Can the artillery are the king of war?The front of the infantry can't attack, the artillery uses 113 cannon bombings.

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Can the artillery are the king of war?The front of the infantry can't attack, the artillery uses 113 cannon bombings.

2021-11-25 00:13:31 16 ℃

The artillery is the king of war. It is said that this is Napoleon, and it is said that Stalin said. No matter who said, when history enters modern times, the leaping development of artillery has enlarged military reforms and has greatly changed the form of war. With the two World Wars as a sign, the artillery became the decisive force of the ground attack and defense operation, and there were numerous examples to prove.

In our army, from Nanchang Uprising Jeni, in a long time, the strength is weak, with a weak enemy, the weapon is simple, the lack of the ammunition is a short board that is not easy to overcome, Li Yunlong seized a Italian gun. I can't get it, saying that there is a strong artillery, that is like a myth. However, from the war of liberation, our army seized a large number of Japanese, American and domestic imitation artillery, established their own artillery troops, and used the correct strategic tactics, the more stronger, and finally won the victory of revolutionary war. Later, I got to the Korean battlefield, the volunteer army artillery and the most powerful opponents in the world, got a valuable experience, and also played the National Warm. If the eye-catching battle, the volunteers used 450 million guns to retreat 60,000 US Han Jun's attack, and the synchronization soldiers were more than 25,000 people, and became the glory in the history of the military.

During the 1970s, our army has played a fight with the Vietnamese army, and the history is called the more self-defeating counterattack. Although this war is only 28 days, the two sides invest more than 700,000, the casualties reached 100,000, and the battle process is very intense. It can be said that our military can defeat the 8 strokes of the Vietnam army, and the Nikka is returned, and the artillery has played a decisive role. During the war, our army is directly used in the battlefield to have more than 4,400 artillery, launching more than 880 million cannon bomb, can't fight, can't stand, and finally losing helmets. The following is only a small war, but it can be seen that the powerful power of the artillery.

On March 2, 1979, our army took a challenge, and he was able to overcome Guangyuan, and annihilated more than 300 people. The enemy can't fight positive with our army, disperse into the mountain grass, some escape, some wait for a back. According to the head command of the troops, our army is connected to the unit, clear the occupation area, cleaning the battlefield, and annihilate the enemy, and guarantee the safety of traffic lines.

I am in front of an army of the army, and I will search along the south side of Guangyuan County. At noon, the company entered a valley, both sides were steep stone mountains, a lot of caves, with dense dwarf trees and weeds on the mountain. There is a narrow road, along the valley, is an important traffic line in the area. The company just entered the valley, suddenly shot the intensive firepower from the cave of the front square waist and the foot of the mountain, blocking the road in the valley. Because of the rush to fight, the terrain is very unfavorable, the infantry is suppressed by the Vietnam firepower, cannot be launched, and the fight against the battle is limited, the casualties are large.

At this moment, I was an 85-year-old agricultural cannon that came from the valley. I heard the intensive gunshots, when the machine was interrupted, and did not wait until the superior command, immediately join the battle. The artillery will pick 6 85 plus farmers from the truck, quickly push the gun, occupy the advantageous terrain around the valley, and prepare the battle. At the same time, the electrality and instructor touch the valley, find the infantry, understand the battle, and observe the firepower point of the Vietnam.

After returning, after returning, the reunion will immediately organize all artillery meetings, calibrate the enemy's fire position on the mountain, and make a firepower plan. Soon, 85 Cannon made a roar, a group of fireball flew to the stone mountain. Each cannon is closely related, and several cannons simultaneously play a firepower, black shot, so that the enemy is nowhere to escape. For more than 30 minutes, the artillery lifted 113 gunballs, eliminated the enemy's 21 fire power points. The Vietnamese army was played and turned, and found that the situation was not bad, and they fled under the mountain. My infantry launched an attack, slamming, and annihilated more than 100 people, and seized a batch of weapon ammunition. The soldiers are very excited, one by one, the thumb said that the gunfare brother is really powerful, give them a success! After the war, this artillery was granted a collective second-class work.