Abe returned to the political alternation within 24 hours, it is brightly moving to China, and the world is closeizing China Diaoyu Islands.

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Abe returned to the political alternation within 24 hours, it is brightly moving to China, and the world is closeizing China Diaoyu Islands.

2021-11-25 00:15:32 18 ℃

Like the previous Japanese media guess, Abe has returned to Japan 's political arts, which has been settled. Recently, one of Japan's self-owned party is a new president, which is the first phase of Japan. Abe. "Disappearing" After more than a year, Abe officially returned to Japan's political altar, but in Abe's returned political altar, it was brightly moving to China, and the world immediately stared at China Diaoyu Islands.

Abe returned to the politics to the Hua bright actions

Abe has officially served as the President of the Japan's Fielda on 11 this month. Abe has gone out of the Hua attitude, which not only let the external public opinion, but also give a big problem for the current first-phase shore of Tian Wenxiong. Abe has been talking to the "Taiwan independence", and this time, he said that he is likely to "visit" next year. Then, the Tmree turned and said that the reporter would go to "paying" Li Tenghui tomb. As early as July this year, Abe has revealed such an idea, and now it seems that Abe seems to be iron and a road to go black.

It seems to be a plate with the land of the field, because the Sunda Wenxiong continued to serve as the first phase of 101 after Japanese parliamentary elections, while the outer exterior of the Boardian cabinet was replaced by Lin Fangzheng. Lin Fangzheng has a special identity, which is the president of the Sino-Japanese Missor Friendly Association, and the shore field is interested in improving the relationship between China and Japan. However, this statement of Abe is likely to pay the efforts of the land of the field of the field, in the same day of the Fudian President, in the same day of the Orthodontics, the world's Diaoyu Islands.

Abe is ambitious, fear triggered a turmoil

Just in Abe announced the same day, the Japanese Airways Self-Defense Force joint exercises with the United States. The location of this exercise is very intriguing, the exact location of the exercise is in the island near the Northern Palace island and the island near Okinawa. Nita Media pointed out that this exercise is in addition to strengthening the Japanese League, it is also likely to simulate the process of playing the combat force of the Diaoyu Islands. It can be seen that Abe, and a series of behaviors in Abe's three may trigger the situation in East Asia.

And a series of provocative behaviors of Abe nature look in in the eyes. China and Russia are a comprehensive strategic partner. Even if Japan has a strong face to join hands in China and Russia. Japan has always been regarded as the mountain, it is still unprocated, and the Biden government is facing internal and external, and the US Finance Minister Yellen also expressed its "US needed China". In the face of the big changes in the Japanese politics, China will naturally change, it is the hard truth, and the increasingly powerful China is not afraid of any threats and challenges.

Some information reference Source: China Taiwan Net