China used the TV signal of no money to deal with F-22, and put it on display in Paris!

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China used the TV signal of no money to deal with F-22, and put it on display in Paris!

2017-06-23 10:33:44 4010 ℃

Recently, a mysterious radar in China was exposed overseas for the first time!

The new system radar, aimed at detecting stealth fighters such as F-22, F-35 and B-2, is the first to be publicly displayed abroad!

This is the Paris air show in Shanghai "show the China YLC-29 passive radar.

The YLC-29 radar has two unique skills:

1. It can detect stealth fighters such as F-22!

2, it does not emit radar waves by itself, making it extremely difficult for the enemy to know its presence, not to mention interference or attack!

Chinese YLC-29 radar is a new radar famous Chinese Dianke fourteenth developed. Why does it have two special skills? Here is a detailed explanation of the reasons!

One, YLC-29 with bistatic, multistatic radar way to achieve the ability to capture stealth fighters

F-22, F-35, American B-2 bomber stealth aircraft, has been able to lord it over others, largely because of its ability for radar stealth. One of the stealth weapons is to beam their radar waves in other directions. Combined with other measures, stealth fighters have made weak echo echoes from single base radars frustrated by radar attempts to detect themselves.

However, bistatic multistatic radar, because receiving antenna arranged in two, multiple locations farther away, radar echo like F-22 stealth aircraft is reflected to the other direction, may be the local antenna acquisition. After a complex mathematical operation, can realize the specific location of the F-22 launch anti war aims, and then the key target information to the command staff, other detecting platform or fighter aircraft, missile, attack on the stealth aircraft!

F-22 had no idea that the YLC-29 radar had no chance of detecting itself or even jamming!

The YLC-29 radar operates in the 85MhZ-110Mhz range. The target radar coverage area of 3-5 square meters, and found that the probability of 0.5 conditions, covering 40 thousand square kilometers of combat airspace (radius of about 177 km). The ranging accuracy is less than 800 meters, and the direction finding accuracy is less than 1.5 degrees. Target detection capability greater than 200 batches. Use truck chassis for self support and less than 20 minutes.

So it is important to note that the Chinese launched YLC-8B, SLC-7, SLC-12 etc. several kinds of radar, which aimed at various segments of anti stealth combat, working in different bands, YLC-29 and China constitute a complete air defense early warning detection system, which makes us F-22 stealth and head pain!

YLC-8B radar

Two, YLC-29 itself does not emit radar waves, for the realization of stealth, high survivability purposes

At the same time of detecting stealth fighters, how to realize their stealth and avoid enemy strikes is the key to the survival of radar in modern warfare!

YLC-29 radar China Dianke 14 R & D, itself can not transmit radar wave, but depends entirely on the civilian radio and television radio signals, complete the detection of American F-22 stealth fighter.

A listen to the "passive" radar, it is very difficult to find, because it does not transmit signal, traditional radar warning, positioning and anti radiation missile attacks, all become useless things!

Passive radar design, in fact, when the radar just appeared, has been born. The first radar was actually bistatic radar, and the launch and reception were carried out by two systems, until the emergence of the transceiver switching switch prompted the birth of monostatic radar. China has also begun early research on passive radar.

During World War II, the first use of bistatic radar, it relies on the British coast air defense radar echo signal in England over the Strait on the plane, through the detection of Doppler frequency shift positioning the location of the plane. It can detect 450 kilometers of aircraft, with an accuracy of about 10 kilometers.

In recent years, with the increasing demand for radar survivability, all major countries have actively developed this passive radar technology. In 1998 the U.S. Lockheed Martin show silent sentry bistatic radar system based on "broadcasting signal". Through the phased array technology, digital receiver, high-speed parallel processing computer, advanced algorithm, realization of the detection range of radar reflection cross-sectional area of 10 square meters of the target 180 kilometers, resolution can be up to 15 meters! This is enough for the ground to air missile to obtain the required attack location indication information.

JY-27A radar

In the late 1970s, China carried out tests on passive radar to detect targets by means of civilian broadcast signals. Tests have shown that 70 km target can be found when the direct wave strength is proportional to the target echo intensity from 35 to 40 decibels. Using a civilian broadcast signal, YLC-29 radar can be effectively identified through different reference signal samples. This signal works at the meter band and is ideal for detecting stealth fighters. This is because the F-22 stealth fighter has many for radar design, but the large size component launch VHF signal is strong, this is a feature to hide.

Because of the civilian broadcast signals, even if the radar is enabled to detect signals similar to that of civilian broadcasts, it is difficult for the enemy to distinguish it from the actual civilian signals. This greatly increases the difficulty of each other's alerts, confrontations, and avoidance.

In summary, the use of YLC-29 passive radar broadcasting and television signals, with twenty-first Century advanced level of future air defense early warning system of key weapons and equipment, will be able to very effective against F-22, F-35 and B-2 stealth fighter!