Yin Xiyue announced the participation in the NATO summit, emphasizing "not anti -China anti -Russia", and gave three explanations

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Yin Xiyue announced the participation in the NATO summit, emphasizing "not anti -China anti -Russia", and gave three explanations

2022-06-24 06:04:23 5 ℃

On June 23, according to reference news network reports, South Korean President Yin Xiyue announced recently that he will attend the NATO summit held in Madrid, Spain from June 29th to 30th. Anti -China anti -Russia, in addition to South Korea, NATO has invited Asia -Pacific countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand to attend the NATO Summit.

As a military alliance that was born during the Cold War, NATO did not dissolve with the disintegration of the former Soviet Union. Instead, it has experienced five expansion. At present, 30 member states have been possessed. Recently, Sweden and Finland have officially submitted to NATO. Application, South Korea has joined the NATO's network defense organization. Once Japan and South Korea joined the NATO, the military alliance will achieve a strategic transformation from Europe to Asia Pacific. Military iron curtains have a serious impact on national security and regional situation.

The intention of NATO's intention to draw the Asia -Pacific countries has long been known. In April this year, NATO held a foreign minister meeting and invited the Four Asia -Pacific countries to attend. Japan and South Korea were listed in it. US Secretary of Secretary of U.S. Subcin had already released the news and invited Kishida Wenxiong to attend the NATO summit. In May of this year, the British and Japan signed a "mutual benefit access agreement" and obtained the right of the garrison in Japan. After the United 32 countries played in the Black Navy, NATO announced at the end of June this year. Pacific Pacific Military Exercise ".

It is not difficult to see from a series of actions in NATO that this military alliance with the Cold War and confrontation is no longer satisfied with the entanglement in the Atlantic region and gradually extended its eyes to the Asia -Pacific region.

In the event of Yin Xiyue's participation in the NATO Summit, the South Korean side gave three explanations. One was based on "unity of free and democratic value", the second was to expand the foundation of security cooperation, and the third was to respond to the new type of security challenges. "No anti -anti -Chinese anti -Russia" is more like the routine of the "Shalvin model", that is, one set, because South Korea is currently discussing the deployment of the "Sad" system. The United States has formed a "chip alliance", and Yin Xiyue even proposed to join the "Sifang Safety Dialogue" in the United States, Japan, India, and Australia. On June 22, South Korea announced that it would set up a South Korean delegation in Brussels.

The three explanations given by the South Korean side are more like diplomacy. The real reason is the Peninsula issue. Previously, North Korea's many test -fire missiles panicked South Korea and hurriedly held military exercises with the United States. In the case, South Korea's active approach to NATO is undoubtedly seeking greater security dependence, but it is unwise to join NATO at this time whether it is South Korea or Japan.

Although NATO stipulates that "any parties to be attacked should be regarded as an attack on all member states, and the parties will make a collective reaction." It seems to have a certain protective role in Japan and South Korea. Defense Treaty, there are a large number of U.S. garrison in South Korea, and the United States has military command, while Japan and the United States have signed the "Japan -US Security Treaty". The United States is the biggest reliance on national defense between Japan and South Korea.

Regardless of Japan or South Korea, although the situation is tight, there is no worry about war. On the other hand, NATO is now at the forefront of Russia and Ukraine. With Lithuania's blockade of Russia's "Flying Earth" Kalinrad, the situation in Eastern Europe is even more tense. Japan If South Korea joins NATO at this time, it is undoubtedly "jumping into the fire pit", which will be sent more responsibilities and obligations, and will directly face the risk of war.

Regarding the issue of NATO expansion, China has already said that it is first.

In May of this year, Zhang Jun, a Chinese representative in the United Nations, pointed out that NATO, as the history of the History of the Cold War, we will not forget the incident of bombing the Chinese Embassy in South China. The spokesman of the ministry, Zhao Lijian, clearly pointed out: NATO has disrupted Europe. Don't try to mess with Asia again and mess around the world.