Lithuania, why do you always love "provocative" Russian bears?This will start with the experience of being "beaten"

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Lithuania, why do you always love "provocative" Russian bears?This will start with the experience of being "beaten"

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In recent years, people have always loved high -profile anti -Russia. At the same time, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which have stepped on the red line on the issues of Chinese internal affairs, are nicknamed "Three Stupid Baltic Sea".

Among them, the "three silly" "big silly" was specifically referred to -Lithuania.

From the perspective of objective conditions, Lithuania is indeed greater than the remaining "two silly" volumes, and the national identity and national belief are more strong.

Lithuanian national flag and national costume

From a historical and cultural point of view, it did have been the Eastern European power for a while in the Middle Ages.

At this time, China is in the era of the Ming Dynasty; and Russia is also called the Principality of Moscow. It is an inland country. “暴揍”;同时还要把王储送到大汗帐内作人质,将公主嫁给大汗当第N房妻子...

Stills of the Russian TV series "Golden Account Khan", Moscow's daughter Kangcha Black Princess married to Mongolian Khan scene

That was probably the 14th to 16th centuries AD. Lithuania relied on being a "home-to-door son-in-law" and once became a "decent Eastern European country".

The Lithuanian people belong to the Polo nation, with some Germanic and Slavic descent, and the culture is also deeply influenced by the two ethnic groups of the Germanic and Slavia.

But until the beginning of the 13th century, they still maintained the primitive religion that God worshiped, and did not bathe "the glory of the Lord" like the neighbors around.

Obviously, this situation has become the key "care" of the Crusaders.

In order to allow more "barbarians" to bathe the Lord, the Crusaders' "Saints" created the Lavonian Cavaliers and began to use force to "sow the gospel".

Don't look at the Catholic Church and Cross everywhere in Lithuania, but it is the last country in Europe to convert Christian

At this time, Lithuania was not a formal country. It existed in the form of a loose tribe alliance, and it was natural to deal with the Crusades.

At the critical juncture, the tribes united unexpectedly, not only successfully repelled the Crusades several times, but also established their own country -Lithuanian Grand Principality in 1236 to continue the high -profile and persistent multi -god faith.

In the mid -to -late 14th century, the Great Dragon of Lithuania also occupied a lot of Slaw's territory to the east, and even the prince of Moscow was not its opponent ...

However, at this time, its southern border killed a strong combatant Christian Crusade, a strong fighting power, and a strong temper.

The Knights of the Knights put down a ruthless words against the then Grand Principles of Lithuania -either believe in God or send you to see God!

In order to "save the country", the Grand Grand Grand Grandment came down and decided -to get married quickly.

Soon, the 34 -year -old Grand Duke Yogela initiated a violent proposal to the 11 -year -old queen of Poland, Yadevaga.

Don't look at this Queen Yedega only 11 years old, but has long been a fiance. In order to deal with the Knights of the Toyon, she resolutely abolished her marriage contract and turned to Jagala, who was more than 22 years older than herself.

Yadwiga, who touched the Bible. The background is the marriage contract of the Queen of Poland

In this way, the two combined with their respective countries, and the earliest Polish-Lithuanian Federal Federation was born.

From the perspective of our modern people, this Queen Yadega seemed to be fooled by Lithuania's "bad uncle".

After all, one is a 11 -year -old girl who has not developed her mind, and the other is a 34 -year -old mature man who has seen the wind and waves. The Lithuanian Convention will inevitably take the opportunity to gradually "Lithuania".

Hedville and Jogela

But the fact is that not only did Poland have not been "Lithuanic", but Lithuania was more "Poland".

After the marriage, the Grand Grand Grand Protesia took Lithuania to convert to Christianity and took the initiative to bathe "the glory of the Lord."

Moreover, in the Middle Ages, Polish culture has been recognized as a symbol of civilization and is the object of competing for imitation.

Therefore, in the Polish-Lithuanian Federation, Poland's cultural influence is very great. Pottery nobles all love to learn Polish and imitate the etiquette system of Polish.

Poland -Lithuanian Federal Relievers -The Red Bottom White Eagle represents the king of Poland, and the white knight symbolizes Lithuanian Grand Principality

Until the middle of the 17th century, Lithuania was linked to Poland through the ancestor who took the initiative to be a "home -to -door son -in -law" through Jagatla, and for several centuries.

Polish-Lithuanian Federal Federation is the largest territorial scope when the area is the largest

However, with the decline of Poland at the end of the 17th century, Polish-Lithuania has gradually gone.

At the end of the 18th century, after the three times of Olympic Olympics divided Poland, the Kingdom of Poland and the Great of Lithuania completely disappeared on the European map, and Lithuania was reduced to the Tsarist territory.

By the end of the 18th century, after Poland, Russia and Prussia, which were far from each other, became neighboring countries that borded to each other.

However, compared with Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania was controlled by Tsarist Russia for more than a century.

As early as the Northern War of the 17th century, under the threat of Tsarist Russia, Estonia and Latvia, which originally belonged to the Kingdom of Sweden, were forced to declare loyalty to the Tsar.

Before the Northern War, Tsarist Russia did not go out to the sea at that time

The time was once again. By November 1917, the Russian October Revolution broke out and quickly fell into a civil war. The first world war also ended.

Take the opportunity to help Germany help, and quickly announced independence before the Bolshevik army arrived. On December 12, 1917, Lithuania announced its independence and recognized Germany for its own "protection country". Unexpectedly, the Germans opened high and low in the Eastern Line. Three months later, Lithuania urgently announced that they had separated from Germany and rely on the cooperation country.

With the end of World War I, Poland in the south resumed the country again on November 11, 1918. Lithuania of the "Double Twelve" founded in the first year and Poland, who had resumed the "Double Eleven" the following year, was originally a "fit".

Europe after World War II

The more complicated situation is that in the long years of Tsarist Russia's rule, the three Baltic countries have been engaged in "national blood change".

Therefore, in the independence of the three countries, they all have a certain percentage of Russians and pro -Russian people. They are always incompatible with the Western regime at this time. They have been in contact with the Soviet Union in an attempt to establish a pro -Soviet regime.

During the same period, the Germans' concept of preaching national emotions was also very market in the three places.

At the beginning of World War II, the Soviet Union divided Poland with the Nazi Germany, engaged in the "Oriental Front", and took the opportunity to expand the boundaries to the west. Wan, formed a vast strategic buffer belt.

Faced with the Soviets who forced to the door, the three Baltic countries had to apply for the Soviet socialist family with an ultra -high approval ratio (the reported voting results exceeded 90%).

It is embarrassing that the buttocks of the Red Lithuanian regime have not been hot. In the summer of 1941, the Nazi Germans killed again.

At the beginning, some of the Lithuanians had eaten pots, as if welcoming Wang Shi to receive and serve the Germans, and regarded them as "liberators".

In November 1941, the German army in Vernis, the capital of Lithuania

However, it didn't take long for it, but gradually, the Lithuanians were stupid again -the Nazi Germans were not here to be "charity". The "liberation" of these Germans was actually the beginning of another nightmare ....

After being spoiled by the Nazis for more than three years, Lithuania and two other Baltic brothers, Estonia, Latvia, eventually shy and timid, and then ... again, they put into the embrace of the Soviet boss and were "liberated" by the Soviets again.

However, in Lithuania folks, there are still many independent organizations to say "unconvinced". They have gathered into an anti -government armed forces called "Forest Brothers", which are specially facing the Soviet and pro -Soviet forces until the tenth year of the end of the Patriotic War. Didn't be completely suppressed?

The Soviet Union after the recreation, in these three new republics to join the Republic, set up a vigorous land reform; forced the implementation of the "eight -hour work system" in urban areas; the implementation of women's right to educate and election, helping countries to achieve industrialization, etc. .. Many policies have clear progress.

As the Soviet Union to join the Republic of the Soviet Union Soviet Socialist Republic, the national emblem

However, it was too simple and rude, resulting in a large number of producers and middle and upper -level people were detained on "reactionary landlords", "reactionary capitalists", "reactionary intellectuals" and "class enemies". Great suffering -not only is the property confiscated and the citizen rights are deprived, but their families and even relatives and friends are often sitting.

At the same time, Stalin signed an order to collect collective exiles on the "unfaithful population" of the Patriotic War during the Pharaoa area.

As of 1953, when his old man died, the Soviet Union exiled about 500,000 Baltic citizens to Central Asia and Siberia, which was equivalent to one -tenth of the total population of the Three Kingdoms. Among them, Lithuania, which has the largest population, accounts for a large proportion of exile.

After Khrushchev came to power, he gradually corrected Stalin's national policy, and most of the exiles of the Three Kingdoms of the Baltic Sea were allowed to return home.

However, people who returned to their hometown through hardships found that the work was gone, and the house and property were charged. The previous life was gone.

Their national feelings were once again suffering from serious damage.

At the same time, the three Baltic countries have long been dissatisfied with the Soviet -related economic and resource distribution policies -in order to balance domestic development, the Soviet Union will make a lot of financial support to some of the poorly developed franchisees every year, and arranges developed regions to help.

At this moment, the three countries that have a relatively developed economy, especially Lithuania with the best economic conditions, are very unhappy -why do you take my money and subsidize other joining republics.

The Soviet Union's Joining Republic

Therefore, under the interweaving of all kinds of old revenge and resentment, they seem to be united in the same red under the same side, but the bottom of their hearts has already forged a beam that cannot be resolved for generations.

Lithuania is still the one with the strongest centrifugal power of the Soviet Union to join the Republic of the Soviet Union. Especially on the people, although on the surface, adults are actively joining the party, children and children have a red scarf, and they also contribute a lot of basketball talents to the Soviet sports.

Among the Soviets of the Seoul Olympics, four of the Soviets of Lithuania

But deep in their hearts, many Lithuania people have been in great hostility to the Soviet Union, especially Russians, and they have great hostility even for the construction of Lithuania for Moscow.

In August 1989, the first straw of the Soviet Union, the road of the Baltic Sea, was initiated by Lithuania. From Estonia's capital Tallinn to Lithuania's capital Vernis, more than 2 million Baltic people played the human chain to call for independence ~ Among them, Estonia 700,000, Latvia 500,000, Lithuania "contributed" 1 million people.

Baltic Road scene

In March of the following year, Lithuania first announced its independence and pushed the first Domino card to the Soviet Union.

After the independence, Lithuania began to wipe out all the marks of the Soviet Union without any effort. I can't wait to put all things related to Tsarist -Russia/Soviet Union and modern Russia. language".

In such an unfriendly environment, a large number of Russian Lithuanians have to move out one after another, coupled with the long -term blackening Soviet Union and "Russian Russia" education. Today There are some "brainless" moves in the eyes of others.

The situation of Estonia and Latvia is similar, but the lead is generally this Lithuania.

Lithuanian national dance, don't look at them, the country is the area with the highest suicide rate in Europe

In recent years, Lithuania, which is only about 65,000 square kilometers and a population of less than 2.8 million. With the power of a small country, the "two constants" of the Five Changs of the United Nations frequently provoked the United Nations ...

This is what people often tease- "The Baltic Sea Silly, Lithuania is a big silly".

But you say it's stupid, it's a bit clever -for example, the "remaining heat" of the Soviet Union rely on the "black" Soviet Union to make money.

In the past 30 years, Lithuania has been trying to erase the traces of the Soviet Union, but has fully tapped the Soviet -related tourism materials, taking the former KGB interrogation base and the land castle in the Soviet era to engage in "immersion" tourism and cosplay projects -these tourist attractions, these tourist attractions, They are very popular, and the popularity is far higher than those historical and cultural monuments from the Middle Ages.

A large number of Western tourists love to experience the Soviets, even the "excitement" of the KGB interrogation.

The "KGB theme park" rebuilt from the Soviet Union Castle is the most popular scenic spot in the country.

Moreover, these scenic spots are also selling imitation Soviet red flags, red scarves, medals, posters, red -headed documents, etc. -These things with "Soviet Symbols" and Russian, which are written elsewhere, are properly "prohibited prohibited prohibited prohibited prohibited prohibited prohibited prohibitions Product "; but to the scenic area, it has become a righteous" income project ".

There are "Soviet Symbols" and Russian logo everywhere

The Soviet Union was dead, but it was still using "residual heat" to support Lithuania's tourism industry.

Visitors are wearing large cotton clothes, red scarves, and lining up in Lithuania to experience the feeling of making "Soviets"

And this time Lithuania's "flying land" to Russia, Garinrad's "broken path" -really make Russian bears very tricky.

In the Soviet era, there was no obstacle to the traffic roots of Kalinenrad and Russia.

But since Lithuania has become a "foreign", especially after a "unfriendly" "foreign", the transit is not so smooth.

For a long time, part of the freight will take part of the sea route; others will transport railway transportation through Lithuania.

Ordinary personnel travel is flights to Belarus and Russia, or pass by train.

This time Lithuania cut off this railway line between the two places.

This is pretty excellent.

However, the Russian side is not ambiguous -you break my road, I break your anger!

Although Lithuania has been trying to get rid of Russia's energy dependence and trying to integrate into the EU energy system for so many years, it is embarrassing that the main dependencies of the entire EU energy system are Russia!

Not to mention Lithuania, even if the Germans who are still buying energy with rubles are still using the rubles, some of them are going back to the old ancestor -starting to burn the firewood ....

The EU boss Germany is still the case, and it is self -evident.

What's more, it is not just Russia.

Furthermore, Lithuania, as a NATO country, is in accordance with the principle of NATO's "offensive and defensive alliance". Once Lithuania really meets the Russian Bear Bing Rong, it has become a war in Russia and NATO members. The world war.

Obviously, those members of NATO will never give up their core interests for Lithuania. Especially those European countries were also stuck around the Russian bear's energy neck, and the original days were not good.

What they need and the most "good at" is to make the atmosphere of confrontation and in place according to the "requirements" of the leader.

Obviously, Lithuania is such a "atmosphere" role. As for the price it paid, what results get, NATO is not very concerned, as long as it is not involved in direct military conflict with Russia.

Russian bear passed by, Lithuania did not let it; can Lithuania stop it once the Russian bear takes a knife?