Official!KeyWord technology breaks the beauty day blockade, annual output is 12,000 tons, and the status is not sub-lighting machine

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Official!KeyWord technology breaks the beauty day blockade, annual output is 12,000 tons, and the status is not sub-lighting machine

2021-11-25 00:15:44 17 ℃

With the continuous advancement of my country in the field of science and technology, my country has achieved great breakthrough in many fields, but in individual high-precision fields, we have a lot of development space, such as my country's semiconductor industry has a lot of progress space. A few days ago, my country's official official, my country has made breakthrough again in a key area, and its status is not asa-lithography machine, what technology is it?

According to media reports, Chinese scientists have successfully broken through a technical blockade of Western countries, and directly complete the top level of the world, this technology is a large silk beam carbon fiber production technology. This kind of technology is very difficult to understand, but there is a very important meaning in the aerospace field, and even evaluated its research and development significance completely without directing engraving. This technology has been mastered by the United States and Japan, and refuses to sell, and now we have successfully broken the blockade and achieve mass production, so that Western countries will look at us.

It is understood that after my country has made breakthroughs in large silk carbon fiber production technology, China can help solve the biggest problem in the space sector, and the carbon fiber material has high strength and high modulus characteristics. It is an important material that the aircraft and spacecraft is essential. The use of carbon fiber materials will be greatly reduced, and its flight performance will also increase significantly. It can be seen that after investing in actual use, it will play a huge role in the aerospace industry in my country.

Before my country has not overcome this technology, the United States and Japan have been blocking it. We can only ask high prices to buy to other countries, but as a rapidly rising space aviation big country, the demand for this key material missile is increasing. The higher, so you must break through this technology bottleneck as soon as possible to ensure the smooth development of my country's space business, and the future will no longer need to be subject to people.

Since 2014, my country's relevant departments and colleges collect a large number of professional talents, and the research on the production of large silk beam carbon fiber. Nowadays, my country has not only mastered the technology, but also successfully achieved mass production, and daily production will reach 12,000 tons. In the future, other countries think that the card neck is impossible. Therefore, there is a US expert sighing, and the technical blockade is not good, it is better to clael the cooperation, and strive to maximize the strength of both parties.

It is worth mentioning that after this material and technology, we will develop large aircraft in the future will be more convenient, reduce the aircraft self-energy to further enhance the aircraft performance, in addition, use it in the space business to reduce the self-weight of the spacecraft, Improve the transportation efficiency of rockets. The most critical is that after the production of this carbon fiber material, it is not necessary to import from abroad. It is not only worried that the neck is not worried, but also saves a lot of costs, significant.