How is air capable of heating wind turbine?

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How is air capable of heating wind turbine?

2021-11-24 23:47:22 14 ℃

In the past two years, "coal change" coal-fired boiler renovation project is fully launched, "coal change" renovation projects, in order to reduce costs, they will continue to use the original floor heating pipes and supporting equipment, and now air can hear is today. The most environmentally friendly, energy-saving heating method, many people only know the floor heating, and I don't know how the air can warm the wind turbine. Can the air have good use? How is the air can heating the wind turbine effect? These problems have plagued many people, and Xiaobian will briefly introduce you.

Wind turbine tube length 1: The wind turbine heating is used for mandatory convection heat, and the air heat pump power is very large, and the set temperature can be reached in a short period of time. In addition, the wind is gently dry, it is not as dry as the hot air blown by the air conditioner or the electric heating fan, and since the air conditioning temperature is about 45 ° C, if the air conditioner heat pump heating unit is used in the room, the central air conditioner is replaced in the summer cooling.

Fan disk tube length 2: Flexible manipulation, can operate the temperature and start and stop of each room independently.

Three wind turbine tube strengths: the wind turbine unit is small, small area, convenient installation, not occupying the living area space, and is ideal for the old building renovation project.

According to the heating situation, select the fan coil, there are three ideas:

First, according to the circulating air volume of the entire room. How big is the circulating airflow? List the area of ​​the room, the number of room changes, and the room layer, and the product is the product of the entire room. According to the size of the circulating air volume, select the appropriate fan coil, which is the so-called "reasonable system".

Second, it is a relatively simple estimation method. According to the actual situation of the house, the total amount of heat load required to heating is calculated, and the total amount of hot load of the house is compared to the air volume of the wind turbine, the model of the fan coil can be determined.

When designing the fan coil is designed, more space should be reserved for future failure. Air can heating the wind turbine effect is absolutely good, some users choose a large wind turbine, although it will indirectly lead to more heat dissipation requirements, increase the power consumption of the air energy heat pump and the total cost of the equipment, but in heating At the time, the best heating effect is the primary goal. Biyan has a professional product R & D team and experienced program design team, the R & D capability and service level of air energy products are leading ahead.