The four nations of Defa Luo persuaded the Four Kingdoms to surrender Kyiv, and Zelei cried!Putin

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The four nations of Defa Luo persuaded the Four Kingdoms to surrender Kyiv, and Zelei cried!Putin

2022-06-24 06:04:12 4 ℃

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According to the latest news, French President Macron, German Chancellor, Tsoles, Italian Prime Minister Delagi and Romanian President Johnnis arrived in Kyiv to first visit Ukraine after the outbreak of Russia. When these four European leaders interview, the Ukrainian army is resisting Russia's attack. This seems to be a timely attentive agent for Zelezzki. Ukraine needs more military assistance, funds and Europe. Promise to Russia's increase in sanctions. However, Zellezki may be disappointed with the specific results of the meeting. On the surface, the meeting was supported by Ukraine, but it was actually trying to persuade Kyiv to surrender.

The Leaders of the EU's four countries hope that Zelleiski can make concessions

During the visit, the leaders of the four countries stated that they would increase their support and assistance to Ukraine, but there were few specific measures. For French President Macron, he is the leader of the strongest military country in the four countries. He said he would reinforce a batch of 6 "Caesar" car howitzers in Ukraine. But for the Ukrainian military, it is just a lot of money. France, Germany, Italy, and Romanian leaders given Zellezki's biggest benefit in talks, probably to agree to make Ukraine a candidate for EU. But such a consensus is only symbolic, and Ukraine's economic status may not be able to change the dilemma of Ukrainian military.

In addition, according to German media reports, the leaders of the four countries allow Ukraine to become EU candidates, and the conditions are that Ukraine must restart negotiations with Russia. In fact, the details of the shaking hands with the leaders of the four countries after the meeting showed that only Zeleiski was locking alone, which became clear with his expressions of meeting US Secretary of Defense Austin and Secretary of State Brillings. Comparison.

We have reason to think that Zelezzki is very dissatisfied with Europe's "false aid, really harmonious" attitude, so that he looks depressed after the meeting. It is worth noting that the NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg issued a deep statement on the Ukrainian issue earlier, saying that "peace is possible, but it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice, including territory and sovereignty ..." The conclusion is that it is NATO is tired of supporting the war in Ukraine, hoping that Ukraine will make concessions to Russia in exchange for peace. In a sense, the visit of the leaders of the four Italy is similar to this.

Russia launched a fierce attack

Just when the four European countries visited Ukraine, the situation inside and outside the battlefield was changing. On the battlefield, the Russian army continued to strengthen its offense against the Donbass region, and the Ukrainian army seemed to be more difficult to resist. Another town in Norton Azk fell in a fierce battle. The Russian army occupied the town of Merjechnet in the southeast of the city, making the Nortston Asck the last stronghold in Ukraine in the East Rugusk area. At the same time, the Russian army attacked Ukraine in the command post of Ukraine in Dnieberlo Peter Riffsk with the "caliber" cruise missile earlier, killing "more than 50 generals and officers." These actions show that Russian President Putin will end Donbas's battle in the next few weeks.

Outside the battlefield, European countries also face new resistance from Putin. According to Reuters and German media reports, Russia's natural gas exports to Germany fell by 60%within two days, and the supply of natural gas in France has stopped, which rapidly exacerbated the German natural gas supply crisis. Although Russian officials stated that this phenomenon was "delayed in the maintenance of gas turbines." But it is clear that this is a direct warning to the EU. Putin is actually reminding Europeans to annoy Russia. On the battlefield, the Ukrainian army is now at a disadvantage. On the outside, European countries are worried about a direct conflict with Russia, and they are threatened by Russia's natural gas. In general, the situation is changing towards Russia. If Putin can seize this opportunity, it will win a decisive victory in Donbas in the next few weeks.

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