79 red dozen to beat 1 rifle: China new submachine gun fight melee without replacement cartridges

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79 red dozen to beat 1 rifle: China new submachine gun fight melee without replacement cartridges

2016-12-04 06:49:21 815 ℃

I have been in the country's military main submachine gun is type 79 submachine gun, submachine gun is the advantage of this light, actually it is not what advantages. The police are bus operations, if because of weight loss and reduced performance, is actually not necessary, it is not needed.

The other is the 79 type of assault rifle shot accuracy is relatively high, 50 meters away from the firing accuracy is more than the pistol. But the problem is that the single shot firing accuracy, in fact, the effect is not. If you engage in single precision, direct to take a short automatic rifle is not better?

Assault rifle is in the near distance, in the room, in the street corner of the fire to suppress opponents, single accuracy of actual combat is not. If the scouts, or pilots use bullet SWAT clip is too small, maybe the type 79 submachine gun is a submachine gun in the world mainstream loading capacity at least a submachine gun.

Moreover, the most prominent of the type 79 submachine gun is the shortcomings of the reliability, the failure rate is very high, the drug in Pingyuan, more than 10 type 79 submachine gun is also very difficult to suppress the other 1 of the 56 type automatic rifle, and more than 79 submachine gun fault.

Therefore, Chinese now launched 4 cartridges and 50 type 05 submachine gun. Single gun when no smoke bursts of flame, when only a small amount of smoke, a silencer design, equipped with the white light / low light level sight and laser pointer.

Therefore, in the actual combat, you can use the modern special gun aiming at shooting tactics. Can also use modern special straps to carry and use guns. In addition, the clip is a bullet, can on multiple targets for the first time, continuous shooting.

One can only change the magazine and cut down on a handful of goals, we must consider the problem of bullet reserves. This is very important in every second of life, even if the indoor melee, so the gun a little weight, actually is not a big problem.

This kind of high strength gun in indoor melee, especially SWAT anti terrorist combat, I think most people would rather than the weight of 1 kg, also want to carry a submachine gun with 50 bullets, not 20 bullets submachine gun.

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