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Ordinary old man Liu Bi Zhi

2021-11-24 23:46:27 11 ℃

Wen | Tao Wei Bin

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, a moon cake from the hometown Zhenjiang. The express delivery arrived in Liu Chuanzhi. He received the secretary Xu Yang to the hometown of the hometown back to a message and chat.

This is a quiet life of a 77-year-old retired elderly - but now, this tranquility has been broken.

The Internet is full of malicious comments. He should not close your own ears. Although from the current point of view, he is doing everything we can try to calm this wind wave, but a few days a few days a communication record is disclosed It seems to prove that they seem to be smashed.

"China's Liu Chuanzhi is no more than an amazing entrepreneur in the world. He is the wealth of the Chinese business community." A few years ago, Ma Yun, a very speech, gave Liu Chuanzhi, a huge hat And private this forgotment of 20 years of payment is commensurate with the brothers.

However, Mr. Ma has also bid farewell to the headlines and cannot support Liu Chuanzhi.

As a Chinese company's godfather, Liu Chuanzhi, which has been "hidden", is still a "news network". It is a year to appear in "reform and opening up." Before this, it is the highest in this Chinese. Talk about teaching in the show.

Liu Chuanzhi maintains a better image in political or corporate community. But the two years of Liu Biao have apparently feel the pressure of "Godfather".

In a video interview in Wu Xiaobo, when the Xinhua News Agency reporter just opened the word "godfather", the old man quickly stopped: don't, don't say this, you said that I hangs me here is very uncomfortable. .

It is undeniable that Liu Chuanzhi leads the Lenovo company to create a glorious thing, but if we carefully explore the lobby or Liu Chuanzhi, it will be a bit disappointing. This is also emotional soil generated by this wave of relief.

Early Lenovo rely on the agent, even in the Tesco period in Lenovo, in addition to the big-handed marketing raised brand visibility, the performance or technical content of Lenovo computer did not have a wave of trend than the Great Wall in the same time, or even because It has a price-cost, and a Shenzhou computer that has been taken out by a half road, killing is bold.

On the other hand, foreign brands such as IBM, HP, Dells have been in the profit.

The lack of core competitiveness has always been the topic of Lenovo's criticians to talk about. In any case, this should not be a normal phenomenon. In the cruel business community advocated competition, the distinctive point of view, in addition to the distinctive knowledge of the common people, the character is in line with the social mainstream values, It should also be able to lead the company to create brilliant.

The reason why Liu Chuanzhi can harvest a lot of praises. In addition to this, we have doped our deep national complex - Lenovo has been regarded as a benchmark in the national information industry for a long time, this may be a long-term trust of Liu Chuanzhi for a long time. " Practical "related.

Liu Chuanzhi's career begins with his 40 years old. Now it seems that this age is a bit of a little rash, and if you return to the 1980s, you will find China's first generation of entrepreneurial's wading stories, most of the original adventure Spirit, Liu Yongxing, Liu Yonghao brothers are the first breeding farm on their own balcony. After Zong Qing, the two retired teachers sold 4 points of popsicles.

It seems that Liu Chuanzhi does not have much bright, this drunk middle-aged man, the brain planning how to resell the electronic watch, roller skates, there are sports pants, refrigerators, and even prepare to get some color TV, Later, I was also cheated 140,000 yuan.

However, even if it is cheated, Liu Chuanzhi still tasted sweets from "low-buy high sale" to make money. After the company was established, the largest profit was to assemble 500 IBM computers for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the 700,000 service was performed. fee.

Perhaps this is the initial source of practice of Liu Chuanzhi's "Trade Technology" thinking, and such genes have also determined Lenovo never be a company that advocates technology and innovation. This is not an arbitrary conclusion, any form of innovation, behind the support of technology, and innovation is the driving force and source of promoting social progress.

As an evidence, whether it is Ma Yun, or auspicious, or Zhang Ruimin, driving Ali, Huawei and Haier advancement, the first one is definitely technology.

In fact, Liu Chuanzhi's pragmatic let Lenovo lived down in the era of the grass and has a big development.

At that stage, Liu also never seen himself as a perfect moral incarnation.

In the case of this time, it took to that time, for example, in 1987, he spent 250,000 to buy 10 color TV and refrigerator, and gave a government agency.

In order to make a sale, he is willing to lose 40 a little smile, a little young and happy, and use the father's relationship in Hong Kong, help the foreign exchange, all the purpose is to sell 12 IBM Microcomputer. In order to earn more money, the Lenovo tax evasion tax, the black market remitted and suspected of smuggling, but only these crises were resolved by Liu Chuanzhi in an intricate relationship.

Of course, you can also commented that in the business environment of the year, it is not only Liu Chuanzhi and a "cross", which is called "touching the stone crossing the river". Another embodiment.

However, the reason why Liu will become "the safest" in the entrepreneurous "in the era, is not unreasonable. He believes the pragmatism, always reminds himself "Cannot be a victim of reform", and he never gives up any way for this purpose. For example, when the company's banner has caused the company's banner, he doesn't hesitate to understand the actual situation of things: He asked another deputy chief engineer of the company to lie to Ni Guangnan is his teacher in front of the superior investigation department. For this over-demand, this engineer called Cao Zhijiang is unlaw.

In the eyes of Liu Chuanzhi, this is a normal thing, for his "big", he can pay the price he feels.

At this point, it can also explain why it will later treat Ni Guangnan and Sun Hongbin's issues, Liu Chuanzhi will show such a worry and calculation, because the two finally developed to affect his "overall situation".

When solving the property rights of Lenovo, Liu Chuanzhi also expresses his own "compromise". "China's thing is going to work, can't come, can't be anxious ... see the target, then turn the big bend, don't temporarily bend, and you will be turned off." Liu later shared his views like this.

In Liu Chuanzhi's corporate management idea, "building a team, fixed strategy, with a team" is his core three elements, and in these three elements, the first is the first "Jianba".

This is the most proud of Liu. The unremitting efforts, practice prove, our management is quite successful. "

But it is this "quite success" management, in now, I have made Lenovo "turn" - from the brand's point of view, Lenovo's public relations have encountered a severe challenge.

At market perspective, although Lenovo's revenue continues to innovate, net profit has fallen to a poor 1%, and it is too much relying on government procurement orders, and the association has gradually lost the power of market competition.

If you infer by Liu Chuanzhi's management ideas, the biggest problem of Lenovo should be in the "team", and as the squad leader Yang Yuanqing, it is necessary to take advantage of most of the responsibility.

But we have seen in public occasions, no matter what happens, Liu is almost unconditionally support Yang Yuanqing.

Liu Chuanzhi said that it is necessary to build a "family-friendly business" without a family. It seems that "the 100-year association" has already done the second half of the sentence - Liu Chuanzhi uses "father's love" support to raise Yang Yuanqing.

Most of Liu Chuanzhi, Liu Chuanzhi, is a wise, laughing with Hongru, but there is very little straight to this old man, and the face of short-lived, screaming, and fame. In fact, this is the true side of him as an ordinary person.

Of course, many problems with Liu Chuanzhi have a brand of the times, sometimes life education.

That year, 18-year-old Liu Chuanzhi encountered the biggest troubles that he wanted to join the Communist Party of China, but he was "lacking workers' feelings" from the students from rural areas. He couldn't understand what workers and farmers, but he quickly found out that Those students from rural areas quickly achieved the trust of the organization.

Writers Ling Zhijun wrote this in a book "Lenovo Fengyun" recognized by Liu Chuanzhi:

18-year-old Liu Chuanzhi began to learn compromise, study conservation, learn to listen to others to talk, learn to restrain your desire, learn to cover your emotions, learn the realm and technology of Mian Li Tie Needs, learn from those who don't like people, and learn Use great enthusiasm to do what you hate yourself.

Liu Chuanzhi will determine the "hard work of work", one of the important actions is to walk along the bouquet along the street in the winter vacation, and go to the house.

It is not a lot of defects, and the principle of trusting the compromise is not shameful, but when Liu Chuanzhi tries to shape a great company with such thinking, it is not from the heart, how much is worrying.

Today, Liu Chuanzhi and his association have been caught in the vortex, maybe you should get rid of the path dependence of "pragmatic", from another clever point, go and oppose their people to communicate, actively respond to people who are sympathy and support them. It is also a quiet life of ordinary old people.