contest

Each city has air defense alerts. When a nuclear weapon is found, a nuclear weapon attack alarm will sound out over the city. After hearing this sound, you can take defense measures in advance, but this time for this dodge measures in advance is only 20 20 times of dodge measures. In minutes, finding a suitable dodge in these 20 minutes is simply doing a comparison with life and death. The best place to avoid is those underground industries. The common ones are the basement, subway, underground garage and underground air prevention hole.

Many underground air defense caves are bunkers built to avoid the enemy's air strikes during wartime. They are not only large but also strong. Some air -proof caves can even accommodate tens of thousands of people. In many areas, people have also repaired the air -raid hole to store fruits, wine and summer heat. If the nuclear war comes, these places can quickly accommodate a large number of people, and the fruits stored in it can also solve the food and clothing of some people.

If there is no air -proof hole in the city, the subway is also a good asylum, and its earthquake resistance and pressure resistance are strong. The shock waves formed by the formation of nuclear bombs can be well resisted. If the subway station is relatively long or not, you cannot complete the dodge within 20 minutes, or you can hide in the underground garage or the basement. Although the space is not as large as the air -raid hole and the subway, it can keep his life when the danger is coming.

If there is no underground work around you, try to find the right bunker for hiding. It should be noted that after the nuclear bomb exploded, the ground building will be destroyed in large quantities, and the edible things will be contaminated by radioactive substances. Even after the nuclear explosion passes, people cannot come out immediately, otherwise they will be radiated by nuclear radiation and dyed each of each. Unwilling diseases.

Therefore, before determining what underground work is hiding, you must also prepare for your own energy. Because this dodge time will be long, especially in areas that are closer to the explosion center, there may be more foods to prepare. Water must be carried, otherwise it will be collapsed in the end. Of course, you must pay attention to time during the process of preparing food and water, only 20 minutes after all.

Cherish peace

If the nuclear war is really coming, the shock waves and radiations suffered from the explosion center will be more serious. If the underground work is not hard enough, the earthquake resistance and pressure resistance are not strong, it will cause a lot of damage. Even if people are prepared in advance, the scene after the nuclear war is shocking. Many people will lose their own house and will move from here to other places because of residual radiation.

These areas in the scope of nuclear radiation will gradually become uninhabited, and no one dares to step in. The terror of nuclear warfare is not only there. It even cause serious psychological damage to people who experience nuclear war and make them immerse in grief for life. Therefore, no one will want the nuclear war. Cherish peace is the respect of life and respect for the earth.