The latest double eleven insight report: the wind of e-commerce blows into the mountain, China's brand big carnival

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The latest double eleven insight report: the wind of e-commerce blows into the mountain, China's brand big carnival

2021-11-24 22:43:53 12 ℃

Text / Lu Shi Ming

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Recently, the Beijing Normal University has released the "2021 online shopping consumption confidence index investigation report".

The report is comprehensively analyzed about Chinese consumers' online shopping confidence, will, consumption behavior, preferences, etc. The report pointed out that the confidence in China's consumer market is being gentle and developed. More and more consumers are more focused on the price ratio. At the same time, the local economy is also booming on consumers.

In addition to the domestic brand ushered in the outbreak, the wind of e-commerce also penetrates the country in all parts of the country. The maturity of e-commerce makes the agricultural product of the origin to all parts of the country.

Also, major e-commerce platforms also deepen farmers as key business. Take more than a lot of examples, through the "agricultural land" system to drive the large-scale upstream of agricultural products, only the Apple industry as an example, in Shanxi Wanrong Apple, Shandong Rongcheng Apple, Gansu Tianshui Huajia Apple, Many Apple Business Brands It took more than 100 million yuan in spelling for many years and kept high-speed growth.

In this report, it can be seen that the rise of China's local economy is constantly writing new stories.

Most of the apple tasting

Ten years, the apple planting households in Sichuan Daliang Shanyuan County, Liao Shunan, do not know the people outside the mountains will have a holiday that is comparable to the Spring Festival - Double Eleven.

Long in the mountain, stay away from the city, high sea level, long sunshine time, this is the advantage of planting apples in Daliang Shanyuan County, but has become the biggest obstacle of distribution. In the early years, e-commerce has not penetrated this remote mountain village. For most plantations, only relying on traditional online distribution networks, even if they go to the year of harvest, they will sell.

And this year, it was the 30th year of Liao Shunan planting Apple. Although the scale of plant plants has been more than ten acres, more than 600 apples can be sold in almost two or three days. Liao Shunan said that he gave all the apples to a lot.

Source Lee: Daliang Mountain Apple Planting Households Liao Shunan

In this way of helping farmers, spend a lot of important roles in Daliang Mountain.

According to a lot of related data, 2020, Yan Yuan Apple is ranked first in "Apple's best-selling list", defeating Apple in other production districts; in the case of abnormal weather this year, Salt Yuan Apple is still in list High altitude fifth, and there is still a potential impact on the list.

As the largest Apple production base in the southwest, 2020, the total area of ​​Apple, Yanyuan County is 420,000 mu, output 550,000 tons, and the output value is 3 billion yuan. Salt County's e-commerce industry has started from 2015, and the sales of Apple online proportional to 50% in just a few years.

When e-commerce genes spread from the city to countryside, the slogan of "rural residence" has also been the most powerful implementation. And like Liao Shunan's fruit farmers have a lot. In addition to Daliang Mountain, the major production districts such as Shanxi, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, and Shandong enjoy the bonus brought by e-commerce.

Located in Shaanxi, the geographical environment is in line with the premium area of ​​the 3 meteorological indicators of the apple, and the local apple juice is crisp and sweet and horizontal.

As of 2020, Apple planting area in Luochuan County has more than 530,000 mu, ranking first in the country, with total Apple's total production of 950,000 tons. Although the local apple plantation has increased year by year, the quality of the high-quality fruit is still very tight. After the mid-October, customers all over the country will flock to the source of the fruit.

In the column of rush, a young man named Wang Qi is planning the first batch of Luochuan Apple to buy 500,000 kilograms.

Source Li Yunfeng: Wang Qi and Luochuan Apple

Unlike other traders, Wang Qi is engaged in e-commerce in rural homes in Northern Shaanxi, and this is his fourth entrepreneur. At present, there are mainly local Luochuan Apple. Nowadays, there are more than 2 million pounds of apples in today.

In 2014, Wang Qi and a friend started the second job in Xi'an established company. The business is mainly selling fresh and dried fruits in Taobao. However, Wang Qi said: "I just started to do Taobao, sales is also good, more than 100 orders per day, but there is no profit. Adding the operation of the platform is more complicated, more than two years, earning the money, it will be lost. "

After the company is closed, Wang Qi is not willing to start a business. But this time not only lost its own savings, and finally owed 450,000 yuan of debt. After the third entrepreneurial failure, Wang Qi once stressed the mountain, adjusted for a long time, he decided to continue to start a business.

This time he chooses to start the store, selling or selling or the apple. But Wang Qi did not think that there were a lot of fresh merchants and small and medium-sized businesses, the store's order volume quickly achieved a breakthrough, just one month, the order increased from dozens of days to Japan 700 one. In the past year, Wang Qi's store has sold more than 2 million pounds of Luchuan Apple, and sales have exceeded 6 million.

In Wang Qi, it seems that there are more than a more friendly in small and medium-sized businesses, and the conversion rate of investment is much higher than other platforms. On the other hand, the success of the entrepreneurship is to step on the platform of the platform, on the other hand is Catch the Dongfeng of Luochuan vigorously develop e-commerce. "

Today, the total amount of Apple in Luochuan old district reached 6 billion. Among them, the line size has exceeded 10 billion, accounting for more than 15%. You know, before 2015, Luochuan Apple's online proportion is less than 2%. In just five years, Luochuan Apple's e-commerce scale has doubled 7 times.

Source Wang Xiaofeng: Ruichuan County Standardized Apple Sorting Line

E-commerce sales has become a normal channel, which has directly passed the market and consumers. Have a good product, there will be a chance to be seen. As the e-commerce platform of agricultural products, it has been committed to the fact that it has been committed to improving agricultural competitiveness through model and technological innovation, and improving rural life quality. In this year, spelling more than Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong and other apple origins, opened a half-month apple "double 11". During the period, there will be a lot of ways to adhere to the "source classification, origin direct hair" mode, and the sales terminal will help the property farmer 's abundant harvest.

According to a lot of relevant person in charge, at present, the Yuncheng Apple merchant of billion billion years has a large number, the platform hopes to help the Yuncheng Apple Production Area in the next 1-2 years in the next 1-2 years to cultivate 20 fruit leading enterprises To help the local Apple industry quality and excellent price, continue to significantly improve the overall value of this billion industrial belt.

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce platforms preferred by Millions of fruit farmers. For them, whether it is supply and demand or market development, it will bear an important role.

New vitality of old domestic goods

In addition to agricultural products, the study of the Beijing Normal University Task Force also shows that online shopping consumption of different intergenerational people has begun to tend to store goods.

Source North Normal University: I have purchased the wishes of domestic products in all ages.

Take Zhang Xiaolu as an example, a national scissors have also encountered hindrances.

Zhang Xiaoquan brand was founded in 1628, which has been nearly 400 years. It is the first batch of old-fashioned brands in my country. According to relevant historical records, I have also won the favor of the emperor of the rumor. It can be said that from the ancient times, it has received countless applause And cheer.

However, with the social development, the modern production process has gradually replaced manual forging. It used to let the techniques who have been proud of them into a simple process of process, and young people can go up. Zhang Xiaoluan once, "touched".

However, Zhang Xiaolu, who was lost in the tide of the times, but sold 37.25 million cutiles in 2020, almost sold more than 100,000 scissors almost every day. Moreover, in September this year, the GEM was successfully launched, and became China "cutting the first share".

Zhang Xiaoquan can be reborn, and the e-commerce layout began in 2011.

In the past ten years, Zhang Xiaoluan has gained a larger brand attention through major e-commerce, microblogging, shake and other platforms. From its statement, it is visible: from 2018 to 2020, Zhang Xiaoluan's online sales revenue has continued to increase, from 35.54% to 48.16%, reaching 270 million yuan, almost flat.

Among the major e-commerce platforms, especially spelling a lot of sales growth is the fastest. "We are selling more products, including mainstream products of major e-commerce channels, but also specialize in research and development. Zhang Xiaoquan has launched a lot of high-cost-effective knife-cut products, rapidly become a sales volume of 100,000 + Explosion models. "Zhang Xiaolong Electric Business General Manager said.

Source spent a lot: Zhang Xiaolong spent a lot of flagship stores

Of course, this is only the beginning of Zhang Xiaoli reunited. In September this year, Zhang Xiaoluo has reached a full-scale strategic cooperation, launched the brand's official flagship store matrix construction, comprehensive layout of kitchenware, care, garden and other fields. During the double 11, there are also resources to help Zhang Xiaoli and promote the full revitalization of the old-fashioned brand.

From the brand youth to the road that the E-commerce, the 393-year-old "Zhang Xiaoluan" is presented for us is a "old name" "rejuvenation", how to better seize the new generation of consumers to move Key case.

For Manufacturing Enterprises such as Zhang Xiaolu, the production of scissors is a cultural symbol. Compared to entering the museum, a better inheritance method must be a thousand households.

Inherit the new position of the country

The Internet is a tool. After 20 years, this sentence is getting more and more practical.

In addition to Zhang Xiaozhu, more and more domestic brands are also brought to new vitality by e-commerce. From 2009-2019, China netizens increased by 38%. To 70%.

In the "backward", this brand was born in the 1930s, in the 1984 Olympic Women's troops, there was a national backward frenzy. However, after the brilliant, the pull-back is pulled into the low valley applied for bankruptcy and gradually faded in the consumer market. In recent years, seize the back of the national tide opportunity, once again returned to the consumer's sight.

"Under the tide, we continue to conduct channel innovation, hoping to use the brand's own strategy, layout various e-commerce platforms." Xu Yucheng, relevant person in charge of the illegal national tide brand, said that the other national tide shoes, the product is more Adhere to popular, high-quality, full range of routes, and try to develop more cost-effective products with high cost and profit. "Under the rise of new consumption, the positioning of many platforms and the target users we want to target are very fit."

Source: Turn the Rush to spend a lot of official flagship store

Xu Yucheng also revealed that it usually sells more than 130 yuan of backbound shoes. Due to the low cost of spell, the price is less than 100 yuan, which is more than 30%. Previously, in the "Shanghai Old Dictionary New E-Commerce Plan" helping, the loan will sell more than 130,000 pairs in a month. Future Crash is also possible to combine a lot of consumer demand, develop more suitable for young people, new e-commerce populations, to achieve production. The young generation after the establishment of the national confidence has also become more and more dare to express yourself. The North Normal University research group said that this is the transformation brought by the manufacturing upgrade. On the other hand, the group is recognized to national culture, and it is reflected in its own culture.

In the Hanchao, who spelled more people in the national tide market in July this year, spelling a lot of platform original Hanchao sales increased by 30 times.

According to statistics, the entire Hanwear circle's fans increased by 77%, and the main consumption crowd of Hanfu market or more than 3.6 million people, which supported billions of dollars behind the huge industries. Hanfu gradually completed the gorgeous turn of "small circle hobbies" to the huge cluster.

Source: Ai Data Center

The data shows that in the first half of 2020, there were extremely hot growth, Hanfu, JK uniforms, and LOLITA skirts. TOP3. Among them, the original Hanfu sales growth is most rapid, 30 times higher than in 2019. 18-25 years old girl is the main force of the consumption of Hanfu, the number of orders in the third four-line city is basically flat, and Hanfu is gradually compatible and popular in various lines.

At present, more and more original Hanfu merchants are in a lot of accommodation, and they are constantly expanding the richness of Hanfu style.

Specialists in the new consumer research Institute said: "Hanfu has a strong social attribute, which is very high for original and design levels. Platform will link the merchant and quality industrial belt to provide consumers with more design novel Hanfu Products, meet the diverse needs of young people on the platform. "

It is not difficult to see that e-commerce has also contributed a huge significance in addition to the best tools in this era. Inheritance, China's inheritance is also a continuation of culture.