Wu will face dismembers!Putin received an application, and President Wu had no choice, and Biden did not expect

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Wu will face dismembers!Putin received an application, and President Wu had no choice, and Biden did not expect

2022-06-24 06:05:12 8 ℃

Vice Chairman of the Hermusong State Government of Ukraine said that the national referendum will be held to decide whether to join Russia.

Since Russia launched special military operations on Ukraine, Ukraine has been won by the Russian army after an important strategic place, which has completely seized control, making the situation more unfavorable to Ukraine. Among them, Hermuson was earlier because Russia won earlier. It has now returned to a peaceful and stable life, and the panic of the people has disappeared. It is reported that Herong has formed a new government, and even began to use Russia's rubles for transactions. It seems that it is an iron -hearted to join Russia.

Zelei Sky has previously issued a warning that if Russia wants to sit down with Ukraine, in addition to ensuring that the lives of the people in the Ace Steel Factory are not threatened, they need to return all the land of Ukraine and be controlled by the Russian army. The area cannot be referendum, and the Russian army will be withdrawn from Ukraine's land. It can be said that Zelianzki's request has no sincerity to talk to Russia at all, and Russia does not have too much attention. In particular, the conditions of the Asian Steel Factory are no longer existing now, and this area has been completely won by the Russian army, and all the staff of the Asia Ski Steel Factory surrendered.

Putin received an application

Now that Zeelianki is most worried about what happens, Ukraine will face dismetion, Putin has received an application, and the President Ukraine has no choice but to stop it. Biden did not expect. Sterremov stated that he would conduct a referendum of the whole people, so as to decide whether to let Holson join Russia. As early as the end of last month, Sterremov also said that he would not hold a referendum for the time being. The main task was All order recovery. Now that the order of this area has been restored, Russia's rubles have been fully unblocked in the region, and people must accept two currencies for transactions at the same time.

Seeing that everything began to step on track, Hermone naturally began to prepare for the issue of referendum, but the specific time has not been disclosed at present. Now in some places in Hermuson, the Ukrainian flag has been replaced, and the national flag of Russia has been promoted. It also stated that Russia has come to Heruson. They will not return to Ukraine. It can be seen that this time I really want to join Russia. Heruson is the largest agricultural state in Ukraine and has rich resources. Ukraine, as a major global exporter in the world, once Hulson has really poured into Russia, it has a great blow to Ukraine, and it will also suffer heavy losses in terms of economy.

The attitude of Holson officials

The most important thing is that Russia has now opened the road to Crimea to Crimea, which means that normal trade can be carried out between the two parties. Under such circumstances, Hermuson does not intend to return to return to the back to return. In Ukraine, it seems that it is better to join Russia than in Ukraine. At least the prospects of Russia's development are greater. Safety and other aspects are more guaranteed. It is much better than the Western colonies. Ukraine is used by Western countries, and it is not like a country with sovereignty, which makes Hulson officials more disappointed with it.

Officials from Hermuson also said that they did not intend to referery into an independent country, but intended to join the Federation of Russia. In order to be better to Russia, they also formulated specific development plans. It will not deviate from the main purpose of Russia itself. Joining Russia is out of voluntary, without any compulsory properties.