China's clothing "counterattack" food underwear new consumption "content" high-day cat double 11 full brand list release

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China's clothing "counterattack" food underwear new consumption "content" high-day cat double 11 full brand list release

2021-11-24 22:48:10 20 ℃

Planning / drawing: Yibang Power

540.3 billion! The 13th Tmall Double 11 announced the final trading number in the thousand waves. Behind the huge number, what brands have been rushed to the industry?

According to the data provided by Ecdataway, 0:00 to November 11, November 11, the women's products sales TOP 10 brand is ITIB, Bosidend, Uniqlo, Ifli, Duck, Moi, ONLY, Vero Moda, Taiping Bird, Teenie Weenie. ITIB Self-ranking first day sales list, the first-wave brochure period list, the list of women's clothing, the list of Tmall Double 11, will be taken. Data show that ITIB Tmall official flagship store double 11 sales reached 1.05 billion yuan, with a total amount of more than 3.45 million.

Men's Category TOP 10 Brand is the Uniqlo, Bosideng, Jack Jones, Taiping Bird, Flower Mon, GXG, Sen Ma, Romon, Jacor and Antarctic, Xinruiki failed to enter the final list.

It is worth noting that Although the Uniqlo is missing the list of women's clothing, but also rushed into the TOP 10 list of four categories of women's clothing, men's clothing, children's clothing and underwear, ranking third, first, third, and sixth.

In the full list, the colorful makeup TOP 10 brand is YSL, Estee Lauder, Armani, Hua Sizi, 3CE, Perfect Diary, Lancome, Mac, CPB, and Givenchy. Among them, Hua West is in the second wave of outbreaks, rising 4 times. L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Shiseido, after Weona, Olay, SK-II, Ko Yan and the blue mystery composition of the skin care category TOP 10, China's new brand Weona is between many big big names, to win the sixth name.

Zero food TOP 10 brand is three squirrels, hundred grass flavors, good shops, rati prassons, Zhou Black Duck, Dove, Hili, come to Iraq, Wang Xiaoli and Ferrero. The top three still were occupied by "three giants of zero stock shares", hundred grass flavors, and good shops.

In sports products, Fiile, Li Ni, Nike, Adidas, Anta, Di Sang, Hummer, Skeic, MLB and Andema are TOP10 brands, and domestic goods present "anti-super" potential.

In contrast, in the tea and underwear class, the new consumer brand "content" is high, all occupied 3 seats, which are Chali, tea, and Nai Xue; Ubras, banana and inside and outside.

On the other hand, Kovos, Tic and Dai Sen live in living electrical appliances TOP 3; kitchen appliances TOP 3 is the three traditional brands of beauty, Jiuyang and Supor. Ya Meng, Ulike, Philips for the top three of the category of beauty.

Yibang motivated the 28-course list of women's clothing, men's clothing, beauty skin care, make-up perfume, snacks, and rushing, etc., from November 1st to November 11th sales list for your reference.

Data Description: The list is ranked according to the statistical period of Tmall various types of brand sales. Data is statistics by third-party data company, or some access to the actual real sales, please understand. (Data Source: EcDataway Data We)

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