The Ukraine officer ordered a combat tank, and the front line soldiers fled to protect their lives, and no one wanted to fight hard with the Russian army.

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The Ukraine officer ordered a combat tank, and the front line soldiers fled to protect their lives, and no one wanted to fight hard with the Russian army.

2022-06-24 06:05:17 7 ℃


According to CCTV's latest news, with the increasingly fierce offensive of the Russian army in northern Donbas, the overall defense situation of the Ukrainian army in the region has become increasingly endangered. Local media in Ukraine said that the Kievi authorities and the Ukraine Supreme Commissioner Can't contact or command many front -line grass -roots troops located in the war.

According to media reports, the 8th Battalion of the 10th Mountain Brigade of the Ukraine Elite Forces stationed in Celesk's Ukraine Published on social media stated on social media saying that he would no longer accept the command of the Ukraine Command. Immediately afterwards, the 2nd Battalion of the 79th Air Commando of the Ukrainian army and soldiers soldiers also chose to escape the battlefield and no longer accept the order of the Ukraine. It is reported that these soldiers from the 79th Air Commando said they were not deserters, and they fled the battlefield mainly to save their lives.

About 50 soldiers in the video were frustrated. A grass -roots commander said that the Chiefs of Shangfeng asked these soldiers to dig out trenches in the forest area. Some soldiers complained that due to the sudden incident, the urgent order caused them to set off without even the bayonet. Some soldiers said, "We persisted for 6 days. At this time, we did not get any artillery support in the forest area. The chief asked us to attack the tanks of the Russian. Do not choose to violate the military order. "

What made these Ukraine soldiers most angry is that after the failure of the defense operation, the Russian army broke through the Ukraine Forest Defense System in the last moment. Some Wu Army soldiers claimed, "Now we have no commander, no radio, no superior order. If we do not evacuate, we may die in the trench. The right to continue. "

Analysts pointed out that most soldiers of the 79th air assault brigade of the Ukrainian Army are currently stationed in the forest area between Ijuehum and Slavzank, and some are stationed in the south of Sikhon Sikh. No matter what, a large number of soldiers have escaped from the battlefield at present, indicating that the Russian army prepared for a long time, which constituted a great killing ability against the Wuxian Workers of the Ukraine Defense Forces. Before the attack of the offensive forces, the Ukraine's position had been shot by many rounds of Russian army. The frontline troops had heavy casualties, and the combat effectiveness was too large.

Recently, a series of mutations and escapes of the Ukraine once again proved the correctness of another external inference, that is, the Ukraine's current logistics supply at the front of Donbas has basically been cut off, including Slavzancusk to Liccoon Sikh. Among the more than 20,000 defenders between them, ammunition supplies and tight combat units that supply and supplies are about 90%of their troops. Multiple videos show that the food supply of the Ukraine's defense front has been seriously issues. Some soldiers have to eat moldy bread and potatoes to maintain their vital signs. The analysis pointed out that these videos actually reflected the overall situation of the current Ukraine on the Donbas battlefield, which is getting closer and closer to the overall collapse.