Shock revealed: the Chinese Navy's worst 361 submarine incident

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Shock revealed: the Chinese Navy's worst 361 submarine incident

2017-05-14 19:27:39 10209 ℃

In April 16th 14 years ago, the conventional submarine Chinese navy ship 035G Ming - modified on more than 70 soldiers in a few minutes all at the expense of their fighting positions. What happened to the submarine that day?......

An unidentified submarine that was painted dead

14 years ago in the spring, at the press's appointment, I was planning to write a book that reflects the growth of the submarine fleet in the new china. Just as I began to interview submarine officers and men, I encountered 361 submarine incidents.

I remember in the interview of a marine area, a Navy petty officer first approached 361 submarines on the scene to me:

He had served in Beihai fleet water area of a surface ship. In April 26th four pm, his brigade received a notice in my defense base, a submarine floating in the sea, the situation is unknown. The brigade sent 611 and 622 boats to investigate.

Rushed to the scene of the accident -- Bohai and the Yellow Sea at the junction of the Changshan Islands, the day has blackish, the submarine hull number has been coated die, do not see any submarine.

They report the situation to the superior, and the superior analysis may be a submarine of Japan or South korea. Then the boat immediately sounded the alert, entered a state of combat readiness, all personnel weapons are loaded.

The two boats turned around the submarine for about two hours and found nothing in the boat. It was late and had to signal the submarine to see what the submarine was going to do. The superior ordered them to stand watch and wait for reinforcements.

At the time they guessed that the superior might be trying to capture the submarine.

Gross miscarriage of Justice

An old leader who was working in the Beihai fleet told me more about it:

After receiving the standoff found unidentified submarine fleet report, immediately ask the subordinate department and the brothers have in this sea submarine fleet, the answer is No. The result is"An unidentified submarine was found in my watersReported to the navy.

Subsequently, the Beijing naval headquarters once again asked: "in the end is not the Beihai fleet submarine?"

The Beihai fleet categorically denied.

According to the Convention: we are judged not to be a submarine of our country or a foreign submarine intruded into our territorial waters. So the Navy communicated the situation to the foreign ministry.

The invasion of China's territorial sea by the submarine was a major diplomatic event. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference second days ago to protest a country. The navy was also asked to go further.

Then, a head of the Beihai headquarters of the working group led to further verification of the marine area. But the working group arrived, police district first for the heads of honor, subordinates take ships to the area......

However, the crew rushed to the accident area did not embark on the boat, the report is still unknown submarine, the report was signed by the head of the command, reported to the navy. Later, the Navy reported to the foreign office.

When the report was handed in, the head of the Beihai Fleet Command felt a bit insecure and asked the members of the working group to ask them if they had been on board The answer is: no..

Command chief ordered the ship, immediately rushed to the accident area.

When they boarded the submarine, only to find out: This is our navy's 361 submarine! At this point, all officers and men have all sacrificed in their posts, the log was set in April 16th.

What is incredible is that..:The submarine was intact and the officers and men were serene and without trace of struggleNot even a single expression of pain on his face.

No one on the scene was able to explain the cause, and some even suspected it was a mysterious affair.

How did the "361 boat" tragedy happen?

70 soldiers were killed, live without any scars, who all want to know, but who do not know the boat 361 what happened?

It was the worst accident since the people's navy was formed. The head of the Military Commission was enraged, and ordered the No. 361 submarine to be towed back to Lushun base immediately to trace the cause of the accident.

Later, the notification of the accident investigation team restored the final time of the 361 submarines:

No. 361 submarine is a conventional powered submarine, also known as a diesel electric submarine. It relies on diesel engines and batteries to ensure power. The battery charging needs to start the diesel engine, while the gasoline and diesel engines need a lot of oxygen to operate.

On that day in April 16th, 361 submarine battery runs out of power, the submarine periscope will float to the distance, periscope and ventilation tube above the sea, start charging routine. But when the sea wind waves, sea water into the ventilation pipe, the valve automatically closes to prevent the lead pipe submarine sank.

At this point, the operating diesel engine did not stop, still in a large number of oxygen absorption. In just 2 minutes, all the oxygen in the boat was empty, and 70 officers suffered a terrible suffocating in a moment.

The oxygen depleted moment of suffocation, mechanical asphyxia is different from the neck, is the silent killer. The sudden loss of oxygen, the first 1 minutes, there was the state, that is out of breath, then feel stivy serious and rapid heartbeat, it is difficult to find out what was the matter. After about 1 minutes, the patient rapidly suffocated, lost consciousness, and developed shock symptoms.

Starting from suffocation, about 2 to 3 minutes, the basic death is undoubtedly.

And my comrades who have been on the submarine for many years have confirmed the credibility of the result. He said at the time, in fact, the cause of the 361 boat accident is not complicated, there are two main:

First, submarine equipment is defective. For conventional submarine charging there are security risks, which is clearly known to all military affairs. As a potential risk prevention technology, it is not difficult to solve, as long as the simple detection of oxygen in the boat, once the standard lower than the risk of automatically shutting down the diesel engine, or at least alarm. Unfortunately, submarine No. 361 has no such equipment at all.

Second, submarine officers and men have errors. During normal charging, as long as the engine is started, make sure that the air pipe is open. When the diesel engine is working, it is better to seal the engine compartment to prevent damage to the whole boat. If the situation is found, the operator will stop the diesel engine in the shortest possible time and ventilate it. Unfortunately, none of these 361 submarines did so, and even drowned.

Two unconfirmed conjectures

Why is it painted dead?

From the usual analysis, go to other countries to carry out maritime reconnaissance mission, the flag number painted dead, is the practice of national navy. The 361 submarine was most likely to carry out a secret reconnaissance training mission overseas, when the Chinese Navy submarine force often carried out such a task.

During the Sino US collision, a strategic submarine of the Chinese Navy even came to the west coast of the United States to play a deterrent role.

Why keep radio silent?

If the 361 submarine is carrying out an overseas reconnaissance mission, it is natural to keep the radio silent. Submarines carrying out offshore reconnaissance training missions must maintain radio silence in order to avoid exposing themselves, so it is normal to be out of touch for some time.

According to the training plan of the 361 submarine at that time, it was predicted that it had not been in the long mountain area and swam deep in the ocean. thereforeIn the subconscious of the base commanders at that time, the sea had no submarine of its own. Thus the tragedy that led to the submarine's 10 day crash and the base command was not known.

Final conclusion

On June 13, 2003, Xinhua News Agency announced:

The cause of the 361 submarine crash has been identified because of improper command and handling.

The Central Military Commission has made a decision to seriously handle the personnel responsible for the serious accidents of the 361 submarines. Ji'nan military region deputy commander of Beihai Navy Fleet commander Ding Yiping, Beihai naval fleet political commissar Chen Xianfeng administrative demotion, and were given 8 other relevant persons in administrative dismissal, demotion and other disciplinary action.

On the same day, news of the removal of navy commander Shi Yunsheng and political commissar Yang Huaiqing was released.

This is because since the founding of a military accident the largest number of senior generals, including two generals, two lieutenant.

Postscript: 361 submarines return to the deep ocean

361 submarine accidents did not stop the development of the Chinese navy.

In April 29, 2003, 13 days after the accident, dozens of officers and men were ordered to rebuild the 361 submarines.

In August 2004, 361 submarines were ordered into the factory for intermediate repair and refitting. The 361 submarine was the first submarine to be modernized in the same type of submarine.

In February 22, 2005, the refitted 361 submarines underwent the first marine test after the new formation.

Finally, I would like to use the old comrades of the Old Navy, repeatedly interviewed 361 submarine officers and men of the "Chuan brother" words as the end of this article:

Old Navy comrades visited 361 submarines sacrifice officers and soldiers

Whether 13 years ago has been the national concern, to bring shame and regret to the Chinese Navy 361 submarines, or now has to restore the wind, to the Chinese navy to win honor and comfort of the 361 submarine:

Believe that the motherland will not forget them!

Believe in your comrades and you won't forget them!

Believe that their loved ones won't forget them!

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