Zhu Yangai: Russian navy commander in the aircraft carrier Liaoning ship board is Chinese beyond feeling

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Zhu Yangai: Russian navy commander in the aircraft carrier Liaoning ship board is Chinese beyond feeling

2016-11-09 19:05:46 1276 ℃

November 5th, China is a friendly visit to the Russian navy commander in chief Korolev, led the Russian Navy delegation boarded the Chinese Navy Liaoning ship to visit, and the Liaoning ship and the officers and men of the exchange. Visiting Russian naval commander in chief Korolev and his party also visited the Beihai fleet, PLA Navy Submarine Academy.

In recent years, Sino Russian naval relations more closely, more and more broad areas of cooperation, the level of field coordination, such as combat exercises, fleet communication, maritime forces action planning, sea meet liaison collaboration, collaborative joint task force on the high seas, logistics cooperation etc.. A good relationship between the two navies and Russia at present, is an important support for comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia, the two sides for a year, there are two major maritime common joint action, highlighting the particularity and importance of the relationship between the two navies.

Liaoning ship is China Navy's first aircraft carrier, is the former Soviet Navy unfinished Varyag, Russian navy is the only aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" sister ship. The Russian navy commander for the first time on a line already "recognition" Liaoning ship, there must be a lot of emotion, we look at the past and present Liaoning ship.

Liaoning ship is how to come, when the boiler is blasting, the main shaft is cut it?

Liaoning ship is Chinese Navy's first aircraft carrier, is the former Soviet Navy unfinished varyag. The Varyag is a large conventional powered aircraft carrier. The shape is tall and mighty, the Soviet warship typical style. It takes 4 steam turbine and 4 steam boiler as the power, and the 4 axle and 4 propeller and double rudder propulsion. The use of a ski jump take-off deck, 4 aircraft landing ships are arranged in the middle of arresting cable and 1 emergency stop network. The bridge is located on the right side of the flight deck of island type construction, before and after each have a hangar deck / elevator.

In 80s, the Varyag was built by the Soviet army in the Black Sea Ukraine nicholass shipyard. In December 25, 1991, the Soviet Union declared disintegration, "Varyag" still slipway, progress of construction 68%. Ukraine was unable to build, so decided to auction. In 1999, the Macao company in a bid to $20 million bought the Varyag scrap metal prices. Claimed to be converted into a large marine recreational platform. In July 1999, the tug in tow, the Varyag left the Black Sea Shipyard, embarking on a long voyage China. During the period after many twists and turns, through the specific intervention of state power, the Varyag, which lasted for 4 years in March 3, 2002 finally arrived in Dalian Port Chinese. On the second day, a law firm in Macao has cancelled its business license......

The Varyag to Chinese road map: Ukraine nicholass Black Sea Shipyard ----> northern Turkey sea (twists and turns) ----> Strait of Bosporus ----> ----> ----> the Dardanelles; Aegean Sea; Mediterranean ----> in the Strait of Gibraltar ----& gt; the Atlantic ----> Canary Islands via Las Palmas ----> Cape of Good Hope ----> Africa into India ocean; ----> Mozambique Maputo ----> February 5, 2002 through the Malacca Strait ----> February 11, 2002 arrived in Singapore in February 12th to enter the South China Sea off the coast of ----> China. In March 3, 2002, the grueling "Varyag finally arrived in Dalian, over a range of 15200 nautical miles, time-consuming 4 years of arduous voyage.

After the Varyag arrived in Dalian was quiet, this is because from the beginning of 2002 to 2005, China Navy and the shipbuilding industry of the Varyag was thoroughly thorough investigation and technology, the construction of demonstration, preparation of the carrier development plan. Chinese Navy Varyag ship that completion rate of 68%, the hull structure intact, combat system has not been installed, although some equipment was damaged, but the lack of maintenance and natural damage in transit, do not belong to the organized destruction. According to the corrosion degree of the hull of the assessment, with construction conditions, can continue to serve for decades. The power system is intact, the Chinese on the ship's steam turbine, reducer and other equipment to re overhaul and maintenance, to restore the original state of technology. The original Ukraine in the construction of the ship has not yet installed equipment, the domestic organization of the power of the new development. The Chinese construction, in order to gain a real combat aircraft carrier, and the legend is not what the network training ship.

In April 26, 2005 the Varyag in dock, started construction and transformation. The first sea trial in August 10, 2011, in September 2012 September 25th officially delivered China Navy into the column, and named USS Liaoning, become the Navy's first aircraft carrier Chinese equipment. Since the 1988 launch date, the Varyag spent 20 years of groundless talk, from the first aircraft carrier Varyag to Chinese, tortuous experience has become a true portrayal of China decades seeking carrier.

Liaoning warship event:

In August 2005, the predecessor of Liaoning ship Varyag to China Navy standard naval grey. In barges, refit work started.

In August 2009, the Navy launched the formation of aircraft carrier landing force.

July 27, 2011, the Chinese Ministry of defense for the first time confirmed that the current transformation of an abandoned aircraft carrier platform for research and training.

In September 25, 2012, Liaoning ship formally handed out.

October 12, 2012 - 30 day, Liaoning ship into the column after the test for the first time to.

November 11, 2012 - 25, Liaoning ship second sea trials completed annihilates -15 aircraft landing flight training.

In February 26, 2013, for the first time on sea weapon test Liaoning ship, the first aircraft carrier docked in Qingdao naval base.

9 June 2013 - July 3rd, Liaoning ship sea trial success of carrier based fighter f -15 for the first time in flight training, the first multi machine short ski jump takeoff, China's first carrier based fighter pilots and naval commanders through the carrier qualification certification.

September 21st - August 15, 2013, Liaoning ship after the longest duration of service, the longest voyage of a sea trial.

November 2013, Liaoning ship starting from Qingdao, went to the South China Sea for a period of 47 days of comprehensive training. Chinese navy to the USS Liaoning as editor of the group of large ocean carrier battle groups, battle group set nearly 20 various types of vessels. This is since the end of the cold war, in addition to the United States Navy outside the Western Pacific region's largest single maritime force build-up exercise, marking the beginning of the Liaoning aircraft carrier has the ability to combat the formation of the sea.

Liaoning received a number of visiting foreign ships

Russian navy commander ship to visit Liaoning for the first time, not foreign boarding. Since the Liaoning ship service, there are a number of national military high-level visits to China have visited Liaoning ship. In addition to the French Navy chief of staff, the commander of the Malaysia Navy and the German Navy inspector general, the United States has a number of senior officials and senior generals visited the Liaoning ship. This includes the U.S. Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel and served as chief of naval operations before and after the two Greenert and Richardson.

In April 2014, U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel's visit to China the first stop to visit Liaoning ship, became the first foreign visitors boarded Liaoning ship. Then, in July 2014, the United States Navy operations minister Greenert also boarded the Liaoning ship. In July 2015, the US Navy, Admiral Richardson visited Chinese, during a visit to the route and the Russian navy commander China visited the same course, is to visit Beihai Fleet ships, access to the main base and part of the PLA Navy Submarine Academy of Chinese PLA, and visit China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship.

According to the United States Navy annual communication plan, October 19, 2015, the United States Navy long delegation to visit Liaoning navy ship, and with the Chinese crew training management, personnel training, medical security, crew life and multiple carrier development strategy of the theme of the interaction. This is the first time the U.S. military command line for the first time to visit China, is also the first time the Liaoning ship first line commanders open.

In April 7, 2014, U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel visited the China first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, this is the "Liaoning ship" since September 26, 2012 into the first column welcoming foreign officers boarding.

In April 3, 2015, the French Navy chief of Staff Admiral Bernard · Seoul China Roget arrived in March 30th for a friendly visit, visited the Beihai fleet and the PLA Navy Submarine Academy. The second day Bernard · Seoul will visit China Roget Navy's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship aircraft carrier hangar, and inspected the Navy Honor Guard Chinese.

At the beginning of China when the ship aircraft carrier Varyag with dilapidated rust

Aircraft carrier is a symbol of national strength, scientific and technological level and military strength. China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship is not a simple imitation of the Varyag, reflects the Chinese shipbuilding industry, aviation industry and Chinese naval capability. Liaoning ship through the visit, Russia can understand the level of development of the Chinese navy. You can detect ship borne equipment advanced, ship maintenance level, by watching the crew's daily training, see Chinese Navy officers and men of the mental state and the overall fighting capacity, according to a series of observed details to form their own China naval combat capability of the most intuitive judgment. In other words, the Russians know Chinese close naval capability.

The ship design has been ignored for a long time when the occupant comfort, to combat voyage. In Kuznetsov, due to insufficient power supply capacity, many regions is very cold, the internal space is cramped, not suitable for long-term stay, the crew is not love its internal environment. Some people even without permission to buy electric oven on board to heating, bring a great security risk. And the three layer of the crew cabin layout, space is small. Russian Navy visited some of the cabins of the ship after Liaoning said that your design is too good, if I choose, certainly not back to our ship.

The main task of combat aircraft has two, one is in the local area air superiority perform combat missions, two is to carry out strategic deterrence in some countries. China carrier has the ability of these two, as in the US aircraft carrier through the usual form of deterrence in the local cruise. A mature aircraft carrier formation according to different operations, such as air defense, anti submarine, anti-ship firepower programming, different configuration, after security configuration. In this process, the aircraft carrier fighter aircraft, helicopters, helicopter anti submarine early warning can be effectively combined, but also the formation and other ships formed a good combination. It takes a long time to run in and adjust the process, to conduct a long time formation cooperative training.

China's aircraft carrier project development speed is far beyond expectations, the western countries and even Russia by its experience of the project schedule is completed by the one and a reality broke. The United States and Russia thought Liaoning ship after the service, Chinese will spend a lot of time to learn how to operate the aircraft carrier, the China in a relatively short period of time, in less than three years to complete the landing, fleet training and combat scenario with combat training subjects, training nearly 40 aircraft pilots, the rapid formation of a fighting force.

In August this year, the Liaoning public ship latest picture, neatly arranged on deck 8 fighters -15.

At present, the world is improved, the use and maintenance of the best Soviet style vessels in Chinese, for example after the two continued construction of the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier ship, 4 Modern destroyers converted, 12 ships 877EKM and 636M kilo class submarines, the main combat elements of these ships have been refitted in a large number of supporting and China sea with the original model, quasi country has been completely different.

At present, the world is improved, the use and maintenance of Soviet Naval Weapons are the best in China, such as KH-31 anti radiation missile and pappataci supersonic anti-ship missile is developed based on the eagle 12 missiles, missile to the club as the foundation of the development of the 18 speed double eagle anti-ship missiles, anti submarine anti-ship torpedo Russian type series, music Taiwan the horizon radar, 76 mm gun, red sea 9/16 missile.

Russia is currently the only aircraft carrier Kuznetsov from the service on the accident, in recent years, the status of the Russian Navy's aircraft carrier training level also can not catch up with the aircraft carrier technology has just mastered china. Last month, the Russian Navy USS Kuznetsov hurry to end the formation of minor repairs, went to Syria to the Mediterranean Sea to perform IS armed combat tasks in a road from the Murmansk Strait - way North Atlantic and the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, closely monitoring and tracking the NATO naval navy found Kuznetsov, European countries always chimney black smoke, this has been a problem of power system of the ship, need to accept a thorough transformation. Liaoning ship after the Chinese shipbuilding industry and the Chinese Navy's meticulous research and development and maintenance of the ship's steam turbine unit in the best condition, known as the Navy's best steam turbine unit.

A group of Liaoning ship aircraft carrier with the missile training picture exposure in the Navy magazine, to participate in the training of fighter -15 with the missile flight, including two bomb: combat missile and distance interception projectile for multi fighters -15 aircraft on the deck.

In April 2016, the first generation of -15 China aircraft fighters in Liaoning ship deck short distance continuous takeoff photos of the scene is very shocking.

The Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Far East Institute researcher Vasily · at the first month; Kashin said, Chinese is already a global economic power, do everything in military construction, the Russian Navy didn't have the money to do, the technology also can not be achieved. China is building an ocean going fleet capable of projecting its forces to the world, and their aircraft carrier plan is just the tip of the iceberg. With a lot of money in China is becoming a global naval power, the future will be able to send ships to other continents coast, the real impact on the situation there. The Russian navy is the main There is not much left. Soviet legacy. Even in the coastal waters of Syria, which is relatively close to Russia, it is also required to make surface vessels. China's surface fleet has been far more than Russia, the future is only inferior to the United States navy.

After the Russian navy commander for a boarding, see the new state of Liaoning ship, this is really the owners changed. If your girl of the year, because can not afford, infancy to others, now completed playfully princess. Estimated that there will be people tears trickling down cheeks. After the Russian Navy boarded Liaoning ship aircraft carrier, see China maintenance so perfect, will ping natural heart, the near future, we cannot exclude Russia's Kuznetsov into the Chinese for upgrading equipment overhaul and a two-year may.