China won this battle is really beautiful, Russia had to admit defeat, I did not expect the United States feel so big

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China won this battle is really beautiful, Russia had to admit defeat, I did not expect the United States feel so big

2017-09-11 23:27:36 696 ℃

Believe that the 003 carrier will soon have good news

Ukraine, not long ago, still has the aerospace, nuclear power, aircraft and chemical enterprises in industrial power, but after the Ukrainian President banned cooperation with Russian military, many Ukrainian military enterprises to the edge of the closure. For example, the "motor SiC" loss of nearly 85% orders, thousands of employees were fired. A large number of sacked Ukraine experts have attracted interest from other countries. Russia has called on the Ukrainian defense experts to work in Russia, promising to provide high wages and housing. China has also begun to absorb experts from Ukraine. According to Russia's "independent" published in September 8th entitled "Russia lost competition for experts in Ukraine" article, while the Ukraine military enterprises collapsed, China gains more benefits than russia. Chinese for experts from Ukraine military enterprises to build facilities in the town of Chinese near factories, thousands of Ukraine large company staff will be moved with his family China, become the new employee China weapons, tanks, aircraft, ships, aerospace and nuclear power and other military enterprises.

Expert information on an enterprise website in China

Under the pressure of western countries and Russia, as a country with the largest military heritage except Russia, the Soviet Union suffered a lot between Ukraine and the United States and Russia, and its national strength was constantly weakened. There are many famous examples, one is the surrender of all nuclear weapons at parties under coercion as a nuclear free country, two is a part of the Russian strategic bombers figure -160 to pay a portion of total destruction in the United States under the supervision of three is because the defense strategy does not need or no force for $20 million to complete the construction and China sold the Varyag shell, four is the same reason to the world's largest transport safety -225 a semi-finished products and technology transfer to Chinese......

Former Varyag horrors

But now, there are two news stories that are even more impressive, and that is, the top two world experts from Ukraine have come to china. One is the former Soviet aircraft carrier design expert Babich Valery Chinese came to work, the 76 year old expert that has participated in the helicopter carrier "Moscow" and "Leningrad" weapon system construction work, and as the backbone of the core design designer, chief designer has participated in the "Kiev", "Minsk", "Novorossiysk No." no, "Baku", "Tbilisi" (now Kuznetsov), "Varyag" (now Liaoning ship) design and construction of first nuclear power "ulyan Khabarovsk", now the carrier half in Chinese. We can believe that the arrival of Mr. Babic, you can put it in the "rich experience in the design of Yang URI Khabarovsk" nuclear powered aircraft carrier to teach Chinese aircraft designers, as China 003 aircraft carrier successfully came to provide technical support.

Ann -225's technology and design and manufacturing experts all came to China

The second is the chief designer of former Antonov Design Bureau of Professor Kinchenko Valery Petrovich, the master in 2014 Chinese employed to work, become the second batch of national Chinese thousand foreign experts plan high-end experts. The old gentleman was in Ukraine Antonov Design Bureau worked 20 years, presided over and participated in an -72/74/71, an -26/30/32, an -124, an -225, an -70, an -140 aircraft design and testing, the aircraft has a rich life evaluation, aircraft structure design and wind tunnel test experience. It can be believed that his arrival will not only accelerate the development of Chinese large aircraft, but also make the -225 strategic transport aircraft successfully born in china.

China's military equipment is developing at an alarming rate

From master level experts to more professionals in all fields, why are thousands of Ukraine experts willing to come to China? There is no doubt that China has not only provided them with stable and high reward, but also built comfortable Ukraine like home for them. It is reported that as the Russian civil aviation pilots in 3 times higher than the domestic salary have quit to Chinese, Ukraine experts to Chinese not only no longer have laid off and war worries, can also be settled in a rich Ukraine style town, and these conditions are Russia couldn't guarantee. For this reason, the American media laments, "no wonder China has made rapid progress in the field of military affairs in recent years. It was a large number of foreign experts who made contributions behind the scenes."!

(military review Chen Guangwen wrote in 2017.09.10)