The net loss is expanded from October to fell in October!Battery supply is impressed as a "ceiling"?

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The net loss is expanded from October to fell in October!Battery supply is impressed as a "ceiling"?

2021-11-24 23:41:29 10 ℃

In the third quarter of this year, the business income of Jidai has reached 9.85 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1% from the previous month, and the net loss is 20.2% to 835 million yuan, and the net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders has been further expanded to 2859 billion yuan, which is higher than the year-on-year increase 140.7%

"Investment Times" researcher Lu Kung

Delivery is falling, the loss is still, and it is still facing heavy challenges.

Recently, the car announced in October 2021 to deliver information. The data shows that the car is delivered to 3667 smart electric vehicles in October. It has different degrees of decline in the year-on-year, which is different from the growth rate, which not only falls from the top three rows, but also after the car and Weimar. The whole ranking fell to the fifth. In this regard, the company explained in the announcement that the main system is resolved and upgraded, and the new product listing preparation is caused.

In the third quarter of this year, the new car delivery volume of Juanlai has refreshed the quarterly delivery record, an increase of more than 100% year-on-year, and broke through 10,000 delivery markings in September. However, its third-quarter delivery volume is not advantageous than the other two of "Qi Qi", which is obviously behind.

Looking at the business performance, according to the latest financial report data released by the car, the company continued to rise in the third quarter of this year, and the net loss has narrowed, but the net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders in the same time has shown a big The amplitude is expanded. Does this mean that the flight of the flight reaches the balance of payments, there is still a long and difficult way to go?

In addition, the negative news of the two-wire three exposure in 2021 will also be able to push it to the tip of the wind. In the subsequent business, how to achieve the balance of payments, how to break through the bobbinki and how to guarantee the same high quality service in front of the growing user group, or become the main problem with the future of the flight, the future needs to address and solve.

Has not get rid of the loss "baggage"

As a star company in the new forces of the car, it is the most promising seed player that is most promising to become "China Tesla". However, after experiencing the performance of the "roller-style" in the past two years, it has not yet got rid of the loss "burden" in 2021.

On November 10, 2021, it was awarded the third quarter earnings. According to data, it is 1.98.05 billion in the three-quarter business income, reaching 9.805 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1% from the previous month, of which car sales increased by 102.4% year-on-year, an increase of 9.2% from the previous month, reaching 8.637 billion yuan. At the same time, it is 20.2% to 830 million yuan in the quarterly net loss in the quarter.

In the context of the third quarter of this year, although the net loss of the awareness is narrowed, the net loss attributable to the company's ordinary shareholders is significantly expanded, as high as 2.859 billion yuan, last year The same period increased by 140.7%, and 333.6% were surged. The operating losses in the season increased by 4.9% year-on-year to 992 million yuan, an increase of 41.9% from the previous month.

In this regard, there are industrious analytics that the surge in sales and management costs or the main causes of the expansion of the exiting car losses. According to financial report data, it has increased to 7.81 billion yuan in the third quarter of the car, an increase of 98.3% over the same period of the previous year, an increase of 13.6% from the second quarter of this year. If the 24,439 cars delivered in the quarter are calculated, the average sales cost of the average car is as high as approximately 3.197 million yuan.

At the same time, the sales, general and management costs in the third quarter of the car increased by 94.1% to 1.825 billion yuan, an increase of 21.8% compared to the second quarter, and the company's car sales is only second. The quarter increased by 9.2%.

In addition, the R & D expenses in the third quarter of this year have also increased significantly from 101.9%, 1193 million yuan. It should be noted that this year, the company's R & D fees have been in a sequential increasing situation. The first quarter increased to 1193 million yuan in the third quarter, and the accumulated investment reached 2.763 billion yuan, but compared There is still a big gap between the company's 2021 R & D planned planned planning is still available in the previously announced.

This also means that if the car wants to reach the previous R & D investment goals, it is necessary to pay nearly 2.3 billion yuan in the last quarter, and some insiders pointed out that such a large R & D growth will form the facts, or will result The company's loss is further expanded.

The net loss and year-on-year growth of the company's ordinary shareholders

Data Source: Company Finance

Delivery encounters bottlenecks?

From the single quarter delivery, no matter whether it is still the same year, it has achieved steady growth in the third quarter of this year, and also refreshed the quarterly delivery record in the third quarter of 24,439, the year-on-year increase was 100.2%, the same year The second quarter increased by 11.6%.

However, if it is placed in the entire industry, the delivery amount is average the average of the head. It is reported that the delivery volume of Xiaopeng and Ideal cars in the third quarter exceeded the esask car, up to 25,666 and 25116.

In October, the delivery of the flight is suddenly fallen, and the car delivery volume is only 3667, which is 27.5% year-on-year. At the same time, with Xiaopeng car in the same industry in the same industry, which is a car, the perfect car delivery volume reached 10,138, 8107 and 7649, occupying the top three, while Weima car delivered the same month Also reached 50,25, ranking fourth. It can be seen that the delivery volume of the flight in October not only falls out of the new year of the new, but also the new force of the car, the new force of the car, the car, etc. It is explained in the announcement in an announcement. At the same time, "Due to the restructuring upgrade arrangement, ES8 is produced at the end of October."

For the delivery volume of the next quarter, Li Bin, the chairman of the car, "The current delivery is mainly affected by supply fluctuations. It is expected that the total delivery volume of the fourth quarter of 2021 will reach 23,500 to 25,5500," according to this calculation, 蔚 来The average monthly delivery volume of the car in the fourth quarter of the car only reached only 8,500 units, compared to the previous monthly delivery of Xiaopeng car, and the first two of the first two of the two months of sales in October, which is a car, it is a car The estimated delivery volume of the fourth quarter or the risk of the first echelon of the new force of the car is presented.

As for the problem of the company's current delivery, Li Bin said that although the exclusive supply of the United States has invested in an exemption, it is generally, the battery supply is still a "ceiling" that is deliver. In addition, the chip shortage is alleviated in the third quarter, but the challenge is still large. It is difficult to expect from which chip suddenly coms.

In addition, under the pressures of continuous loss, the delivery is not as good as the peers, it will also encounter challenges in the user service. In July this year, two traffic accidents that occurred in August will be a hot tip of public opinion. For a time, the safety issues of Juan Lai can't pay attention to the whole society.

A joint statement of the NOP / NP system cognitive by the Owner of the same year said, "We know that we know the NP / NOP-assisted driving system of the company, rather than automatic driving system or no driving System; Uka Company's introduction to NP / NOP, the promotion did not constitute confusion and misleading to us. "However, this joint statement not only helped the car to mitigate the current passive situation, but in turn fall into a more intense controversy. Subsequently, more owners launched the topic of "Anti-car owners" in the APP.

Does this mean that the negative event is affected, and the current brand value conduction of the usa has gradually emerged, and the company will face a big challenge in user service or will it face a big challenge? In this regard, it is advisable to say that the above-mentioned joint statement is not associated with the official.