The luxury platform temple burns Liu Qiangdong 1 billion, and is also arrears of salary, will it be the next music?

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The luxury platform temple burns Liu Qiangdong 1 billion, and is also arrears of salary, will it be the next music?

2021-11-24 22:53:09 20 ℃

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Last year, the global luxury goods market was seriously impacted, but China became the only country in the luxury market. The sales of luxury goods increased by about 150%, perhaps because of this, second-hand trading in the Internet Dongfeng The development of flourishing.

The data shows that my country has a total of 202 million users to purchase second-hand goods through the online channel. In this, the second-hand luxury development is the most rapid development, but also the growth rate of more than 100% of the growth, namely "blowout" outbreak. At the same time, there are also industry insiders that in accordance with the average proportion of the current market in my country, the future will grow to trillion markets.

However, in such a large environment, China's luxury giant temple welcomes the winter, not only being entangled by various negative news, but also the 2020 financial newspapers that are more disappointed. On November 9, the temple released the 2020 annual financial report, the financial report showed that the company's 2020 total revenue was 6020 million yuan, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies was -718.64 million yuan. You know, the same period of 2019, the profit of the temple reached 154 million.

He has been known as the temple library of "the first share of luxury e-commerce", has already been beautiful, and is exposed to employee salary, and the market value is large. People can't help but curious, how is the temple that I used e-commerce first?

For the story of the temple, from its founder Li Ji learning, in 2007, the founder of the temple founder Li Ji learned from venture capital, from the traditional home appliance agent, decided to enter the e-commerce industry, and founded the high-end appliance platform green Magic Foundation.

In 2008, the continuous upgrade of China's high-end consumption and the rapid growth of luxury e-commerce, Li Ji Xue founded the temple online mall, mainly engaged in luxury business. From 2008 to 2012, luxury e-commerce ushered in the development of development, and the temple library took this opportunity to get multi-round financing, which was growing. With the development of the temple, the treasure network, the watery network, Shangpin network, etc., it is also from the wind.

In 2011, the temple took tens of millions of dollars to enter the B2C website, launched the slogan of "everything about luxury goods, one network to fight", one time the scenery is unlimited. In 2016, the annual turnover reached 3.5 billion yuan. With the continuous development of the luxury online trading market, as a "leader" temple has also been favored by many capital giants, gaining a strategic investment of Liu Qiangdong 1 billion yuan, even Fisher companies in well-known luxury brand LV also invest in the temple.

In September 2017, with the "first share of luxury e-commerce", the temple landed in Nasdaq. The company also ushered in the peak period of development, unexpected, this wave of development is both starting point, also At the end, the temple stock price fell in the next few years, and it could no longer replied. The supplier of the temple warehouse also complained that the temple arrears, so far failed to make up the payment.

In the past two months, the temple has been exposed to arrears of employee wages, and the user orders are not shipped without refund. Users to manufacture items are not returned, identified, allegedly funded, and chain breaks. Since this year, the company has been punished 5 times, with a total of more than 11.1 million yuan. In addition, there are more than 3,000 complaints on the temple in the black cat complaint platform, and the electricity treasure also downside the temple library into "cautious order" and "not recommended order".

In 2020, the temple revenue has lost a loss. Li Ji Xue, chairman of the company, has also published the speech of the missional privatization. This speech directly leads to the fall of the shares in the temple, and the market value evaporates 90%. In addition to privatization, the temple is also open to attract new investors. In June 2020, the same fun shop was successfully listed, and then invested 100 million US dollars to the temple, shareholders 30%, and unfortunately, the giant's hug is not Playing any role for the temple.

In addition to these, the temple also caught up the wind of live express. In June last year, the temple Union star opened the first show in someone, sold thousands of Gucchi Tiger head pockets in 1 second, 10 minutes goods 1000 ten thousand. However, after the publication of the "small Iget" live broadcast, the actual sales only more than 9.12 million yuan, and finally fined 200,000 yuan by the Beijing Market Supervision Administration and the reputation was seriously damaged.

The situation of the temple can be said to be "four-sided Chu song", then what is the cause of this situation in the temple?

First of all, it is because the development of the temple is stagnant. Speaking of e-commerce, people first thought must be Alibaba and Jingdong. In recent years, luxury goods have begun to enter Jingdong, Alibaba and other comprehensive e-commerce platforms, with the temple library, more product types of comprehensive e-commerce platforms It can be said that all kinds of goods needed for life can be bought, and people can also make people trust and dependence.

For their joins, the founder of the temple is not showing how much the crisis they have. This is also why 2020 luxury sales have risen straight lines, the sales of temples are constantly declining.

In addition, the temple itself has little recognition. It is reported that after 90, 00 is a major luxury consumption group. As a group just entering the society, the familiarity of the temple is very low, and sales are naturally difficult to improve. For the embarrassment of the temple, Li Ji Xue once said that "people who know the temple library will not question, and people who questioned him slowly understand."

Moreover, the number of live users in the third quarter of the temple 2020, the user base is not big; at the same time, the price of luxury goods is high, and the user has low prices. From a luxury brand, most luxury brands are not willing to authorize, the platform like the temple can only find parallel importers to get the goods, not only difficult to win the trust of consumers, but also as a mediation's profitable space is also very small, or There is a certain risk. This is also the reason why the luxury e-commerce that once standing in the air is, and it is necessary to transform, and the road to the temple is not successful now. It seems that the transformation of the temple is not successful. Moreover, because the previous live broadcast was exposed to fake, the temple of the honesty selling the monetarily trusted the crisis, the company self-defeating, under the "oppression", the temple library began "crash".

It is worth noting that after the Temple Branch announced the decline in the city, it has received a similar "knowledge season" and has obtained $ 40 million in financing. Nowadays, the shares have fallen in the temple stock price, even Liu Qiangdong's 1 billion is exhausted, as of November 19, the market value is only 60.5 billion US dollars, and it is necessary to know that the market value of Rui Fun is 321 million US dollars, which means With this trend, the temple is not far from being forced to retreat.

In the face of such a horrible, the temple is still actively looking for rescue measures, but consumers and investors have not received official actions and solutions from the temple. Li Ji Xue said to someone visited him: "Ma Yun wants Alibaba to become a 103-year company, and I want the temple to do 109 years, more than Ali."

What happens to the future, we are still unknown, but the last list of listed companies that have received wide attention due to arrears of suppliers, this music has already been frustrated, and Ji Yue Ting, founder, has not left the United States, so far Returning, will the temple will be the next music?