The turning point of the shakes is here!

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The turning point of the shakes is here!

2021-11-24 22:41:19 16 ℃

Author: Ma Liang

Currently, a deep business change is quietly happening.

In the past few decades, most companies make money mainly from self-owned technical property rights, but business model innovation, the most typical is Internet businesses. Thanks to the innovation of business model, various production factors can be highly organized, and the total amount of material wealth produced by the ultimately produced is difficult to accumulate in the past millennium.

But this innovation has a limit, which is the limit of productivity or technology. That is, if there is no self-contained technology breakthrough, it will go to the end of the business mode innovation.

Today, the feeling of the end is getting more and more obvious. This is also the technology why it is increasingly worthless, and the official and business is increasingly advocating the root of technological innovation. Simply put, it is necessary to transform the development concept.

From this deep logic, the business model of Internet-related companies is increasingly thin. In fact, this change is also reflected in the capital market and is captured by the capital market.

For example, in the early years, the stock price, Tencent, B station, and many other stocks, all the peaks, the peaks, the Internet industry has become a common "non-boom" phenomenon, which is the evidence.

For short video industries, how much potential for business model innovation is available for excavation? Further, on the occasion of this business change, it is a fast hand in the industry. When will the hairstyle be close to the limit or breakthrough?


The pattern turning point appears

Currently, business model innovation has appeared, and the remaining space is mainly two: one is to do a big stronger, engage in business groups, one is to improve resource utilization, strengthen commercialization. From the commercial movement of fast hands and shake, the expansion of these two aspects is carried out.

Let's talk about the problem. On February 5th, the fastener listed in Hong Kong, the same month, according to the "China Internet Development Statistics Statistical Report" data, the size of domestic short video users has reached 873 million, accounting for 88.3% of netizens. This shows that the growth of short video has basically disappeared, and the fundamental power of the business model will reach the limit.

In this case, whether it is a quick hand or shake, it can only be fighting in the stock market. This is determined by the potential of business model, and the fight in the stock market will be more cruel.

The first is to do bigger. On September 29th, the senior vice president Yan Qiang announced that it will leave, and the fast hand announced that the functional architecture became a business constitution structure, forming e-commerce, commercialization, internationalization, and the four major universities of the game to better deal with competition. need. Among them, the quick hand is to do a big power business, and only international will be prepared for $ 1 billion.

Of course, from the overall pace of the short video industry, the shake is walking in front. For example, in 2018, the local life business has been launched, and the fast hand is until May 2002, it will start the grayscale test with the city group purchase function.

It is especially coincidental, 2021 shake search releases the first marketing short film, and detailed the logic of the business in accordance with September 26; the next day, the fast hand has also released the first marketing short film. It can be seen that it is really a pioneer.

In addition to doing big strongest, second is to strengthen commercialization, typical is to play the private domain and the domain flow channel.

The private domain flow of the fast hand is advantageous and characteristic, that is, the fans are an anchor, you can master these traffic without spending money. In contrast, the jimming, Taobao is even Weibo and other platforms, the anchor is to spend "intermediary fees" to buy traffic.

However, in the third quarter of 2020, the fast hand began to recover the traffic control to the platform. The reason why the flow of traffic is in his hand is intended to improve the business's business performance. From a financial report, the relevant revenue in the second quarter of 2021 increased by 156.2% to 10 billion yuan, presenting forward feedback.

Finally, the fight will be further intensified.

Earlier, Quick Hawa said in an interview with Bloomberg, and the fast hand prepared sufficient ammunition for the overseas market; and reported by theinformation, the shake plan was not more than $ 5 billion for overseas expansion.

The more subtle is that this number is the same as the number of funds that are listed on Hong Kong at the time;

For the internal competition in the short video industry, e-commerce is the highest interest rate of commercial attachment, how many ammunition supported by fast hands and shakes, even the success or failure of their own overseas strategies, depending on their operations in e-commerce. ability.

In this regard, an important trend has occurred, that is, the utilization rate of resource elements has become more and more decisive.


Improvement of elements

In the business model, the end of the bonus, whether it is to do strong or strengthen the commercial capacity, and the root is to absorb new commercial elements as much as possible, and then improve the efficiency of it, one of the final typical indicators is the change rate.

In this regard, the most fundamental elements are users, or traffic.

Take a quick hand as an example, according to the first quarter of 2021 and the second quarter, the fast hand is 295.3 billion and 293.2 million, respectively, showing a decline; at the same time, in order to obtain new users, the marketing cost is increased from 9.9 billion yuan in 2019. 26.6 billion yuan in 2020.

It can be said that the traffic is insufficient, the cost of purchase traffic has become the most important factor in restricting the development of short video platforms. For short video platforms, after experiencing the initial flow dividend, the bus flow mechanism changes. At this time, the fight against traffic is fierce, and the traffic is naturally more expensive, but the synchronization occurs, the requirements for the anchor are also increasingly high, the latter is an important variable affecting the high traffic utilization.

In this regard, the fast hand and shake are inadequate. As the absolute "unicorn" in the fast-handed anchor, Singba more than one emotional out of control accuses the faster.

As for the jitter, it is more time to be reported to have an anchor. According to statistics, in 2020, the National "Sweeping Yellows" office received more than 900 reports reflected in the "shake" spread pornographic vocational information.

At the beginning of this year, the Beijing "Sweeping Yellows" office guided the discussion of the "Rhitter" platform, and made an administrative penalty for top fines.

Such a variety of, in a sense, the "anti-anti-" platform for the anchor, the reputation and image of the platform itself is extremely damage.

Finally, the brand has become a new potential element. Since the opening of commercialization since 2018, the fast-handed commercial product infrastructure has been continuously built, and in August 2020, the single-double column parallel mode is completed. In November magnetism, the public and private mannel can be sold to the brand. New pathway.

According to the interpretation of the fast-handed executives, this is a firefighting; if this brand cognition can be completely established, the quick hand will stop the new and old users who attract the source, and finally stand in an invincible place.


Let the market value

For short video, whether it is e-commerce or advertisement or search, various business is an additional division that can pull high business value, representing business appeals; the reason is attached, because once short video traffic pool Disshane, those business options will become passive water, they do not have hematopoietic function; therefore, short video is still logical to return to short video.

Therefore, the valuation of short video should be the most likely to strip those additional subsection options, return to the commercial value of short video itself.

The primary commercial value source of short video is entertainment. Whether it is a hanging or a quick hand, a major challenge that is currently facing is that more and more content has been contradictory and pure content.

In other words, when the e-commerce body is growing, how can we not disturb the user's entertainment content consumer experience, has become a problem that must be solved.

In this regard, the fast hand and jam have begun to explore the e-commerce business independently. In the fast hand, some degree is registered in the positioning of the content platform.

For this point, you can get a priority recommendation from the content of the goods. As for the shake, the hanging mall is also related to the natural short board with its goods, that is, highly dependent on the diversified scene.

This also means that short video platforms must improve technological innovation. For fast hands, it is necessary to increase traffic distribution technology, optimize traffic allocation logic and algorithms, and more efficiently allocate to people who really need.

In this regard, specific to the interior of the industry, fast hands and shake due to the founder's technology background, naturally better than other peers.

Of course, it must be pointed out that when the quick hand and the jealousy begin emphasize the algorithm technology, especially the technical innovation value behind, it means that Internet mode is already close to the rich.

In other words, if you want to keep an infurial growth, then you need to achieve breakthroughs in technology, and finally empower business models. About this, short video companies have avoided.