After 10 years, Google wants to restart Google Lab, focus on Ar, VR project to force the universe

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After 10 years, Google wants to restart Google Lab, focus on Ar, VR project to force the universe

2021-11-24 22:48:17 16 ℃

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Wisdom October 15th news, last Friday, US technology blog Techcrunch reported that Google Labs were reorganized by Google Labs. The laboratory service will include Google's existing AR, VR project, Starline project, Google internal incubator Area 120, and other long-term projects.

The reorganized Google Lab will be committed to providing a range of experimental products instead of consumers.

The new team will be led by the Vice President of Google, and report directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Previously, BAVOR was responsible for Google's AR, VR's forward-looking job, and the new team put many innovations and long-term projects of Google.

Google Lab has been established in 2006 to test new project products that Google did not publicly released. In July 2011, Google adjusts the laboratory operation mode, close the project, and concentrates on Google Maps, Google Reading and other products, high use.

First, the vice president is responsible for Ar, VR

Google has not publicized the announcement of the laboratory restructuring, but Google spokesperson confirmed the restructuring laboratory and the vice president of Bavor position change.

In an announcement issued to the employee, Google describes the restructuring as "focusing on the newly-established investment, which is a prospective investment area, the core of the organization is a new team called Labs, focus In the development of technological trends and hatching a series of high potential for long-term projects. "

Bavor, the head of the Google Lab, is a senior Google employee, and a leader with the transformation of innovation concepts into core product experience. Over the years, it is responsible for many important Google Project management, including Google Mailbox Gmail, Online Cloud Storage Service Google Drive, online office software Google Docs and Enterprise Management Solution Google Apps for Workspace (now renamed Google Workspace).

Before I took over the Google Lab, Bavor is responsible for leading the Ar, VR team of Google, and supervises the release of the virtual platform DAYDREAM VR based on the Android system in 2016. However, because Google Virtual Platform Items are not good in smartphones, and the 6DOf Daydream header Mirage Solo's market has been poor in 2019, the project has stopped in 2019. Second, the team also helped develop Arcore, which is an enhanced software development kit that will introduce a smartphone's AR function to millions of Android devices.

▲ Daydream platform interface (image source is Google official website)

Laboratory recombination may enhance public attention to some projects of Google.

Second, the integrated internal incubator, 20 projects run at the same time

Google This restructuring will merge Starline project, Ar, VR projects and Area 120 items under the new laboratory.

Previously, Bavor was already responsible for the Tip holographic video conferencing project Project Starline, this is an experimental light field display system, Google will imagine it as a "magic window", allowing users to be different from the user to not need head In the case of a display device or special glasses, a dialogue is dialogue compared to the video conference.

▲ STARLINEX project (the source is Google official website)

In addition, the 2016 AREA 120 project is an internal technology incubator that has successfully hatched, including demonstration sharing tools Threadit, dialogue AI startup enterprise Adlingo, Game platform Gamesnacks, several startups.

Area 120 is launched as a way to better retain Google's entrepreneurial talents, while the team can access Google's data, products and resources and test new ideas.

Over the years, the projects launched by Area 120 include HTML5 game platform for emerging markets Gamesnacks; technical interview platform Byteboard; Table tool Tables; AI driver dialogue advertising platform Adlingo; Video Platform Tangi and shopping platform Shoploop; and Internet-based travel applications Touring Bird, but the above products have exited Google.

Currently, Area 120 is incubating video platform Threadit, spectrum market orion, document scanner Stack and other items. Under normal circumstances, AREA 120 will have approximately 20 projects simultaneously, but some items will not be disclosed.

After this reorganization, Area 120 will be relocated with other innovation projects, which may attract more participating teams and increase the popularity of Area 120.

Third, end in 2011, 10 years later, reorganize Google Laboratory

Google is just internally using the Labs (Labs) "to name a new team, but the" Google Lab "has a long history. Google Lab was established in 2006 and is a website that demonstrates a new project product in Google is still in the test stage. All Google Lab products have a unified sign as shown below, and use a gray title to remind users of these products to be just beta.

▲ Google laboratory logo (picture source is Wikipedi)

In July 2011, Bill Coughran, a senior vice president of Google R & D and system architecture, said in the official blog, the company will adjust the operation mode of the Google Lab to stop supporting most of the projects in the laboratory. At the same time, Google laboratory project is also officially closed.

Google official said that the company has focused on a few products, so there will be a test of most of the products in the laboratory plan, and some of the remaining products and technologies will be integrated into different business areas of the company.

From 2002 to 2011, the projects launched by Google Lab include personalized web search, Google web news, Google documents and spreadsheets, Google readers, etc. Many Google core products and services.

Conclusion: Distrate forward-looking investment, innovation Google Laboratory

Google spokesperson said: "Clay played a bigger role, his work will focus on the long-term technical projects of our core products and business." Google Labs 11 years later, dedicated to AR, VR and other high potential Long-term projects.

According to the internal company announcement obtained by TechCrunch, the laboratory restructuring "focuses on the start of the company, the new, forward-looking investment field." This does not mean that Google is re-establishing Google similar to the 2000s. laboratory.

Source: Road to VR, TechCrunch