Who would be the first member of NATO in the Asia -Pacific?Kishida will attend the NATO Summit, and the sword of the three kingdoms refers to China

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Who would be the first member of NATO in the Asia -Pacific?Kishida will attend the NATO Summit, and the sword of the three kingdoms refers to China

2022-06-24 06:04:51 8 ℃

Biden announced the establishment of the "Indo -Pacific Economic Framework" when he visited Asia, and also held the "Sifang Summit" in Japan. In order to further have a good relationship with the United States, Kishida Wenxiong has decided to go to Spain to participate in the NATO Summit held at the end of this month.

Japan is not a member of NATO, but it is regarded by NATO as a "partner country", and the two sides have extensive cooperation in military. The previous NATO Foreign Minister Summit, as a non -NATO member state, the Japanese Foreign Minister was invited to attend the Foreign Minister's Association. The matter caused heated discussions at the time. Many people believe that Japan may join NATO in the future.

It was a Japanese foreign minister before and is now the prime minister of Japan. It seems that the relationship between Japan and NATO is really unusual.

Although the Cold War has ended, NATO's product of the Cold War continued to expand, continuously absorbing new member states, which seriously endangered the safety of the country.

Ukraine sought to join NATO to ignite the fuse of Russia and Ukraine, and Finland and Sweden's application for joining NATO also made Russia deeply feel uneasy.

The Secretary -General of NATO and the British Foreign Minister said that it is necessary to promote the globalization of NATO to make it a global military organization. The US Defense Minister Austin also said that NATO's door will always open to new members.

Judging from the signs of NATO's global strategy and Japanese frequent interaction with Japan, it is not impossible to join NATO in Japan.

On the occasion of the NATO Foreign Minister Summit, the Secretary -General of NATO said that he would consider incorporating the "China Challenge" into the new version of NATO's strategic concept.

Prior to this, NATO's number one goal was Russia, and all actions were carried out around Russia. But now that Russia is declining, the United States believes that Russia is not worthy of being its own opponent, so most of them focus on China and regard China as the "number one challenge" in the United States.

As we all know, NATO is a tool for dominating the world in the United States, and NATO actions serve the strategic goals of the United States. As the US strategic focus moved to the Asia -Pacific, NATO also extended the tentacles to Asia Pacific.

Japan is an hardcore allies in the Asia -Pacific in the United States and an important executor of the "Indo -Pacific Strategy" in the United States. As long as the United States agrees, Japan joins NATO such as Shunshui.

Of course, the United States' allies in Asia -Pacific are not only one in Japan. In addition to Kishida Wenxiong, leaders of South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia also plan to go to Spain to attend the NATO summit.

In the previous NATO Foreign Minister Summit, the Foreign Minister of the Three Kingdoms of South Korea and New Australia was also invited to attend the summit.

It is worth mentioning that New Zealand and Australia are members of the "Five Eye Alliance", and Australia is a member of the "Sifang Safety Dialogue". Both organizations are dominated by the United States, with obvious anti -China colors. They say that they are anti -China clubs Not too much.

In addition, although South Korea has not joined these military organizations, it was the first to join the NATO Cyber ​​Defense Center before grabbing Japan, becoming the first Asian member country in the organization, and it was half a threshold for NATO.

Therefore, among the Asia -Pacific allies in the United States, who can be the first to become a official member of NATO is really not allowed.

However, at present, Japan is the most active.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to attend the NATO Summit, Kishida Wenxiong intends to hold a small meeting with the leaders of the three countries of South Korea, deepen cooperation, and promote the "free and open Indo -Pacific" concept.

Although there is no name for China, the so -called "free and open Indo -Pacific" concept is to fight against China.

Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" said that in recent years, China's influence in the Pacific island country has increased day by day. In response to China, they will also resolutely oppose the current situation of changing the status quo of the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

Judging from the Japanese media reports, the coming of the leaders of the New Australian leaders of Japan and South Korea is not good. The sword refers to China and is full of hostility.

Japanese media also bluntly stated that if the talks between the leaders of Japan and South Korea can be held smoothly, it will become a new framework in Asia Pacific.

The four countries of the United States, Japan, India and Australia have formed the "Asian version of NATO" to curb China. If the four countries in Japan and South Korea and India and Australia have a new framework for China, the situation of the Asia Pacific situation will become more dangerous. China's rise is really "stressful mountains". Essence

For a series of unfriendly actions against China in the near future, China has long warned Japan to persuade them not to take shuddering for others, maintain strategic autonomy, and should not walk on the road of the Japan -US alliance. Japanese relations can make the road wider and wider.

Regarding the Chinese warning, I hope that Japan will not have a deaf ears, and it will be improper, otherwise all the consequences will be borne by themselves, and then regret it later.